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Undekhi is a web television series based on a Hindi criminal thriller. Season 1 was released on Sony Liv on July 10, 2020. Applause Entertainment and Edgestorm Ventures produced it. The first look was launched on June 21, 2020, followed by the trailer on June 26, 2020. The Undekhi depicts two sides of society: the power-hungry powerful people who believe they can get away with anything, and the oppressed who, after years of torture, decide to bring themselves to justice. Season 2 of Undekhi premiere on March 4, 2022.

The first season was well received by both the general public and the reviewers. The second season was released recently as a result of the first season's success. The entire cast of this web series was praised for their acting abilities. The story of Undekhi season 2 will pick up where it left off in the first season. Here, I have listed all of the necessary details, from the plot to the release date of Season 2 and the trailer, as well as the cast and, finally, a review of season 2, so don't miss it out.

Undekhi web series Plot

Undekhi season 1 story begins in Sunderban but quickly moves to Manali. Audiences encounter two murders in less than 30 minutes. DSP Barun Ghosh (Dibyendu Bhattacharya) is investigating the murder of a police officer in the Sunderban, a disfigured body was discovered in the forest. Ghosh is on the lookout for two tribal females who he believes are murderers.

The tale of Undekhi Season 2 begins with the cliffhanger finale of Season One when a new face named Abhaya discovers and saves Koyal. Teji, on the other hand, is dead set on destroying the Atwal, and Daman is on board with her. Another wedding of everyone's favorite Rinku Paaji is taking place this Undekhi 2. Shashwat and Saloni escape and go into hiding. By forging powerful business alliances with international drug dealers, the Atwal's are poised to expand their operations and unleash a reign of terror. However, the family is becoming increasingly estranged, and it soon becomes a massive power and position struggle.

Undekhi 2 web series Cast

  • Dibyendu Bhattacharya as Barun Ghosh, 
  • Surya Sharma as Rinku Paaji
  • Harsh Chhaya as Papaji
  • Anchal Singh as Teji
  • Apeksha Porwal as a tribal girl from Sundarban
  • Ankur Rathee as the son of Papaji and the groom
  • Varun Bhagat as Lucky
  • Nandish Sandhu as Samarth
  • Meiyang Chang as Abhay
  • Tej Sapru as Arjan Singh
  • Jamie Alter as Issac Ezra
  • Breshna khan as Samanth

Undekhi Season 2 Release Date & Trailer

Both seasons of Sidharth Sengupta's web series are broadcast on SonyLIV, India's premier online streaming platform, which is owned by Sony Pictures Network India.

The first episode of the Undekhi web series season 2 release date is on March 4, 2022. On Thursday, February 17, 2022, the creators of this online series published the long-awaited trailer. This two-minute teaser excites us with deeper and more horrific developments that will add to the Undekhi season 2 mystery. The trailer introduces some new characters whose characters will have a significant impact on the series' plot.

It gives a glimpse of Nandish Sandhu, a prominent TV actor who is making his OTT debut with this serial. Undekhi web series cast Meiyang Chang, the 2006 Indian idol champion, actor, and TV host play a key role in the film. Meiyang Chang, the 2006 Indian idol champion, actor, and TV host play a key role in the film.

Undekhi Season 2 Review

The primary idea of Shukla's second season, Undekhi, is to bury all of the witnesses (Koyal and the video camera group) of Papaji's murder. At the same time, the plot centers around Atwal's desire to grow his pharmaceutical business essentially, supplying illegal medicines from Himachal to Punjab. When it comes to it, they know no limitations are shown in Undekhi 2. Each character in this gripping tale of power, greed, and vengeance is on a frantic quest to bring the other down, driven by their own selfish goals.

This season, like the previous one, is incredibly fast-paced, with each episode offering a new twist. The focus is on Rinku, who is trying to clean up the remains of the disaster while maintaining control over the situation. After that, starting with the sixth episode of Season 2 of the Undekhi web series, the revenge game begins, and it becomes even more intriguing. The story builds up to a chaotic plot with a decent handful of suspense and twists and turns, created by Ameya Sharda and Anahata Menon, who also co-wrote it with Deepak Sehgal.

Season 2 of the Undekhi web series features strong performances in addition to a well-written script. Harsh Chhaya portrays Papaji, a drug addict whose solution to all problems is 'Goli Mardange Be **ench**d.' Surya Sharma gives a powerful performance as the scary Rinku, who is forgiving and prepared to go to any length to keep his father safe. In contrast to previous seasons, ladies in this family do not play a large role in voicing their opinions; instead, they are more like spectators who quietly watch what is going on in front of them.Teji(Anchal Singh, Undekhi cast) and Muskaan (Shivangi Singh), the daughters-in-law, play crucial roles in bringing about some surprising story twists this time.

Although his part is limited this time around, Dibyendu Bhattacharya's performance as DSP Ghosh is lovely. Ghosh may be seen singing the song 'Ekla Chalo Re' after Rinku's treachery, in which he fails to uphold his pledge to leave Koyal in exchange for Rishi. Given that everyone around you is great, it's a fitting song choice.

Because Season 2 of the Undekhi web series is more centered on Koyal's fate and vengeance, Apeksha Porwal gets a larger part than a tribal girl this time, and she excels in it. And Meiyang Chang was an excellent supporter of the cuckoo. They put together some well-choreographed fight sequences thanks to action director Raj Shinde. Other Season 2 Undekhi web series cast; Nandish Singh Sandhu, Ayan Zoya, Sayandeep Sengupta, Varun Bhagat, and Diwakar Dhayani, have provided valuable support.

Conclusion: Undekhi 2 

Overall, Undekhi 2 is a decent violent crime drama, which delivers exceptional action and good performances from its cast. This results in a significant shift in the relationships between all of the characters, particularly the ladies, making it a fascinating watch.

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