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Undekhi is an Indian Television series. This is a Hindi crime thriller. The web series got premiered on SONY Liv on July 10, 2020. The web series Undekhi is produced by Siddharth Sengupta and Jyoti Sagar under the banner of Applause Entertainment & Edgestorm Ventures. The web series is directed by Ashish R. Shukla. The storyline for the Undekhi web series is written by Siddharth Sengupta, Varun bola, Umesh Padalkar, and Mohinder Pratap Singh. The music for the Undekhi web series is composed by Anuj Danait and Shivam Sengupta. The Undekhi cast comprises Dibyendu Bhattacharya, Surya Sharma, Harsh Chhaya, Ankur Rathee, Abhishek Chauhan, and Anchal Singh. The number of Undekhi episodes is ten. All the Undekhi episodes have a running time of about 20 to 25 minutes. The makers had released the first look test for the Undekhi web series cast on June 21, 2020. After receiving a good Undekhi review, the makers had come up with Undekhi season 2.

Undekhi web series cast:

The makers had chosen a great Undekhi cast, the actors who have done justice to the roles and characters assigned to them. Here is a list of amazing Undekhi web series cast:

  • Dibyendu Bhattacharya as DSP Barun Ghosh, a policeman from West Bengal
  • Surya Sharma as Rinku Paaji
  • Harsh Chhaya as Papaji
  • Abhishek Chauhan as Rishi, the videographer
  • Ayn Zoya as Saloni, head of wedding film team
  • Apeksha Porwal as Koyal, Adivasi girl from Sundarban
  • Ankur Rathee as Daman, Papaji's son & the groom
  • Karmveer Choudhary as Kandpal
  • Anchal Singh as Teji, the bride
  • Vaarun Bhagat as Lucky
  • Sanyadeep Sengupta as Shashwat
  • Meenakshi Sethi as Papaji's wife
  • Shivaani Sopuri as Rinku's mother

The main leads in the Undekhi cast are Abhishek Chauhan as Rishi, Surya Sharma as Rinku, Dibyendu Bhattacharya as DSP Ghosh.

The makers have announced that there will become back with the Undekhi season 2.

The Undekhi episodes are ten in number that are titled as follows:

  • The Things That Men Do
  • Is This For Real
  • For Cash On
  • Double Shuffle
  • Catch The Tiger By The Tail
  • The Can Of Worms
  • You Have It Coming
  • We Have Got Ourselves a Deal
  • You Are Safe When Dead
  • An Ace In My Hand

The Undekhi cast does not involve any superstars. But the actors have breathed life into the roles they have played, and the characters. The web series is based on true incidents. It depicts two aspects of society. One, the power-drunk people who are very influential. They think that they can deal with anything in life just because they are in power. And, the other section is the oppressed one, who has been subjected to torture for several years. The oppressed section of the society eventually decides to bring themselves to justice. We may expect the number of episodes to be ten in Undekhi season 2 too.

Undekhi web series storyline:

The Undekhi cast has amazingly played the role. They have breathed life into the characters. The Undekhi series begins in the Sunderbans. But, the Undekhi web series cast soon shifts to Manali. While watching the series, the viewers get to witness two murders within the initial 30 minutes of the web series.

Dibyendu Bhattacharya, who is playing the role of DSP Ghosh in the Undekhi cast is the investigating officer. He is investigating the Sunderbans murder case. The deadman was a policeman. His mutilated body is found in the forest. Ghosh has his suspicion over two tribal girls. Those two girls are on the run and DSP Ghosh is on their trail.

The episode-wise story of the Undekhi cast played web series is described here:

Episode 1 (The Things That Men Do): The story begins with two filmmakers Rishi and Saloni. they are seen to be in Manali for a wedding shoot. Suddenly, a murder takes place in the forest. Rishi accidentally happens to record that murder. A dancing girl gets murdered by the groom's father.

Episode 2 (Is This For Real): Rishi gets terrified when he happens to discover a horrific incident, next to the resort they are staying in. Saloni, on the other hand, tries her best to make him concentrate on the work. Rinku and his cousins are on to Rishi. Rishi has to do something to cope up with the situation. In the meanwhile, DSP Ghosh senses something fishy and heads on to the resort.

Episode 3 (For Cash Only): DSP Ghosh gets curious and interrogated Saloni. He interrogates Rinku too. DSP Ghosh finds discrepancies in the stories he hears from them. Meanwhile, the wedding ceremony goes on. The bride, Teji played by Anchal Singh confronts Daman, the groom regarding the shooting. On the other hand, Saloni success in her plan to deal with Rinku, in exchange for Rishi's silence. Rishi's role as a Undekhi cast member is quite appreciated by the audience.

Episode 4 (Double Shuffle): On the wedding day of Teji and Daman, DSP Ghosh arrives there like an uninvited guest. He comes there along with the search warrant. On the other hand, Lucky somehow manages to get rishi, Praful, and Koyal out of the doghouse. But, someone is there on the trail. Teji becomes angry and she lashes out all her anger at Daman, as their wedding has come to a halt.

Episode 5 (Catch The Tiger By The Trail): DSP Ghosh is on the run to catch Rishi, Praful. Koyal offers him a helping hand. Saloni musters the courage and tells about the murder incident to Teji. On the other hand, Rinku lays a trap for Rishi.

Episode 6 (The Can Of Worms): Somehow, Rishi manages to contact Saloni. DSP Ghosh gets a chance to interrogate Teji. Daman blurts out the truth to Teji. Teji gets into a tough situation to make a decision ahead. In the meantime, lucky is in for a surprise.

Episode 7 (You Have It Coming): Teji faces pressure to continue with the wedding ceremonies. On the other hand, forest officials try their best to chase the fugitives. Shashwat tries his best to contact Rishi. Teji decides not to go to America after the wedding. This decision of hers surprises everyone. However, Rinku and Papaji get a showdown from DSP Ghosh's side. Teji and Daman's wedding problems might continue in the Undekhi season 2.

Episode 8 (We Have got Ourselves A Deal): This episode witnesses two new members entering the group of Undekhi cast. Shashwat and Alice arrive in Manali and get sucked into a serious situation. Rinku receives a packet and realizes that his power is shifting away from him. He decides to do something to gain his power back and comes up with a cunning plan of action.

Episode 9 (You Are Safe When Dead): Lucky somehow manages to find Rishi and his friends. However, Rishi and his friends manage to escape. Timma gets hold of the murder video that Rishi had shot. Timma handovers the video to the gang. Meanwhile, Rinku decides to deal with the matter on his way now. The audience can watch the Undekhi season 2 on SONY Liv as the season 1 of the amazing web series.

Episode 10 (An Ace In My Hand): After all the murders and killings, all the dust gets settled down. Rinku and Papaji have new plans ready for Teji. On the other hand, Koyal somehow manages to meet up with DSP Ghosh. He gets to know about all the missing pieces of the Sundarbans puzzle. DSP Ghosh tries his best to outwit Rinku. However, Rinku has local police's support with him.

Now, it would be interesting to watch who would outwit whom?

Undekhi review:

The Undekhi cast does not comprise any superstar but the actors have done justice with the characters they have played. The Undekhi web series has received mostly positive reviews from critics and viewers. As per the Undekhi review, the series has received a lot of appreciation. Undekhi IMDb ratings are 8.2 stars out of 10. Undekhi IMDb ratings have depicted that the series is good enough. Undekhi IMDb ratings are awarded based on about 5,000 viewers' votes. This SONY Liv web series has received 3.5 ratings out of 5. While NDTV.com has awarded the series with a total of 2.5 stars out of 5.

Here is a video of Undekhi first look:


Undekhi season 2:

After the Undekhi web series cast has received such positive responses from the critics and viewers, the makers had decided to come up with the Undekhi season 2. The makers have not revealed anything regarding the storyline, star cast of the web series.

Cut we can expect the same actors in the Undekhi cast in Undekhi season 2. At the ending of season 1, the story remains out with a question as to who will outwit whom, among DSP Ghosh and Rinku. So, it might be possible that the makers would continue the story of the previous characters played by the Undekhi actors in season 1.

The viewers may find the following link useful to know about the release date, storyline, and the cast for Undekhi season 2:


The story might continue with the wedding problems with Teji and Daman, played by Anchal Singh and Ankur Rathee respectively. It would be great fun to watch the same old Undekhi cast in Undekhi season 2.

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