The hype behind Raktanchal season 1 and Raktanchal season 2: To watch or pass?

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Raktanchal: Overview

Most fans do not realize that the Raktanchal web series is much based on the severe criminal offenses from the 80s in Uttar Pradesh. It was also when the mafia was led by Waseem Khan, who was on negative terms with Vijay Singh. If judging by the drama, Vijay Singh does have a good heart. 

Meanwhile, Waseem is negotiating to get the title of tender king, by hook or by crook. And the next upcoming Raktanchal season 2 shows how the power of politics can manipulate a significant crowd. 

Is Raktanchal a drama worth watching? 

Uttar Pradesh is a state immensely shredded with crimes and activities that come as criminal offenses. Yet again, Raktanchal highlights that embodiment of the state and is directed based on real artifacts. Rather known as Gundas and Mawalis in the local language, Ritam Srivastav dissipates an important crime message. 

Waseem Khan was the new Home Minister, backed by Saraswati Devi, an event which no one could guess. The police team drew every possible thing that could help them catch the culprit of the bomb blast, with the random tip-off becoming their backbone. Raktanchal web series, comprising nine episodes in each season, also resembles the intelligence of Bombay police and how clever they acted while looking at the lead of S.G hospital's bomb blast. 

Today's Bollywood industry, or let's say, the whole entertainment sector- has innumerable sets describing stories of gangsters, Gundas, Mawalis, and criminals. But nothing matches the entertainment supremacy of Raktanchal. Even the cast is great, and most of it remains likewise for the following season. Although some have changed, it's all for good. Talking precisely about the series' artists, the starring ones are Kranti Prakash Jha Nikitin Dheer Chittaranjan Tripathy. 

I know what fans comment regarding this. Yes, even I agree Kranti Prakash isn't a hero material but only in season one. Raktanchal season 2 is otherwise with Kranti, making you feel like there's no better actor to replace for the lead.

Raktanchal season 2

Raktanchal 2 is a follow-up of events happening four years after the previous, where Kranti resurfaces but has a bit of peace due to his connection with Ramanand Rai. The question of interest is how the lead relates to Uttar Pradesh and the ongoing politics there? 

This time, the polls for the CM seat are up, and numerous politicians, namely Saraswati, Waseem Khan, and Ramanand Rai, are seen. The scenes of brutal Uttar Pradesh politics are the key of both the seasons, and Raktanchal 2 does have a story of interest. 

Raktanchal season 2 release date and time

Raktanchal gained major love from the audience. And such success requires a follow-up. The good news is that the producers haven't ended the story with its first season and rather chose to come up with the second season, too. But the wait is long. 

While the first one was out on May 28 of 2020, Raktanchal season 2 release date and time is supposedly two years after, i.e., on Feb 12 of 2022 at midnight IST.

Is Raktanchal season 2 cast performance better than the first season?

Now that you have come across the Raktanchal season 2 release date, you also deserve to know how fantastic the follow-up series will be. First, Kranti's role is enhanced much more, and the skills have sharpened. Likewise, the opinion remains mostly ideal for the remaining cast except for Nikitin Dheer. We can surely hear people talk about the actor, saying he lacked that spark from the first season. 

The thing is, supporting actors of Raktanchal season 2 appear to have a larger vital portion. Himangshu, who plays the role of a cop, deserves applause. As per his role of investigating Vijay and finding him out, it looked like Karan Patel was truly an inspector in real life. For a moment, he becomes the hero. 

To keep the Raktanchal season 2 release date still exciting, let's mention the new roles of Ashish Vidyarthi and Mahie Gill. Whatever their part is will be known to you like the rest, but the only thing to remember is that their portion of the play is on average. Ritam has done a nice job directing the series and taking it to the top, but analyzing the reviews, he could have done far better. 

And as far as it goes for Raktanchal season 2, it's quite unsure whether or not the follow-up is based on true incidents. It might have some snippets of reality, but the series is not based entirely upon real-life incidents. The key highlight is, again, the politics and politicians. But only due to the high success of season one, audiences expect a much better season 2. 

It is not that Raktanchal season 2 is entirely rubbish; it is just that expectations got raised a little higher. Overall, the season is great, and suggestions are that you watch it. 

Raktanchal: Summary

The Plot and subplots of Raktanchal are a sheer dilemma. The audience's opinions tell us that there are two basic fan bases- one who loved subplots and the other one who disliked the varying number of subplots. Many viewers also say that the series would have been much liked given that the subplots were fewer than actual. 

Others say that such plots are what made Raktanchal season 2 exist, including the volume of the series. Although the plots and subplots birth the given volume presently, I think it makes characters seem repetitive, making people end their interest. 

Regardless, both seasons ended up as a huge success, and the audience now wants more series from the Raktanchal director. Both seasons are quite close in terms of good skits, roles, drama, storyline, music, cinematography, etcetera. 

Lastly, I'd like to mention the backlash, which is quite small in number. It, in fact, contradicts the prediction. Especially for the second part, people owed not to bet on it, as per the reviews. So, are you going with the flaw of others or still excited about the Raktanchal season 2 release date? 

Here you can watch the trailer of Raktanchal season 1 :

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