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 We can all agree that movie or show adaptations of books, novels, or poetries are either a hit or a miss. The makers either do justice to the popularity and the quality of the books or they tarnish them by giving an underwhelming show in front of an ardent audience. We have seen both of those over and over. And almost every year there is a live-action adaptation of some famous title of an author. And 2021 saw one such endeavor in form of the wheel of time on Amazon Prime Video. Let us take you on a journey to the mystical world for a change and tell you all about The cast, plot, release dates, and much more. So that you can finally decide if you should watch it or not. There can be some spoilers although we aim to minimize them so that you get the best experience yourself.

So here is our The wheel of time series review.

About the show

It is a live-action adaptation of The Wheel of Time series by the author Robert Jordan.

The main genres it caters to are fantasy, drama, action and adventure. It is an Amazon original series and by far their costliest production too. Season 1 haS 8 episodes and all the episodes are now streaming in India on Amazon prime video. The wheel of time cast boasts the expertise of a seasoned actor like Rosamund pike as well as the freshness of new talents like Zoe robbins & josha Stradowski.

The concept of this story is very familiar. And one that we have witnessed time and over in movies and shows. The struggle between darkness and light. The good powers and the evil. The end of everything and the quest to save it all. Here the story revolves around Moiraine, a powerful member of a group of women well versed in the use of magic and the force of the light side called the one power. Following her is her warder by the name of Lan. Together they seek to find the reincarnation of a mythical creature that once posed a serious threat to the world and is now the key to either making or breaking the world.

The Wheel of Time Cast

  • Rosamund Pike plays Moiraine Damodred, she's a powerful Aes Sedai who is on the quest to find the dragon's reincarnation.
  • Daniel henney as al'Lan mandragordan, who is moiraines warder and companion in her quest.
  • Zoë Robins as al'Meara 
  • Josha Stradowski as Rand al’Thor
  • Madeleine Madden as Egwene al’vere
  • Marcus rutherford as Perrin Aybara
  • Priyanka Bose as alanna Mosvani 
  • and many more major and minor characters.

The Wheel of Time release date in India

The first 3 episodes of the wheel of time streamed in India on Amazon Prime Video on 19th November 2021. And then the following episodes were released weekly.

Ratings and reviews

The show drew critical acclaim from the viewers and received encouraging responses from them. Amazon revealed that it became its most-watched web series till now. The wheel of time IMDb has a rating of 7.2/10 which is amazing. The wheel of time cast is one big reason for this massive response as everyone in the show justifies their roles perfectly.

Synopsis of episodes 1-3

The pilot episode of the series introduces us to the  Aes Sedai, a powerful group comprising only women who are powerful and well versed in the use of the elemental force called the one power. The one power is the key to defeating the dark side of their world which has the male channelers of the one power who have been corrupted a long ago and laid waste to the world. Now migraine and his warder have the mission to find the reincarnation of a powerful being who has the power to defeat the dark one. The first three episodes focus on fundamental The Wheel of time cast the explanation of the plot and the backstories of the characters and their introduction to the viewers. The names of the episodes are;

  • Leavetaking (episode 1)
  • Shadow’s waiting (episode2)
  • A place of safety (episode 3)

The wheel of time episode 4 

After the ordeals of the first 3 episodes, episode 4 comes with high octane action, drama, and emotions that would keep you hooked to the show. The name of this episode is The Dragon Reborn. The Aes Sedai continue their fight while managing their losses and their damages. And the midpoint of the series is a complete experience and was definitely worth the one-week wait by the viewers. The wheel of time episode 4 release date was 26th November 2021.

The wheel of time episode 8 release date in India

The finale of season 1 of the wheel of time is in one word enchanting. The episode is named the eye of the world. And it was released in India on December 24th, 2021.

Season 2 and the wheel of time episode 9

The makers of the show were already clear even before the release of season1 that there would be a season 2 for TWOT. The wheel of time cast for season 2 is not clear at all at the moment but you can expect to see all the familiar faces from season 1 plus the obvious new additions to the story as it goes forward. The much-anticipated The Wheel of Time episode 9 release date in India would be somewhere between august to September of 2023. 


Our final word about this show is that it's a must-watch. Especially if you are a fan of the mystical, fantasy, and adventure genres you would fall in love with this one and find yourself joining a brand new fandom very soon.

So that was our review for the wheel of time season 1, on amazon prime video.

Related queries

Are they making a season 2 of The Wheel of Time?

Yes, there is a guaranteed season 2 coming around the mid of 2023.

Is Wheel of Time worth watching?

100% without a doubt.

Why is Wheel of Time 16+?

Due to the involvement of violence, gore, and graphic content.

Is Wheel of Time like Game of Thrones?

It would not be fair to say that it is like Game of Thrones as it has its own distinct features in both books and the show.

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