Uppena Movie Review- Debutant Director Buchi Babu Sena, Know about Cast plot and ratings

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Uppena Movie Review-

Hello readers! Welcome back to another blog! This blog is about uppena movie review. keep reading to know about its cast, plot, ratings, and uppena movie reviews

Uppena is an Indian Telugu language movie. Its Story is written and directed by the debutant Buchu Babu Sana. The film is produced by Mythri Movie makers in a collaboration with Sukumar Writings. An important feature of Uppena is that its lead roles are played by Debutants, and yet is a hit film. 

With a budget of 22cr, the film has managed to bag a box office collection of 50.36cr. 

Uppena movie release date- The film was first set to release on 2nd April 2020 but was postponed due to the coronavirus outbreak in India. Thus the film was released on 12th February 2021. 

About the Movie- 

The Movie is about Aasi, a Fisherman, and Bemamma, the daughter of a Zamindar who falls in love with each other and confesses it as well. The greatest hurdle to their love life is Caste. The zamindar does not want to build a relationship with a boy who is a Dalit Christian. They face a lot of opposition and setbacks and suffer a lot. Would they ever be able to be together? Will the families accept their love? 


Uppena is a 2002 story, set in uppada village near Kakinada. Aasi, son of a fisherman falls in love with Sangeetha (Bebamma), a college student and daughter of an Influential Zamindar, Raayanam. Raayanam loves his daughter and is protective of her and also is also the one who believes in safeguarding their family's honor and pride. Raayanam’s plan is to build a shipping yard by razing the fishermen’s houses on the coast, one of whose is Aasi. 

When Aasi is deeply in love with Bebamma, she falls in love with him too, after watching him in a fight at a market. Things keep going very well between them. They spend time together and get to know more about each other. One day, during the breeding season of the fish when there is no fisherman in the sea, Bebamma asks Aasi to take her to the sea. When they are on the boat in the sea, they run out of fuel and are stranded in the sea. Meanwhile, Raayanam gets worried for his daughter as she has not returned home yet. He tells Jalayya, Aasi’s father to find Bebamma and promises that he would not raze the houses in return. The next morning, Jalayya find both of them, but he does not tell Raayanam about Aasi being with her. However, Raayanm finds it out and sends his men to beat Aasi as he does not want the relationship to continue since Aasi is from a lower caste. 

Hearing this, Bebamma feels sorry and approaches Aasi to elope somewhere far. They both go to Gangtok and manage to survive by doing some work. 

But, Raayaanam’s men find them somehow and bring Bebamma back to the village while they castrate Aasi. Raayanam tells this to his daughter, thinking now she would not marry Aasi as he has now lost his manhood. However, she says that Manhood is not determined by any organ but by personality and she still loves Aasi the same. Raayanam is moved by this, and then Aasi and Bebamma reunite! 

Uppena Movie Cast-

  • Master Raghvan as Young Aasi
  • Panja Vaishnav Tej as Aashirvadham or Aasi
  • Sai Chand as Jalayya, Aasi’s Father
  • Krithi Shetty as Sangeetha or Bebamma
  • Vijay Sethupati as Kotagiri Raayanam, Sangeetha’s Father
  • Rajeev Kanakala as Mandal Revenue Officer
  • Gayatri Jayaraman as Sangeetha’s Mother
  • Mamilla Shailaja Priya as Raayanam’s Sister
  • Harish Chandra
  • Ravi Verma 
  • Ramesh Reddy 
  • Jay Krishna as Thalimpu
  • Naga Mahesh as Govindu 
  • Vijay Kumar 
  • Kesava 

Uppena Songs

  1. Eswara
  2. Dhak Dhak Dhak 
  3. Ranguladdhukunna
  4. Silaka Silaka
  5. Nee Kannu Neli Samudram
  6. Sandram Lona Neerantha 
  7. Ninne na Ninne 
  8. Jala Jala Jalapaatham Nuvvu 

Uppena movie ratings-

The ratings for Uppena IBDb- 6.5/10

Facebook- 3.7/5

Uppena Movie Review-

The most admiring thing about the movie is the fact that the Director and both leads (Male and Female) are all debutants. It means that the audience would get to see new faces on the screen, plus the audience will get to watch a new style of direction from the debutant director! And so are the reviews and responses from the people. Although, the story is quite predictable. 

Positives- A fresh pair is seen throughout the entire film which becomes the greatest asset of the movie. The roles played by both the debutant leads are appreciated by the audience as also the work of Vijay Sethupati is really phenomenal. He has given justice to the role of a villain. The director has done well to keep the viewers engaged. Another plus point of the movie is its songs. With 8 songs in it, the audience has loved them. Shamdat has done an excellent job in cinematography. 

The film is one of the hittest films having debutant leads in it. 

Negatives-The storyline of the movie is pretty common and predictable. Generally, rural love movies are on based on the same concept. The couple’s love is not accepted by families due to caste or class differences, and then both of them elope somewhere far away. Like most other films, the first half is interesting while the second half becomes a bit mundane and boring. The audience has said that it feels that the second half is a bit stretched. 

Common Queries-

What is uppena movie review?

uppena review suggest that Uppena is a great movie with probably a predictable storyline but an outstanding cast and is a movie of debutants.

Is Uppena a hit?

Uppena is a massive hit with a collection of about 50cr.

Where can I watch Uppena?

Uppena can be watched on Netflix now !

Here is the link of Uppena trailer-

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