Wolf Malayalam Movie : What happens when a man finds out the reality of his fiancée in the lockdown

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Wolf is directed by Shaji Azees and G.R. Injugopan. Simultaneously released via Zee Keralam and Zee5 applications on April 18, 2021. Read the blog to find out more about the wolf Malayalam movie review and much more.

Hey guys, hope you’re well, Read the blog to find out what happens when a man finds out the reality of his fiancee, during the lockdown, Directed by Shaji Azees and G R Injugopan. Starring Samyuktha Menon, Arun Ashokan. Wolf Malayalam movie IMDb is 4.4 out of 10, but still, the storyline is very unique and different. Wolf Malayalam movie release date was 18 April 2021. 

Wolf Malayalam Movie Review 

In Shaji Azeez's new Zee5 movie Wolf, a young woman tells people not to stand behind her while she cooks. It refers to a specific form of predatory behavior. 

 Wolf plays Arjun Ashokan as Sanjay. Sanjay drives a long way to her Anu woman's house in the middle of the night to meet her. His friend wouldn't be surprised if a young woman moved in these days, so she told him not to go there, but he didn't want to listen to them for a reason. Wolf Malayalam movie review are mixed, this drama thriller has a mixed reaction from the audience.

Then the government suddenly announced a nationwide lockdown that made it impossible for him to return home. At Anu's house, she and Sanjay meet new characters and the movie is about what happens between the trio.

Wolf is based on the novel "Chennaya" by Malayalam writer GR Indugopan. Wolf meaning in Malayalam is chennaya, for context. The film has some interesting ideas, such as the psychological effects of toxic masculinity on women and the capricious nature of relationships in this digital world. It emerges differently as a fairly recurring theme in various parts, but the film is ineffective in further exploring it. There is none. If you've seen the film, read his two paragraphs below, as they may contain slight spoilers.

Sanjay is the kind of man who feels like he owns a woman in his life. It’s a flawed way of thinking that reeks of years of prejudice against women and a toxic male ego. However, we don't see any particular shade of Sanjay for the character or the film to work in. This has more to do with Arjun Ashokhan's performance than the writing as per wolf Malayalam movie review. It's an aspect he should embrace, but the actor fell short. 

 Samyuktha Menon has the least interesting part of the three, and it doesn't help that the actor doesn't get the job done. I wasn't sure if Samyuktha's girlfriend Anu was torn between her two alpha males because they were both uncomfortable or for some other reason. 

 Irshad is playing someone else in the house. An unintentionally funny moment in the film showcases this grossly underrated actor. Shine Tom Chacko and Jafar Idukki have brief roles in the film. 

 Wolf is classified as a thriller movie. It may have been designed as a home invasion thriller, but is it? It's certainly another entry in what I like to call the "lockdown boredom movie series"...in other words, it was born out of lockdown boredom It's one of those movies that looks like. On the other hand this movie is a unique concept so not much will like it, wolf Malayalam movie review proves that the same. 

The film takes place mainly inside the house, so Shaji Azeez has to deal with a lot of close-ups. The intended mood of nearly every scene is suspense and horror, so the overload you feel in the images helps the film in a creative way. Shaji Azeez was also able to bring out the performances of the actors. The sudden turn in GR Indugopan's script from a narrative against sexism to a narrative that calls on victims of sexism somewhere to solve all their problems destroys the film and its purpose. It felt like they wanted a climax that would make the viewer nervous, but in this quest for intrigue, they forgot the politics of the film, which may have affected the wolf Malayalam movie review.

 The movie wants us to believe that a few hours of trauma and speech changed Sanjay`s view on women and looking at the way they have presented Sanjay, it would feel like a silly justification to embrace patriarchy.

Wolf Malayalam movie cast

Samyuktha Menon 

Arun Ashokan 

Shine Tom Chacko

Irshad Ali

Jaffer Idukki


Ques.1- Is Wolf Malayalam movie a horror movie?

Ans -  “Wolf” is an emotional thriller drama, directed by Shaaji Azees.

Ques.2- What is the story of Malayalam movie Wolf?

Ans- A young man, Sanjay, drives off to surprise his fiancée, who is unhappy with the unannounced visit. But when lockdown is suddenly announced, he becomes stranded and learns something about her true self.

Ques 3- Where can I watch Malayalam movie Wolf?

Ans- You can watch Wolf on ZEE5.

Ques.4- Who is Joe in Wolf Malayalam movie?

Ans- Irshad plays the role of Joe.

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