Vikram Tamil Movie- Cast, Plot and Release date

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Vikram Movie review 

Hello readers, welcome to another blog. In this blog, we will review the latest movie, Vikram. 

To know about the Vikram movie cast, plot, and Vikram movie release date, keep reading! 

Vikram is an Indian Tamil language movie. The film is 2nd in the Lokesh Cinematic Universe. Lokesh Cinematic universe is run by the director Lokesh Kanagaraj. The first film in LCU is Kaithi. Thus the plot for both the movies is based on the same concept. 

The budget for the film is 130-150 crores. The film is still running in theatres, yet has managed to get a box office collection of 340+ plus crores. By this, the film has become the highest-ever grossing film in Tamil Nadu. The film is purely based on Crime and drugs. It contains a good amount of Amazing Action. 

Vikram movie release date-

The movie was released on 3rd June 2022 and is still in the theatres.

Vikram movie director-

The movie is directed by Lokesh Kaanagaraj. 

The production has done by Raj Kamal Films International. 

Anirudh Ravichander has done the soundtrack, while Girish Gangadharan is the Cinematographer. 

The editing is done by Philomin Raj. 

About Vikram Tamil movie -

The movie is about a gang doing illegal activities, and the ops who are assigned to stop them. “The masked gang” is a vigilante. Amar, the head of Black-ops is set on the mission to solve the case where he comes to know about a lot of mysteries. 

Vikram Tamil movie Plot-

After inspector Bejoy catches an illegal consignment, Police chief Jose calls in Amar who is the head of Black-ops to catch the Masked Gang who has killed three persons- Stephan Raj, ACP Prabhanajan, and Karnan (his adopted father.) While investigating, Amar comes to know about a crime Syndicate- Vetti Vagaiyara and its member Sandhanam. Sandhanam has to deliver drugs to his boss Rolex, who is then going to help him form a government. 

When Veerapandian, one of the members of the gang tries to betray it along with Rudra Pratap, with some other gang, the gang members of Veera Vagaiyara kill him. However, Amar manages to catch one of the masked men and it was Inspector Bejoy! After interrogating him, Amar learns that he joins the gang because his family was murdered after he busts the drug consignment. Now, Amar realizes that the life of Rudra Pratap is also in danger. There the masked gang comes and starts violence. Then seize Rudra Pratap’s daughter and run. However, Amar also follows them and comes to know that the leader is KARNAN who is actually alive and had faked his death. His real name is Arun Kumar Vikram aka Vikram and was a former commander of Black-ops squad before he was disbanded and declared a terrorist. Amar also comes to know that Jose is actually Sandhanam’s Mole. It was these two who killed Prabhanjan as he came to know their involvement. Later Jose made it look like it was a terrorist attack. Then, Amar Makes a bomb attack on Sandhanam’s house, however, he escapes. Sandhanam then brutally kills Amar’s wife and in this sorrow, he joins Vikram's gang. 

He knows that Vikram’s actions were not out of personal gains but were trying to bust a drug syndicate. 

Will they be successful in catching the gang? 

Vikram Movie Cast- 

  • Kamal Haasan as Commander Arun Kumar Vikram / Agent Vikram
  • Vijay Sethupathi as Sandhanam
  • Maheshwari Chanakyan as Santhanam's first wife
  • Santhana Bharathi as Agent Uppiliappan
  • Elango Kumaravel as Agent Lawrence
  • Sampath Ram as a member of Vetti Vagaiyara
  • Fahadh Faasil as Agent Amar,
  • Vasanthi as Agent Tina, 
  • Ramesh Thilak as Elango,
  • Dharsan as Vikram Jr.
  • Swathishta Krishnan as Prabhanjan's wife
  • Arunodhayan as a member of the Black Ops Squad
  • Vinodh as Munna, member of Vetti Vagaiyara
  •     Myna Nandhini as Santhanam's third wife
  • Suriya as Rolex,
  • Maya S. Krishnan as an escort
  • Chemban Vinod Jose as Police Chief Jose
  • Gowtham Sundararajan as Veerapandian
  • Vinodh as Munna, member of Vetti Vagaiyara
  • With Kamal Hassan and Vijaysethupati and others in it, Vikram movie cast looks really good!

Vikram tamil movie Ratings-

Vikram upcoming film Imdb Ratings- 7.5/10


Vikram tamil movie Reviews- 

Kamal Hassan’s Comeback is the main asset of the movie, and always he has done an outstanding role in the movie. The Movie is very interesting and tries to keep the audience engaged throughout the movie. Secondly, the movie has really unique and it cannot be predicted.

The audience have loved the movie after the interval part for it gives a thriller experience with good editing and graphics. 

The film is purely a fictional movie and therefore holds a lot of scope in its expansion and amazing sequels. 

Common Queries-

How many Vikram tamil movie are there? 

There are two Tamil movies with the title. The first one was launched in 1986 while, Vikram movie new is launched in June 2022. 

What is Vikram movie cast?

The Main cast of Vikram upcoming film consists of - Kamal Hassan, Vijay Sethupati, Shivani Narayanan, Swathistha. 

Is Vikram Movie a remake?

Vikram is not a remake, However it is the 2nd film in the Lokesh Film Industry. 

When was Vikram Movie released?

The movie was released on 3rd June 2022.

Vikram Movie Trailer Link-

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