The ULLU Originals back with fan Favorite Charmsukh Chawl House Web Series.

Abhishek NaagarMay 2 . 4 min read

Charmsukh, the fan-favorite series by the 18+ streaming service of India Ulla has just launched the new season of it named Charmsukh Chawl house. ULLU Originals provide many user-based series which mostly revolve around the fantasy and desires of the middle-class people. The ULLU series in the past was a big hit, for example, Jalebi Bai and King’s Man, etc. ULLU has its own app-based streaming services due to which it outperforms its rival competitors. ULLU has a viewer base that is mostly Adults due to which their content for all the series is mostly the same by core. The main things that make the series different from each other are the stories and the fantasies which are talked about in the ULLU series are from middle-class people with their Kinks.


The Charmsukh Chawl house web series is the story of a family which lives in a large tenement housing area where small houses are available at a cheap price. The story starts with the man who has come to Mumbai for a job interview where he has to find a stay for some days, he gets in contact with his Uncle’s house in Mumbai where he met the Daughter in Law of his uncle. We can see the attraction between them which keeps on intensifying in the episode. He has the fantasy to express his love for his brother's wife but doesn't know how to. One day when he was gone for the Interview he came back early because he knew that his brother’s wife will be alone right now, so he came back and expressed his love for her and can he fulfill his Fantasy and desire which he has kept on thinking from the day he met her. For that, you have to watch the Charmsukh Chawl House only on ULLU Online.


The cast for the Charmsukh Chawl House Web series is again Female leading where the Main Bold character Renu is played by Neha Paul and the boy Rohit is played by Dakshita Kumar and all the other side characters are the prominent cast members from the ULLU series. ULLU originals have done a great job in the female leading series where it is mostly shown how the series can be wholly centric on the Desire and Fantasies of the Female character.

Talking about the story and acting, at some points acting is kind of delusional where it overlaps the main core of the story with other things, apart from that it is a good series with the presence of many cast members.

ULLU All series from Jalebi bai to Charmsukh Chawl House are available in multiple languages so that every region of the audience can watch in their preferred language. Main languages like Hindi, Bengali Tamil, and many other languages. The engagement level of the ULLU all series is always high as it is most popular with the adult audience.

For finding out the other series like this you have to use the App based services due to the strict guidelines and policies around it. 

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