Vivaha Bhojanambu review: A Lockdown Love Story With Comedy

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Hello Guys, 99chill.com is back with the review for another Telugu language film. This time, no melodrama but comedy. Vivaha Bhojanambu is a Telugu comedy movie, produced by K.S. Sinish and Sundeep Kishan under the banner of Anandi Art Creations, Soldiers Factory, and Venkatadri Express. The film is distributed by SonyLIV. Vivaha Bhojanambu is directed by Ram Abbaraju. the film features Sundeep Kishan, Satya, and Sudarshan as the lead characters. The writer of the story, Bhanu Bogavarapu has taken inspiration from the COVID 19 lockdown scenario. The music for the Vivaha Bhojanambu Telugu movie is given by AniVee. The Vivaha Bhojanambu movie 2021 release date is the 27th of August 2021.

Vivaha Bhojanambu movie review reveals that the movie has received 6.4 points on IMDb.

Vivaha bhojanambu review: Vivaha Bhojanambu movie cast:

  • Satya as Mahesh
  • Arajavee Raj as Anitha
  • Srikanth Iyengar as Radhakrishna, Anitha's father
  • Sudarshan as Mahesh's friend
  • Thummala Narsimha Reddy as Radhakrishna's brother
  • Subbaraya Sharma
  • Harsha Chemudu as Varadraj
  • Sivannarayana Naripeddi
  • Madhumani
  • Nitya Sree
  • Kireeti Damaraju
  • Dhaya
  • Kalpa Latha
  • Sundeep Kishan as Nellore Prabha (Cameo Appearance)

The Vivaha Bhojanambu rating reveals that the film has done average work at the box office.

Vivaha Bhojanambu review: Storyline:

Anitha, played by Aarjavee Raj, is a rich girl who owns a Hotel Franchise and lives a lavish life. She gets involved in love with an insurance agent, Mahesh, played by Satya. Mahesh is always on his toes to do anything to save money for his family. When Anitha tells her family about Mahesh and her love affair, the families decide to meet. Radhakrishna, Anitha's father dislikes Mahesh because of his poor condition and stinginess. However, Anitha's grandfather gives his consent for their wedding because both the families belong to the same cast.

But destiny has different plans. As the COVID 19 situation in the nation shows an outbreak, the families have to conduct the wedding ceremony on a small scale which goes in favor of Mahesh. Only the two families are involved in the wedding processions. Mahesh and Anitha enjoyed their simple and peaceful wedding. During the wedding ceremony, Anitha's grandfather sustains an injury, so Anitha's family has no choice but to stay at Mahesh's place.

Vivaha Bhojanambu review states that the audience has loved the character of Radhakrishna in the movie.

In the meantime, the whole nation receives the news of the lockdown. Anitha's family plans to leave for their place. But, there is a twist in the tale of Radhakrishna. A tire puncture forces them to stay at Mahesh's small house.

The issues hype when Mahesh faces difficulties to provide for all the luxurious amenities according to his in-laws' lifestyle. In his low income as an insurance agent, he tries his level best to provide the best services to Anitha's family. This irritates Radhakrishna, but they have to deal with the COVID 19 situation. Amid the COVID, the Deepawali approaches. Both the families celebrate the festival of Diwali together. Someone asks Mahes about his and Abitha's first meeting. Mahesh goes into the flashback. He narrates the story of his first encounter with Anitha.

As per the Vivaha Bhojanambu review, the meeting story of Mahesh and Anitha is like the other stories.

One day, Mahesh met with an accident. He got hospitalized and had lost a lot of blood. He was in the dire need of a blood transfusion. But, Mahesh's blood group was the rare one. Then comes Anitha as a savior. Anitha donated her blood to Mahesh and became his savior. Then, Mahesh gets admitted to the English classes, and fortunately, Anitha was the teacher there. After that, Mahesh tried to impress Anitha and succeeded. Anitha accepted his love.

The story returns to the present scenario where Radhakrishna is not happy with his stay with Mahesh's family. Mahesh comes up with an idea. He tries to smuggle his in-laws to their place in an ambulance. The driver of the ambulance is Nellore Prabha. Prabha is a rash driver with anger issues and hallucinations. His weaknesses got them into an accident. They get caught by the police. To bail them out of the jail, Mahesh had to let go of his jewelry.

As time passes, Radhakrishna develops doubt that Mahesh is not the son of that house.

Vivaha Bhojanambu review reveals that at this point, the viewers get to witness a twist in the tale.

He lays a trap, and Mahesh gets trapped in that. There comes a shocking revelation in the story that Mahesh is an orphan. He has been living with his friend. Now, Radhakrishna understands why Mahesh is so stingy. Radhakrishna threatens Mahesh that he will reveal Mahesh's real identity in front of Anitha's grandfather. But he does not do so, owing to his heart condition.

After some time, the whole family goes into shock as they get to know that one of their employees has stolen all the money from the hotel and run away. The news is heard by Anitha's grandfather and he suffers from a heart attack. Anitha's family is in dire need of money. They contact all their known people, but no one is ready to lend them the money for the operation. In the end, Mahesh brings his money and pays the surgery bills. He had saved that money for his house. The incident shook the whole family. Anitha talks to her father and tells him that it is Mahesh who has paid the hospital bills without a second thought. Hence, Mahesh is the right man for her.

Finally, the whole nation takes a relieved breath as the lockdown is over. Mahesh joins them. But on the way, their vehicle gets hit by Nellore's vehicle. The family starts fighting him, and Radhakrishna accepts Mahesh as his son-in-law.

Vivaha Bhojanambu review:

Rama Abbaraju directed Vivaha Bhojanambu, a comedy-drama based on the lockdown struggles of the families. The film is appreciated by the viewers. However, the review for any movie is incomplete, till it gets stars or points from the critics. Vivaha Bhojanambu rating from the review by 123telugu.com is 2.5 stars out of 5. The film got released on the 27th of August 2021. On the other hand, Vivaha Bhojanambu movie review on IMDb has ratings of 6.4/10 points based on 524 votes.

The fans have loved the character of Mahesh portrayed by Satya. He is said to be a show-stealer. On the other hand, Aarjavee Raj looks pretty as Anitha. She has performed well.

The Vivaha Bhojanambu movie OTT rights are owned by SonyLIV.

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