Will There be Gentleman 2: Tamil Movie Review

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With the release of the follow-up to his popular movie, Gentleman, veteran producer KT Kunjumon made a comeback to the world of filmmaking. While the first film served as director Shankar's film debut, information about the filmmaker behind the sequel, Gentleman 2 Tamil movie was kept a secret. Recently, it was revealed that the sequel will be directed by Aaha Kalyanam director Gokul Krishna.

Let's discuss the sequel to the Gentleman Tamil movie and examine the film.

Gentleman Plot-

S. Shankar co-wrote and directed the 1993 action heist movie Gentleman, which was produced by K. T. Kunjumon and released in Tamil in India. 

The protagonist of the film was like Robin Hood, robbing the rich to give to the needy. The film addressed issues like India's education system's commercialization and political corruption. The movie was a huge hit and is regarded as one of the best vigilante films in Indian cinema.

It centers on a reputable Madras-based businessman who also works as a thief, taking from the wealthy and giving to the underprivileged for their education.

Gentleman movie cast-

The Gentleman Tamil movie cast as follows-

  • Arjun - Krishnamoorthy
  • Madhubala - Susheela
  • Subhashri - Sugandhi
  • M. N. Nambiar - Father of Ramesh
  • Manorama - Mother of Kicha
  • Goundamani - Mani
  • Senthil - Babloo
  • Charan Raj - Azhagar Nambi
  • Vineeth - Ramesh
  • Rajan P. Dev - the chief minister
  • Ajay Rathnam - Ratnam
  • Gautami - In the song Chikku Bukku Rayile
  • Prabhu Deva - In the song Chikku Bukku Rayile
  • Raju - In the song Chikku Bukku Rayile
  • Raghava Lawrence - dancer in the song Chikku Bukku Rayile
  • Rajendran - a henchman 

Gentleman 2 movie cast-

The movie's pre-production work is apparently ongoing, and the filmmakers have reportedly approached actress Nayanthara to portray the female protagonist. The remaining members of the film's cast and crew have not yet been chosen.

There is currently no formal information available regarding the actors who will be working on the movie. Fans and entertainment websites have, however, conjectured that the film will also have numerous well-known Bollywood actors in addition to South Indian celebs. Arjun's potential participation in Gentleman 2 is also unknown.

Gentleman soundtrack-

A. R. Rahman wrote the score and the soundtrack. Except for "Chikku Bukku Rayile" and "Parkathey," which were written by Vaali, all of the songs' lyrics were written by Vairamuthu. The movie's music was also dubbed and published under the same name in Telugu. Rajashri wrote the words for this rendition. It was so hit that over 300,000 cassettes of the original Tamil soundtrack were sold. 

The Telugu song "Eddem Ante Teddam Antav," written by Raj-Koti and sung by Malgudi Subha from the album Chik Pak Chik Bam in 1991, is frequently mistaken for the song "Ottagathai Kattiko," but Rahman, an arranger on Raj-team, Koti's actually assisted them in writing the original song. "Parkathey" is an adaptation of Osibisa's "Kilele." "Ottagathai Kattiko" is set to the Carnatic raga Dharmavati, which is popular in India. "En Veetu Thotathil," "Parkathey," and "Usalampatti Penkutti" are all situated in Chenchurutti, Mohanam, and Dharmavati, respectively. The songs from Gentleman were used in the 1994 Hindi version, The Gentleman as well.

Gentleman review-

Infusing the script with action, emotion, humor, and even a few titillating passages for good measure, Shankar delivers a promising debut while attempting to offer something unique within the confines of commercial film. Jeeva's camera does a good job of capturing well-planned stunt moments. The film was so well-liked that a Hindi version bearing the same name was produced.

We are intrigued to learn why the hero is carrying out so many robberies since the creators have given us a thought-provoking scenario and have skillfully developed the plot.

Gentleman release date-

The Gentleman was released on July 30, 1993, and Kunjumon marketed it alone because other distributors were hesitant. Despite this, the movie was a financial success, earning five Cinema Express Awards, four Tamil Nadu State Film Awards, three South Filmfare Awards, and three South Filmfare Awards. 

Arjun's role as Sathyamoorthy, a man who steals money from the wealthy to fund the construction of a school that is free for all students, is in the 2019 Tamil film Hero. Sathyamoorthy's name is similar to Krishnamoorthy. The word used by Goundamani and Senthil in Gentleman served as the inspiration for the 2021 movie Dikkiloona. A sequel with Kunjumon returning to produce and Gokul Krishna helming was announced in June 2022. 

After 27 years, the movie's producer, KT Kunjumon, has now revealed that he will finance Gentleman 2 through his company, Gentleman Film International. The Gentleman 2 is the remake of Gentleman, 1993. In addition to being filmed in Tamil, Telugu, and Hindi, Gentleman 2 will also have Malayalam and Kannada dubbing.


Ques. 1 Will There Be a Gentleman 2 movie? 

Ans. Under the direction of Gentleman Film International, the sequel, tentatively titled Gentleman 2, will be made. 

Ques. 2 Who is the hero in Gentleman 2? 

Ans. The actors who will appear in the film are not currently the subject of any formal information.

Ques. 3 Who is the director for Gentleman 2? 

Ans. The sequel to KT Kunjumon's "Gentleman," a movie he produced 27 years ago, was announced. For the time being, the sequel is known as "Gentleman 2," no other information has been made official yet.

Ques. 4 Is the gentleman hit or flop?

Ans. The Gentleman was a 1993 box office hit that won five Cinema Express Awards, four Tamil Nadu State Film Awards, three South Filmfare Awards, and three South Filmfare Awards. It was also nominated for four other awards.

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