The Indu Web Series Review: An Outstanding Series With Thriller And Suspense

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Suhotra Mukhopadhyay has made an important contribution and gave the greatest and standout performance in Sayantan Ghosal's directed Indu web series. Indu, a brand-new Hoichoi web series starring Ishaa Saha, is a family drama/thriller that centers on a lavish wedding in a "bonedi" household. The plot centers on Sougato and Indrani's marriage and their future.

Hello folks, we hope you guys like 99chills.com blogs on the latest movies, web shows, series, debuts, etc. Today's blog is about the web- series named, Indu. The eight-episode Indu Web Series premiered on Hoichoi TV on October 22, 2021. In this blog, we will be talking more about the web series and we will jump into the Indu web series review, plot, Indu Hoichoi cast, season 2, and many more. Stay connected and let's get started.

About the Web Series

Hoichoi originated web series Indu is a Bengali language web series based on Bengali patriarchal norms. The series has only one season as of now and it consists of two highly intriguing components that are a family drama and a thriller as well. 

With his haunting background score, Binit Ranjan Moitra is able to add mystique to the story. Sudipta Majumdar's cinematography brilliantly enhances the suspenseful aspect of the narrative. Written by Ruchita Chatterjee and directed by Sayantan Ghosal, who is well known for the films Sagardwipey Jawker Dhan and Satyanweshi Byomkeesh. Indu is a family mystery story that centers on Indrani (Ishaa Saha), a bride-to-be whose life begins to take a mysterious turn. The first season of the show has 8 episodes, all of which are available to stream on Hoichoi.

Indu web series cast


  • Sayantan Ghosal


  • Ruchita Chatterji


  • Ishaa Saha as Indrani or Indu
  • Chandraniv Mukhopadhyay as Saugato Dasgupta 
  • Suhotra Mukhopadhyay as Sujato
  • Tanika Basu as Mili
  • Payel De as Khushi
  • Judhajit Sarkar as Mihir
  • Mimi Dutta as Poushali
  • Manali Dey as Laboni

Production manager:

  • Jayanta Kundu

Indu web series plot: The first season of the Indu Hoichoi series' story

The Indu web series is centered on the life of Indu, who is about to embark on a new chapter with her future spouse Saugato Dasgupta. She found it challenging to go over the issue that her younger sister Mili had caused before by eloping with Indu's prospective husband Anjan.

A few unusual events that occurred throughout her wedding rituals and ceremonies pointed to the assumption that someone was trying to prevent Indu and Saugato's union. As soon as the wedding rituals and ceremonies begin, strange things start happening around Indu. Everything around Indu gives away a secret mystery, from discovering a dangerous leaf inside a fish to walking in hot milk instead of chilly upon entering the new home. She eventually realizes that there must be a person behind all of this who does not want her to be a part of the family and is a danger to her life. Life after marriage doesn't feel right to Indu, so she tries to explore all the hidden histories of her new family in an effort to make sense of it all. Sujato, Indu's brother-in-law, made an effort to be cordial with her as soon as she arrived at their home. He gets along well with his older siblings, Khusi and Saugato. Although Khusi's backstory has not yet been made public, it appears that she has experienced physical abuse.

Indu seems perplexed by the ongoing mysterious acts and mishaps, but she is sure that the riddles will be solved. Sujato's wife Laboni was killed in the interim. Sujato has chosen Indu to serve as his own personal Sherlock Holmes in order to uncover the mystery.

Indu season 2

Indu Hoichoi series season 2 may provide answers to several questions that were left unsolved in season 1. After Indu Hoichoi review and its patterns, it can be assumed that Indu season 2 will hopefully provide more information regarding Laboni & Khusi's earlier adventures because we didn't see much of it in season 1. 

Indu web series review

Now let us talk about the Indu web series review. Despite the fact that Indu is a suspense and thriller show, some people have never before visited this region. The producers of the series believe that the viewers will experience something new with this type of suspense. Since there were many minute things that needed to be handled and that were psychological in nature lots of emotions, and family drama. it was actually rather challenging for the crew to carry out Indu. It wasn't just a mystery that needed to be developed. It's quite distinctive.

In season one of the Indu web series, Ishaa Saha and Suhotra Mukhopadhyay both performed flawlessly. Whether you discuss their facial expressions, body language, or dialogue delivery, both were just superb.

Suhotra Mukhopadhyay has been seen in previous online series such as Mouchaak, Mohomaya Chapter 2, Tansener Tanpura Season 2, and Paap Season 2 where he made important contributions and gave standout performances, but his work in the "Indu" web series was his greatest to date.

There isn't much to say about Sahana Dutta's brilliance because she has already demonstrated in Hello Season 1, Run, and Tasher Ghawr how adept she is at screenwriting.


From the Indu web series review, it can be concluded that the series Indu appears to be a suspenseful drama involving murder, multiple attempted murders, a deranged woman, and a mystery woman. But look closer, and you'll find that every moment in the plot stinks of sexism and misogyny. A careless gaze, an unintentional slip, or even a casual conversation is enough for the guys in the story to conclude that the lady in question lacks personality. Then the sanctimonious males start treating her badly.

Indu web series ratings

After the Indu web series review let us talk about ratings. Indu web series review has been given by many people and season 1 of the series has an 8.2/10 IMDb rating with 953 votes. Hope you guys will also like the web series.

Indu web series trailer


Ques. 1 What is the story of Indu Hoichoi? 

Ans. Indu realizes that someone doesn't want her marriage with Saugato to be successful because of strange events that occurred on the day of her wedding. Indu is determined to solve the riddle as the bizarre occurrences progressively get spookier.

Ques. 2 How many episodes are there in Indu Hoichoi? 

Ans. There are 8 episodes in season 1 of the Indu Hoichoi series.

Ques. 3 Where can I watch INDU Hoichoi?

Ans. If you have an OTT video streaming subscription, you may watch the show online on Airtel Xstream, Prime Video, MX Player, or Hoichoi.

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