The Missing Stone: Did Finding The Truth About Payal Death Causes Dhwani Her Own Life ?

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Vishal Furia and Alok Naik are the creators of the mystery television series The Missing Stone. The missing stone cast is Barun Sobti, Bidita Bag, Rashi Mal, and Saqib Ayub. This five-part television serial is about a contentedly married couple named Dhwani (Bidita Bag) and Sahir (BarunSobti).

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The Missing Stone Cast:


  • Vishal Furia
  • Alok Naik


  • Ambar Hadap
  • Kalyani Pandit
  • Kalyani Pandit
  • Aniket Wakchaure


  • Bidita Bag as Dhwani
  • Barun Sobti as Sahir
  • Rashi Mal as Payal
  • Saqib Ayub as Ryan
  • Vitthal Kale as Somnath
  • Pallavi Patil as Hema


  • Ranjit Gugle 
  • Sanjay Khambe
  • Sumeet Mishra
  • Shweta Shinde
  • Gautam Talwar
  • Abhishek Vakil

The Missing Stone Plot:

Sahir and Dhwani have been confined to their home throughout the lockdown, so Dhwani is surprised to learn that her husband is leaving for a single day on a work trip. She is compelled to insist on going. Like such a great husband, Sahir complies. The plan appears ideal because it coincides with Dhwani's upcoming birthday. To spend her birthday with them at the resort, she invites her sister, Payal. Up till Payal doesn't show up even after midnight, everything appears regular. Concern sets in for Dhwani. Sahir attempts to console her, however, Dhwani senses a problem. She is aware of that call even though. Early in the morning, Payal called Dhwani. Dhwani is currently concerned about the call because of something extremely specific. This is where the call came via.

Payal has yet to appear. Although Dhwani as well as Sahir are making an effort to not think negatively, everything in their immediate environment seems to be pointing in that direction. Just one week prior, Payal had toured this location, and ever since then, things had been different. Dhwani discovers details regarding her sister that she had been previously ignorant of. All of this does not appear to address Dhwani's main concern. Payal where are you? After that, as though nothing transpired, Payal texts Dhwani to apologize for being late. Dhwani is now able to exhale in relief. However, Somnath as well as Hema, the resort's keepers, went missing the very same night. What is their relationship with her sister? Dhwani needs to learn.

Payal still hasn't arrived. Hema, as well as Somnath, are eluding capture. Dhwani is now certain that Payal has suffered a horrible loss. What then? She will do everything it takes to learn the truth. Every crime has a criminal involved. One is too numerous in this scenario. Contradictory information from the past keeps coming to light following one another, only to fuel Dhwani's mental confusion. The biggest surprise for her was learning that her sister held secrets that she was unaware of. Dhwani is positioned at the dividing line where truth and untruth begin to converge. How would she ascertain the actual reality, which is deeply concealed under this façade?

Only a select few are doomed to have witnessed everything, thus truth is relative. Even fewer are prepared to be completely honest. In sheer urgency and drive, Dhwani, as well as Sahir, come up with a strategy that will help them get closer to discovering the truth. Ryan has been asked to visit the hotel. He is ready to get there as well to discover the truth. Even he has a strategy for that. In the hopes of finding the answers, three people are going to face one another. Information on what happened to Payal. However, there is simply one individual who is aware of Payal's fate. When Somnath as well as Hema are about to go permanently, though, something causes them to turn around and go back. Sahir, Ryan, & Somnath.Three men, three distinct stories. Everything now hinges on Dhwani. Who does she think she is?

Dhwani is aiming a gun at the guy who, in her opinion, murdered her sister! She now understands what transpired to her sister, but she still has a question. Why! Who would want to murder Payal? That can be answered by looking into Payal's past. Dhwani was also unaware of the history. People frequently differ from how we perceive them. Dhwani had no idea that she would be deceived by the two individuals she cherished the most, not even in her wildest fantasies. Dhwani is adamant, though, that no matter what her sister did, she didn't deserve to die in such a way. It is now up to the sinner to make amends! Dhwani does, however, receive justice for their little sister at a higher cost to herself.

The Missing Stone Review:

The Missing Stone is a program that takes place in the post-pandemic era. It was shot in the depths of Maharashtra with a minimal cast and crew. Because it revolves around a small number of people and doesn't require an excessive amount of work from either the production team, the plot is a good fit for the times we are living in. A mini-series has the advantage of wrapping up quickly for the spectator as each of the five episodes will only last just a little over 20 minutes, the show's world is small, and it leaves us with little to no lasting impression. The Missing Stone remains a dud, though. According to the missing stone IMDb rating half of the people might like half not.

The narrative is too normal, the characters are inadequately developed, and there is an end up making feel to the tale that doesn't help us engage in the story whatsoever. As a result, the thriller fails to generate any sense of suspense or tension. The settings are all too common, and the performances fall flat. The director saves the main reveal and twist of a weak tale centered on an illicit affair for the last episode, but there isn't anything in the previous episodes that keeps us interested throughout. Everything occurs too swiftly and effortlessly.

The show doesn't do much to break the thriller mold; it features a resort, an adulterous relationship, a murder, as well as a family tie. It would have had more depth if it had a larger cast or a compelling storyline. Although The Missing Stone is extremely boring, it is nonetheless entertaining. Not only is the stone absent in this scene, as well as a crisp screenplay. Not a show with a long lifespan. It depends on the viewers if they like then there might be the missing stone season 2 we can say anything in the guarantee.

The missing Stone IMDb Rating:

5.2 out of 10

The Missing Stone Trailer:

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Ques1. Is The Missing Stone horror?

Ans. This series contains all the characteristics of horror as well as a thriller with a dash of suspense and crime, making it the ideal binge-viewing opportunity that will keep you just on the verge.

Ques2. Where can I watch The Missing Stone?

Ans. You can watch it on MX Player.

Ques3. What is The story of The Missing Stone?

Ans. The narrative of Dhwani and Sahir, a contentedly married couple, is told in this five-episode television series. Dhwani is anticipating the customary surprise party from her younger sister Payal, who always organizes something grandiose.

Ques4. How many episodes of The Missing Stone are there?

Ans. There are 5 episodes in the series.

Image Credits: IMDb

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