Vitthal Teedi Web Series: New Theories Revealed Prateek Gandhi as Vitthal

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Vitthal is a man of humble origins and an extraordinary knack for playing cards. He is a gambler that no one can beat, he wins matches against all his opponents. But when she decides to join the big leagues and get a taste of the city life, her fate throws her off a curve. Indeed, there are larger fish in the sea ready to swallow it whole. It's not his luck that will keep him afloat, but his talent as an actor.

vitthal teedi where to watch ?

All six episodes of the Gujarati web series vitthal teedi streaming on the newly launched OTT platform OHO Gujarati. To watch all the episodes of this Gujatari drama, you will have to purchase a subscription to OHO Gujarati which is Rs 499 per year. Apart from vitthal teedi, many Gujarati movies are also available to watch on the streaming service. In addition, two original OHO Gujarati titles, ek Kadak Meethi and Sambhlo Cho, are also scheduled to be released on the streaming platform this month.

vitthal teedi web series on which platform

Vitthal Teedi is an Indian Gujarati drama web series directed by Abhishek Jain. vitthal teedi web series can be watched on OHO Gujarati and stars Practical Gandhi as the main character Vitthal Teedi. The first season, stylized as Episode 1, aired on May 7, 2021. The performance was rated positively in terms of directing, production, music and script.

vitthal teedi web series where to watch

Vitthal Teedi web series can be watched online on OHO Gujarati platform.

vitthal teedi on which ott platform

Vitthal Teedi is an online web series which can be watched on the famous Gujarati OTT platform named OHO Gujarati.

vitthal teedi cast

  • Pratik Gandhi playing the role of Vitthal Tripathi/Vitthal Teedi
  • Ragi Jani contributing as Tribhuvandas Tripathi
  • Prashant Barot as Dasha Bapu
  • Prem Gadhvi as Kanu Datti
  • Brinda Trivedi as VandanaTripathi
  • Jagjeetsinh Vadher as Jaglo
  • Shraddha Dangar as Manisha
  • Vishal Thakkar as Young Vitthal Tripathi
  • Bhavya Sirohi as Young Vandana Tripathi

vitthal teedi release date 

The trailer was released on May 1, 2021.All episodes of Part 1 were released on OHO Gujarati, a Gujarati streaming platform, on May 7, 2021.

vitthal teedi total episode

Primarily, vitthal teedi chapter 1 consists of 6 episodes. All the episodes are discussed below with a summary:

Chapter 1:

"Children's Play" Transcription: "Chhokarmat"

Vitthal has nothing to do with school. When asked to say the number "3" in Gujarati, he says "Teddi" in the local card player style. This joke spreads through the small town and everyone calls him Vitthal Teddi. One morning, the new gym teacher beats and scolds Vitthal and his sister for being late. Her older sister explains that with her mother's recent death she has to do her chores before school. When the teacher makes fun of Vitthal's father, Vitthal beats the teacher with a stone in his hand. His father, a temple priest, brings Vitthal from school without reproach and strengthens the bond between them.

Chapter 2:

"The Only Play" Transcription: "Ek Ramat"

Years have passed and Vitthal now knows how to read his opponents and uses his prize money to win every card game he plays with his friends under the Banyan Tree. He gambles to help his family. Some admire her talent, others envy her. Vitthal plans to buy her leather jacket to impress her girlfriend, but when she learns that she is going to marry someone of a different class, Vitthal asks her tailor to make a dress for her sister. do. Vitthal dedicates himself to Shiva by refraining from playing cards during Shravan (a period of holy fasting in Hinduism).

Chapter 3:

"Euphoric" Transcription: "Chanak"

Vitthal's older brother, a software engineer in Ahmedabad, invites Vitthal and their father to meet the young woman he wants to marry. The father rejects the village as his family. To cover up his brother's absence, a meeting is held to feed all the villagers. After the meeting, Vitthal's father tells Vitthal that he may be the Teedi of the whole world, but to him he is the ace of the universe.

After numerous requests from Vitthal, the father visits his eldest son in Ahmedabad and seeks a job from the uneducated Vitthal, but the older brother refuses. Vitthal's father returns to the village and goes to bed without dinner.

Chapter 4:

"Unpredictable" Transcription: "Achanak"

Vitthal is invited to gamble in a big town, where she can arrange a grand wedding for her sister. A police officer enters the game room. Vitthal rescues his rival Kanu Dutti and demands 1500 as a refund of the money he was due to leave. After that, Vitthal received a big prize from the old man who was willing to raise his dowry. With tears, Vitthal returns money. Vitthal arranges her small wedding for her sister and asks her groom to take care of her. His older sister asks Vitthal to find a stable job and marry him, and he agrees that he wants him to do so. His father's condition worsened when Vitthal's older brother did not attend the wedding.

Chapter 5:

"Fearless" Transcription: "Nirdhar"

Vitthal takes care of the Shiva Temple and decides to open a bowl shop in town. However, he insists on a return to gambling and is regularly visited by people asking the casino owners to stop. Tragedy strikes one night as she weeps in front of her father, who wanders helplessly and reduces her family's food intake. Vitthal learns the next morning that her father has passed away. His brother and sister insist on going with them to spend the rest of their lives there, but Vitthal refuses.

He donates all his savings to Bhajan Mandli on behalf of his deceased father. He sleep with all my heart thinking about my future.

Chapter 6:

"Rain" Transcription: "Anaradhar"

Vitthal's sister calls her hospital when her husband has a cerebral hemorrhage. The doctor reveals that her lifesaving work requires 50,000, and Vitthal goes to Kahn and offers to pay back the 1,500 she owes and use it to participate in a dangerous game. Vitthal refuses until he realizes his sister's disappointment. He systematically decides how to read his opponents, inviting everyone but the champion to a final where the winner wins. Vitthal decides to try his own luck. The champion draws a king, queen, and aces, but Vitthal takes the three "tiddies" that rank higher in the low deal game and walks away with enough money for his son-in-law's surgery.


Vitthal Tripathi is portrayed as a person of humble origins with extraordinary skills in card games, which he uses to enter the big leagues and experience city life.


  • Is Vitthal Teedi based on true story?Vitthal Teedi is not any real person, just a fictional TV character. Many people thought of web series as the real life story of any gambler. However, it is only a fictional story made for entertainment purposes.
  • How can I get Vitthal Teedi? All six episodes of the Gujarati web series Vitthal Teedi are available to stream on the newly launched OTT platform OHO Gujarati. To see all episodes of this Gujatari drama, you need to subscribe to OHO Gujarati for Rs 499 per year.

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