Vikrant Rona: A Kannada Action Adventure Film That Is Set In Old Times And The People Believing In The Supernatural Powers

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The Kannada language 2022 film, Vikrant Rona is set to get released on the 28th of July 2022. Ohh! Today is the big day for the cast members and the makers. Directed by Anup Bhandari, Vikrant Rona is an action-adventure film with a little touch of fantasy.

Hey Guys! We hope we are doing great to meet your expectations. In today's blog, we will provide you the information about the latest Kannada release, Vikrant Rona. The Vikrant Rona Kannada movie release date is the 28th of July 2022. Today is the big day for the makers. As of today, the results of their performance will be out as the film will be released in the theatres. Anup Bhandari writes action-adventure and fantasy films.

The Vikrant Rona release date is the 28th of July 2022.

Produced by Shalini Jack Manju and Alankar Pandian, the film features Sudeep, Nirup Bhandari, Neetha Ashok, and Jacqueline Fernandez in the lead roles.

The production companies to produce the Kannada film are Kichcha Creations, Shalini Arts, and Invenio Films India.

The film will be released in multiple languages. Hence, several distributors have purchased the distribution rights of the movie in different languages, like:

  • Shalini Arts in Karnataka
  • Salman Khan Films in Hindi
  • Cosmos Entertainment via KFC Films in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana
  • Zee Studios in Tamil Nadu
  • Wayfarer Films in Kerala
  • One Twenty-8 Media via Phars Films in the Middle East
  • Sarigama Cinemas in the US

Set to get released worldwide in theatres, the Vikrant Rona budget is 95 crores.

Vikrant Rona cast:

  • Kiccha Sudeep as Inspector Vikrant Rona
  • Niruo Bhandari as Raghava or Sanjeev Gambhira or Sanju
  • Athish Shetty as Young Raghava or Sanjeev
  • Neetha Ashok as Aparna Ballal or Panna
  • Jacqueline Fernandez as Racquel D'Coasta or Gadang Rakkamma
  • Ravishankar Gowda as Vishwanath Ballal
  • Madhusudan Rao as Janardhan Gambhira
  • V. Priya as Shantha Gambhira
  • Vasuki Vaibhav as Baalakrishna or "Ballu"
  • Siddhu Moolimani as Mohanchandra Ballal or Munna
  • Ramm Bogadi as Mahabala
  • Chitkala Biradar as Baby Ballal
  • Samhitha as Geethanjali Rona or Guddi
  • Ramesh Kukkuvalli as Ekanth Gambhira
  • Vijadir Jain as Madhava or Lawrence Pinto
  • Karthik Rao Kordale as Pakruddin or Pakru
  • Yogish Shetty as Nittoni
  • Achinthya Puranik as Young Sanju
  • Anup Bhandari as an Old Photographer (a cameo appearance)
  • Milana Nagaraja as Renu Rona (a cameo appearance)

Vikrant Rona storyline:

The story of the film is set in times about half a century ago. There is the talk of a remote village. The village is situated among the tropical rainforests. The people in the village begin experiencing a series of events that have no explanation. The villagers regard these events as something related to supernatural powers. Hence along with the action, adventure, and fantasy, the film's story has a slight touch of supernatural powers. The people still believe that supernatural powers exist. The makers have chosen a different concept to produce a film.

According to the review, the audience will b able to connect themselves with the story of the film to a great extent.

The film starts when a police officer is murdered in a village in the state of Karnataka. The murder of the police officer takes place amid mysterious circumstances.

Vikrant Rona, the Inspector gets the orders to solve the murder mystery. It will be interesting to watch Vikrant Rona how he will unmask the dangerous murderer. How will Vikrant Rona connect the dots to solve the mystery?

Vikrant Rona filming:

The makers announced the primary photo shoot of the film in March 2020. They began the shooting on the 2nd of March 2020 in Hyderabad. At that time, the makers decided the title to be Phantom.

The lead actor Sandeep began to shoot for two films simultaneously, Kotigobba 3 and Phantom.

Amid the planning of the shoot for the second schedule, the city of dreams, Mumbai, and the country witnessed the pandemic outbreak. The makers had to put in a coma during the production of the film.

In June, the crew members announced their continuation from July.

On the 16th of July, the makers resumed the shoot. The shoot took place at Annapurna Studios in Hyderabad. The crew members worked hard and built a huge, and dense forest set. Because that forest set was the demand of the hour. The crew couldn't migrate to another place due to pandemics.

Most of the scenes were filmed at Ramoji Film City and Annapurna Studios in Hyderabad.

However, the remaining crux of the film was shot at Malshej Ghats, Mahabaleshwar, and Kerala.

Vikrant Rona review:

The film is a great success if we believe the most trusted rating website, IMDb. The IMDb ratings for the Vikrant Rona film are 9.6 out of 10. It is a great success for a movie or its makers that the IMDb has awarded the film with such great numbers. The audience will love and connect to the story of the film.

Initially, the budget for the film was deduced to be 15 crores. But later on, the demands of the film's set hiked the budget to 95 crores.

Vikrant Rona Twitter handles are full of audience reviews. The makers have received the success of their hard work.

Vikrant Rona trailer:

The Vikrant Rona movie trailer has a running time of about 2 minutes and 52 seconds. The Vikrant Rona teaser release date is the 23rd of June 2022.

About six thousand viewers have rated the film. These ratings have made it to 9.6 IMDb ratings. However, the Vikrant Rona release date is the 28th of July 2022.


Q. What is Vikrant Rona story?

Ans. The story of the film is set in remote villages. The story belongs to the times of about half a century ago. A police officer gets brutally murdered in the village under mysterious circumstances. Inspector Vikrant Rona has the responsibility to catch the murderer.

Q. Is Vikrant Rona a pan Indian movie?

Ans. Yes, Vikrant Rona is another Pan Indian movie in the row of Kannada movies.

Q. Which is the highest budget movie in Kannada?

Ans. To date, KGF has been the highest-budget Kannada movie.

Q. Who is the actress in Vikrant Rona?

Ans. Jacqueline Fernandez is the actress in the Vikrant Rona movie.

Here is the link for the Vikrant Rona movie trailer:

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