Thoovalsparsham: A story of two sisters who got separated in their childhood and then their lives took a tragic turn

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Have you heard about the Malayalam serial known as Thoovalsparsham? This show aired on July 12, 2021, and has created an impact on its audience. It’s a tragic story about two sisters who got separated in their childhood. Read the article to know more about thoovalsparsham serial cast and plot.

Hey guys, you may be wondering what is thoovalsparsham? Thoovalsparsham is an Indian Malayalam television series that is directed by Sreejith Palery. The show will premiere on Asianet on July 12, 2021, and is also available on Disney+Hotstar. Sandra Babu and Avantika Mohan, Deepan Murali, Ajoubsha, Anand Kumar, Prabha Sankar, and Balachandran Chulikkad play supporting roles.

Thoovalsparsham serial plot

Shreya and Malavika are two sisters who were separated during childhood after their mother Nandini was killed. Malu was kidnapped by a man who raised her because he and his wife were childless. Malu grew up under the name Thumbi.

After they grew up, Shreya became a police officer and Mal became Lady Robin Hood (robbing the counterfeiters and giving it to the poor) which was sought after by Shreya. Thumbi has her lover who knows she is a robber. He's a doctor, Arun. He is an orphan who lived in the village of Thumbi.

Thumbi is Arun's sponsor. Arun's prisoners realize that Thumbi is a Robin Hood woman who was wanted by the police. Avinash, who was in love with her Shreya, proposed to her and she declined to say that she would only marry if she got her sister Mal back. Shreya tries to trap Lady Robinhood with the help of Avinash.

Avinash and Sahadevan (Shreya's father) seize Samvi and threaten him, asking him to act as Malu. Succumbing to the threat, Thumbi acts as Malu. Avinash's family and Shreya's family decided on their marriage. On the day of their engagement, Mal and Pavithra (Avinash's ex-girlfriend) planned to break up the engagement. Samvi's father, Sukumaran Thampi, is hospitalized for cardiac arrest after hearing that his sister is plotting to kill Malu to acquire property.

This time, Thumbi realizes that she is the real Mal and begins to truly love her relatives. At that time, Shreya continued to search for Mrs. Robin Hood. She knows Arun is involved in this robbery. This time she questioned Arun, who revealed that Arun's roommate was either Maru or Thumbi as Lady Robin Hood.

After Shreya finds out that she is a robber, her boss Easwar Raj, her counterfeiter, kills Mal, so she kept this revelation top secret. Because she stole his counterfeit bills. Easwar her Raj is also imprisoned when she is arrested and put on trial for revealing his counterfeit money. However, Yaswar's spy at their station reports to Yaswar.

Meanwhile, Easwar himself was responsible for investigating Lady Robin Hood's case. He sent a police team to the house where Shreya and Mal were living. In this team, an officer loyal to Shreya informs her of the problem. Little does Mal know that Shreya has realized that he is a robber and is being arrested against her. Shreya tries to save Mal.

Unfortunately, Easwar Raj gets there and starts arresting Malu in the case Shreya caught Lady Robinhood. This time, Shreya's friend Ann Mary, a reporter working for a news channel, captures her camera and shoots Easwar by shooting her for Mal's protection. When Mal reaches the police station, she apologizes to Shreya and Shreya accepts. Shreya asks Avinash to drop her case against Malu. Avinash seized his chance. He said it was impossible. Because he planned to break off the engagement.

He asked Shreya to take a marriage vow, which she gave and saved Malu. Then Maru's father opened his eyes. Shreya talks about Arun's relationship with Mal's Sukumaran Thampi and their marriage was set up.

Thoovalsparsham serial cast

Main Thoovalsparsham cast

·       Sandra Babu as Malavika Nandini a.k.a. Malu / Thumbi

·       Avanthika Mohan as ASP Shreya Nandini IPS

·       Ajoobsha as Dr. Arun Kumar as Kochu Doctor

Supporting role cast

·       Deepan Murali as Avinash Varma-Pavithra's husband

·       Yassar as Vivek Menon.-Journalist, Vismaya's Uncle, Vineetha's brother.

·       Anand Thrissur as Sukumaran Thampi- Malu's Biological father

·       Prabha Shankar as Sahadevan

·       Yavanika Gopalakrishnan as Peethambaran-Sahadevan and Saudamini's father

·       Karthika Kannan as Saudhamini-Shreya's aunt and Sahadevan's sister

·       Balachandran Chullikkadu as Karunakara Varma-Avinash's father

·       Archana Menon /Gayathri Varsha as Sumithra Varma-Karunakara Varma's Wife and Avinash and Aavani's mother

·       Omana Ouseph / Kalady Omana as Ammini-Sahadevan and Saudamini's mother

·       Rajkumar Rajasekhar as Commissioner Eashwar Raja IPS

·       Catherine Reji / Della George as Pavithra-Sukumaran Thampi's Niece and Avinash's wife

·       Sona Sunil as Vismaya / Vichu

·       Sini Varghese as Vineeta,- Vismaya's mother

·       Naveen Kumar as CI Naveen

·       Santhosh Kurup as Retd.Colonel Rajasekhar

·       Ashraf Pezhumoodu as Retd. SI Chacko-Shreya's assistant

·       Breshnev Syam as Subbayya-Thumbi's Foster father

·       Lakshmi Sanal as Cheeru-Thumbi's Foster mother

·       Kalabhavan Nandana as Aavani Varma-Avinash's younger sister

·       Sindhu Jacob as mother superior

·       Laljith as Jackson-Eeswar Raja's friend

·       Kris Venugopal as Parakkal Ramdas

·       Blessy Kurien / Neeraja Pillai as Ann Mathews-Shreya's friend and TV reporter

·       Sadhika Venugopal as Nandhini

·       Shreya and Malu's Late mother

·       Kollam Shah as Dharmendra

·       Ayswaria Warrier

·       Revathi Krishna

·       Akash Murali as Harshan.-Thumbi's latest target

Thoovalsparsham serial actress name

·       Avanthika Mohan as ASP Shreya Nandini IPS

·       Prabha Shankar as sahadevan

·       Sandra babu as Malu


Ques1. When did Thoovalsparsham release?

Ans1. Thoovalsparsham is an Indian Malayalam series and it was released on July 12, 2021.

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