TRUTH OR TAMANNA : One Well made Dramedy Featuring Highly Great performance.

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Viu Desi's new show Truth or Tamanna? Priyansh Jora, Abhitesh Khajuria, and Vrushika Mehta as Truth or Tamanna cast in this web drama. Truth or Tamanna series was originally released on Viu Desi on July 20, 2018. The 13-episode show, created by Pushkar Mahaball, is based on tragedy. It commences with Dhruv and Tamanna exchanging glances, but the plot swiftly shifts from a love tale to an exciting thrill trip.


The love narrative of filmmaker Dhruv (Priyanshu Jora) and performer Tamanna (Vrishika Mehta) is told in 'Truth or Tamanna.' Everything is fine until Tamanna suddenly disappears. The complete plot revolves around Dhruv, who investigates the situation and seeks clues. Nonetheless, as the novel progresses, Dhruv realizes that he understands very little about 

and that he is a very different person than anyone else he encounters.

Because the tale revolves around dancing, Sneha Kapoor's mobility (a trained salsa performer who is also dedicated to producing a few dance unscripted tv episodes) deserves special attention. The routines are pleasant, especially those performed in the season finale, which might provide the audience the impression that they are seeing the conclusion of a major film. Meghdeep Bose's soundtrack, which has been used in several very well Bollywood movies and online series, enhances their displays.


Truth or Tamanna series is a 25-minute show that explores topics such as jealously, rivalry, the contaminated side of the entertainment world, media tactics, drug dealing, and the viewpoint of what is true against deception. If you appreciate whodunit mysteries, this one is a must-see because each individual has a vendetta against the other, making it tough to find out who is the perpetrator.


Truth or Tamanna cast 

· Priyansh Jora

· As: Dhruv

· Abhitesh Khajuria

· Vrushika Mehta

· As: Tamanna Walia

· Kushal Punjabi

· As: Kaizad Poonawala

· Himani Sahani

· As: Sharon DSouza

· Shubhangi Mehrotra

· As: Sofie

· Manasi Rach

· As: Jackie

· Sakshi Pradhan

· As: Meesha Choudhary

· Singh Tanya Paul

· As: Dr. Saroj Vashisth

· Manas Sharma

· As: Feroze

· Suchit Singh


When it comes to the Truth or Tamanna cast, even though Vrushika Mehta performs the primary part and the show is titled after her, she barely makes an appearance. Even though Vrushika is a skilled artist, her talent is neglected throughout the series. In the primary episode with the flame horde, she is only seen flailing her legs. As the protagonist, Priyanshu Jora nails it and carries the entire show on his own. He takes on the role of Dhruv, the anxious lover, and makes you sympathize with him. Manasi Rach's portrayal of Dhruv's companion, Jackie, who is assisting Tamanna in her quest to discover the truth about the situation, is inspiring. There's also a wonderful supporting Truth or Tamanna cast.


Truth or Tamanna plotline


Dhruv's hunt for the reality regarding his girlfriend Tamanna, who inexplicably vanishes, is at the center of the plot. Dhruv (Priyanshu Jora in Truth or Tamanna cast), a filmmaker, and Tamanna (Vrushika Mehta), a skilled dancer, fall in love. It's all well till Tamanna mysteriously vanishes one day. Dhruv investigates the subject and seeks an explanation throughout the novel. Unfortunately, as the novel progresses, Dhruv learns how little he knew regarding her and that there is much to her than seems the sight.


He eventually goes incognito at the dance academy where she performs, uncovering a network of deception, one-upmanship (a fellow dancer resents her for taking her job), and criminal activity (drug peddling, in which Tamanna, being a junky, gets included).

Kushal Punjabi deserves praise for nailing the role of Kaizad Poonawala amongst the best Truth or Tamanna cast, the egotistical and self-serving homosexual academy head. He has a lot of secrets to keep, along with a past relationship with Tamanna.


Jackie, Dhruv's acquaintance, assists him with this duty (Mansi Rachh). She puts herself out there for him, but he seems to reap the benefits of her, such as abandoning her in the police precinct late at night while he goes outside with Tamanna's brother, Randhir (Sachin Verma). After he is jailed for attempting to break through into the shrink's office where Tamanna is undergoing treatment, Randhir saves him. Mansi's trajectory (main role in the film Charlie Kay Chakkar Mein) is considerably bigger than her character's present billing, therefore I hope Jackie gets more to do. Jackie is even implicated in putting Tamanna in trouble, according to a sneak peek.


Don't forget to check out the trailer before commencing the show for a glimpse at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q-NMjJ1hLCM


Truth or Tamanna series reviews


The writers (Manoj Tripathi and Niraj Vikram) had devised a faceted storyline that leaves the audience guessing regarding Tamanna's whereabouts and how she's disappeared. furthermore, there are enough surprises along the way in the tale to make everyone's character a culprit. The show begins slowly, but gradually catches up and continues your interest, particularly in the last scenes. Despite said that, Debashis Das' editing preserves the show's believability, but this show might easily be whittled down.


Vrushika Mehta is barely noticeable although she portrays the protagonist as the Truth or Tamanna cast and the show is titled for her role Tamanna. Tamanna's character has a trajectory if there were more moments with her interaction with Dhruv and connecting with the other academy performers. Vrushika is a professional dancer in reality, but her abilities are underused in the series. In the first episode with the flash mob, she is shown swinging a leg. Priyanshu Jora, on the other hand, is flawless as the main and carries the entire show on his shoulders worthy being Truth or Tamanna cast. He convincingly portrays Dhruv, the nervous boyfriend, and you can sympathize with him. Manasi Rachh's depiction of Dhruv's buddy Jackie, who is assisting him in his search for Tamanna's reality, is convincing.

In addition, the characters are unwinding at a good pace. Having said that, the show may have been cut down to a more manageable length. Becoming a weekly, the necessary punches (to entice you to return time after time) may have been a touch less than in the early episodes. By the fourth episode, we were completely hooked. It's no surprise that most shows nowadays begin with a high-octane episode.


Considering the dance genre and Bollywood theme, they might simply have shown a lot of sex and excused it as necessary by the screenplay; nevertheless, they chose not, and this deserves to be commended . Frames Productions, which has created a name for itself in the factual space, was self-assured and hence failed to obey the crowd. Also, presenting a web series against a dance and music soundtrack is unique, and points for it as well!!


In addition, unlike most of the other site designers, Frames has exhibited faith in television actors. This makes economic sense too though because TV stars are not only less expensive than well-known B-towners, but they also carry a large youth fan base (the vital web TG) with them , all of it portrayed very well by each Truth or Tamanna cast.

Perhaps committed viewers can look forward to a Truth or Tamanna 2021 in the not-too-distant future.


Final verdict

If you enjoy mysterious dramas, this is the spot for you with the right Truth or Tamanna cast. Despite a few shortcomings here and there, this is undoubtedly one of the greatest, so if you enjoy whodunit thrills, this one appears to be a must-watch. Each character has a grudge to dig, making it more difficult to figure out who is the true villain between everyone.

Kudos to the crew of Truth or Tamanna series for a crime thriller that covers several aspects of envy, rivalry, the tainted side of the leisure industry, news propaganda, drug dealing, and the mentality about what is real against deception.

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