Trigger Point TV Series 2022: A British Crime Series Starring Vicky McClure

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Trigger Point, a television documentary produced by Jed Mercurio's HTM Television, focuses on the dangerous realm of counterterrorism operations and police bomb disposal in London. You can be sure a series will be excellent if executive producer Jed Mercurio supports it.

Hello all, welcome back to reading about a new series. This time it's a well-known Hollywood series, “Trigger Point”. If you are a Hollywood movie freak then you are in the right place to explore more about the industry. Check out this blog for the same. This article will inform you about Trigger Point's series, including the cast, storyline, trailer, and the number of available episodes. 

Trigger Point has previously aired in the UK and is now traveling to the US on Peacock. Do you know how many series of trigger point are there? There are nearly six episodes in the first season of Trigger Point. Season 2 of Trigger Point is also forthcoming.

Cast of Trigger Point TV Series 2022


  • Gilles Bannier Jennie Darnell


  • Daniel Brierley


  • Vicky McClure performs as bomb disposal specialist Lana Washington from Line of Duty, and her coworker Joel Nutkins is portrayed by Adrian Lester from Life.
  • As Joel Nutkins, Adrian Lester stars opposite McClure. Lester adds that Mercurio's writings keep viewers on their toes in his remarks at the press introduction for the episode.
  • Lester, who also played in Bonekickers, London Spy, Undercover, Riviera, and Life, is most recognised for his role as Mickey Stone in the movie Hustle.
  • Mark Stanley, who portrays Henry VIII in Anne Boleyn and plays DI Thom Youngblood in Trigger Point, Karl Maguire in Luther, and Sonya Reeves in After Life, are other notable cast members.


  • Jessica Sharkey

Although McClure is not the most expressive of actors, one can typically tell how her character feels by how wide she opens her eye. She has a talent for conveying tension through her movement, voice, and stare, as though something is continuously getting on her nerves. That works well for Lana Washington, the protagonist of "Trigger Point," whose defining scene is charging headlong into a location when everyone else is being ejected.

Lana has to deal with some explosions and near-misses in the show's first season (a second has been commissioned); from what we can see, the London police seem to manage with just one bomb squad. Although the culprits are terrorists, it is unknown which side of the political spectrum they support.

Executive producers include Jessica Sharkey (Derry Girls, Bloodlands), Mark Redhead (The Murder of Stephen Lawrence, Bodies), and Jimmy Mulville (Derry Girls, Bloodlands). A producer is Julia Stannard (Vanity Fair, War and Peace). The series was directed by Gilles Bannier (Marcella, Tin Star) and Jennie Darnell (Line of Duty, Death in Paradise). These crew members have majorly contributed to making this series a success. 

Trigger Point TV series 2021 Plot

Trigger Point, written by relative newcomer Daniel Brierley, focuses on the complicated lives that counterterrorism and Metropolitan Police Bomb Disposal operatives lead. They put their lives in danger daily because passing away could happen at any time. The "expos" are at the heart of the immediate response to several explosions as a terrorist campaign threatened London over the summer. When a terror campaign threatens London, the "expos" are pushed to their breaking point, especially when they realize their squad seems to be specifically targeted. Trigger Point is an explosive thriller about a group of bomb disposal experts who live and work in a world where "death is always just a heartbeat away." They begin a race against time to identify the perpetrators of the attacks before the death toll increases. 

Trigger Point TV Series 2022 Plot

There will undoubtedly be more twisted, stranded wires for Wash to manage and explosions. Given that the series' main antagonist, Karl, was apprehended and killed in the concluding episode, we can anticipate the appearance of a new adversary. The show will probably delve into Wash's strained relationship with DI Youngblood and her conflict with John Hudson, who believed he should have been promoted over her. The rest of the story is entirely up for grabs. At the very least, we can interpret a fascinating plot thanks to the new kid on the block, Daniel Brierly, who has some style and knows how to pace the tension.

Trigger Point Series Release Date

Trigger Point premiered on ITV on Sunday, January 23, at 9 p.m. in the UK. Episodes are featured on Britbox and ITV Hub as well. On Wednesday, January 12, the show's premiere date was officially announced after ITV promos that had hinted at its arrival on the network that month. Vicky McClure, who starred in Line of Duty, announced the series' "explosive start" on Twitter and shared some first looks with her followers. Summer 2021 saw the start of filming. Trigger Point's first season consists of six episodes, each clocking in at about 45 minutes. After the premiere of the first season of Trigger Point, ITV announced that a second season was in the works. Currently, early to mid-2023 is anticipated for broadcasting. 

The BBC's "Line of Duty" moves at a significantly faster tempo than "Trigger Point," which is broadcast by the British commercial network ITV, partly due to the need for commercial breaks. However, the narrative jury-rigging, unrestrained paranoia and benevolent disregard for plausibility remain the same. (Viewers might wish to be aware of Mercurio's propensity for eliminating important characters.) Along with the periodic explosions, snooping, gas mains, counselling, and hard sex are added to the mix. Everything comes together in a ridiculous, delightful showdown that—of course—involves a dead switch.

Trigger Point was praised for its carefully maintained tension throughout the series in the National World's Review. Even if the show continues blowing up in your face, you continue to watch it. 

Trigger Point TV Series Trailer


Ques 1. What is the new series Trigger Point about? 

Ans. Trigger Point is the name of the new police drama series.

Ques 2 . Is Trigger Point a limited series? 

Ans. No

Ques 3 . Is Trigger Point accurate? 

Ans. Yes

Ques 4 . How many episodes are in Trigger Point? 

Ans. There are six episodes in the first season. 

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