Varun Doctor Telugu Movie Review: Third Best Tamil Movie In The Box Office

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Siva Karthikeyan produces intriguing Tamil movies. Varun Doctor, which was recently released, was directed by Nelson Dilip Kumar. Varun Doctor, a film by Siva Karthikeyan, has been generating a lot of attention among Tamil communities. Let's see how the Telugu version of the movie performs.

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Nelson wrote and directed Doctor, an action comedy movie in Tamil that will be released in 2021. Sivakarthikeyan, the movie's star and producer (under the name Sivakarthikeyan Productions), handled distribution duties alongside KJR Studios. In addition to Priyanka Arul Mohan and Vinay Rai, the movie also stars Yogi Babu, Milind Soman, Redin Kingsley, Archana Chandhoke, and Deepa Shankar. Vijay Kartik Kannan handled the cinematography, Anirudh Ravichander handled the music composition, and R. Nirmal handled the editing.

Following many setbacks because of the COVID-19 epidemic, Doctor movie new release date was on October 9, 2021, and now Doctor Tamil movie ott available which means you can watch the movie online.

Positive reviews of the movie praised the acting, black humor, director, plot, action scenes, soundtrack, and background music. The movie made 100 crores of rupees worldwide.

Doctor Varun movie cast-


  • Nelson


  • Nelson


  • Sivakarthikeyan as Dr.Varun
  • Priyanka Arul Mohan as Padmini also known as Mini, fiancée of Varun
  • Vinay Rai as Terry
  • Yogi Babu as Prathap
  • Milind Soman as Colonel James Anderson 
  • Arun Alexander as Navneeth
  • Ilavarasu as Padmini and Navneeth's father.
  • Redin Kingsley as Bhagat
  • Archana Chandhoke as Sumathi, Padmini's sister-in-law and Navneeth's wife.
  • Raghu Ram as Melvin
  • Rajiv Lakshman as Alvin
  • Bikramjeet Kanwarpal as Terry
  • Zaara Vineet as Priyanka aka Chinnu, Sumathi & Navneeth's daughter.
  • Deepa Shankar as Preethi, a maid 
  • Karate Karthi as Gabbar
  • Sreeja Ravi as Varun's mother.
  • Sunil Reddy as Mahaali, a local gangster
  • Pillayar Ruthru as Pratap's friend.
  • Aathma Patrick as Prathap's friend.
  • Shaji Chen as Daniel D'Souza


  • Kotapadi J. Rajesh
  • Sivakarthikeyan

Doctor Doctor film plot-

Varun works as an army doctor. Padmini, who he falls in love with, rejects him due to his practical character. When Padmini's niece is abducted and Varun becomes involved in the investigation, the plot twist occurs. The plot of the novel is how Varun, a doctor, rescues the daughter and dismantles the kidnapper network.

Doctor movie naa songs-

  • Premium Chittemma
  • Premium Bandhame
  • Premium So Baby (Telugu)
  • Premium Soul of Doctor (Theme)

Varun Doctor Telugu movie review-

In the Doctor comedy movie, Siva Karthikeyan plays a doctor and performs to the best of his abilities. He most likely gave his best performance to date, one could say. It's encouraging to see how he controlled his emotions and avoided going beyond. As the Desi girl, Priyanka Arul Mohan is adorable and performs admirably in all of their on-screen interactions. Yogi Babu's comedy is extremely outstanding. The remaining actors are primarily Tamil actors, and the movie is rife with regional nativity.

In the Varun Doctor review, it is found that Sivakarthikeyan has a commanding presence on screen, and the movie benefits from his excellent body language. He made his best effort to present the persona respectably, and to some extent he was successful.

Although the movie's heroine Priyanka Mohan is cute, she only has a small amount of screen time. The comedian Yogi Babu steals the event since his comedy track including the hero causes the crowd to laugh a lot. The young actress who played Priyanka's sister is adorable.

Vinay Rai does okay playing the bad guy. Other performers who played supporting parts did alright in those roles.

The very basic plot of Varun Doctor involves rescuing a girl from her captors. The screenplay served as the basis for the movie, and director Nelson Dilip Kumar made good use of it to enhance the majority of the sequences.

The kidnappings in the movie lead to an intriguing scenario. But in all of this, the director draws out the action and ignores crucial logical points that have been given much too much weight. But the movie also gets high marks for its comedic elements. Yogi Babu, Siva Karthikeyan, and Priyanka all perform admirably when it comes to handling dark comedy.

The movie has good thrills and a good way of being placed on a strange planet. However, the movie also contains certain scenes that are repeated and feel unnecessary. All things considered, this movie is more about humor than thrill.

Although the kidnapping mystery and amusing sequences in the first half of the movie are handled successfully, the director overlooked the comedic texture in the second half, which might not sit well with the audience because they were expecting more fun after viewing the first half.

The film occasionally appears predictable because the second half contains a dramatic drama involving the kidnapping rocket. Another drawback is that the second half's emotional sequences appear overdramatic and lessen the mood of the audience.

Varun Doctor movie rating-

After the Varun Doctor movie review, it has been found that the movie came in third place for Tamil box office collections in 2021, after Master and Annaatthe, together with Maanaadu. The film had made 100 crores in 25 days, making it Sivakarthikeyan's first to accomplish the mark.  

The Telugu Doctor movie has a 7.5/10 IMDb rating with 16k votes

Doctor Telugu movie conclusion-

The kidnapping drama Varun Doctor, which is based on a screenplay, has a good first half, but things quickly become serious and go slowly after that. Varun Doctor is a simple one-time watch, though, if you keep your expectations in mind.

In general, Varun Doctor is a decently entertaining kidnapping drama. However, things become sluggish in the second half, and certain arguments become moot. The film may be warmly received by the Tamil audience because it appeals to their sensitivities. However, this weekend's Telugu audience will only find this movie to be a fair viewing.

Doctor movie comedy trailer-

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