The God Of Thunder Is Back With His Love, Thor: Love and Thunder Trailer Breakdown

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Thor: Love and Thunder the god who lost everything now again is trying to find his inner peace, Thor the god of thunder last seen in the Avengers Endgame was set to go on the journey with the guardians of the galaxy. After they undid the Blip that happened during the Infinity Gauntlet snap by Thanos he is now free and chills to do anything which makes him happy.

Thor Love and Thunder Trailer

Thor Love and Thunder trailer just dropped by the Marvels on their Youtube channel which has made fans again full of excitement to see the old thor but this time he is with the Guardians of the galaxy and in the Thor love and Thunder trailer we can see that Thor is not in the mood to fight side by side with the Guardians as he took their ship and go on to the journey some other place. 

The buzz is around as the new intergalactic planet is shown with mind-blowing architecture same as Asgard but destroyed in Thor Ragnarok, Thor is now back in his old Physique as in Thor Love and Thunder Trailer he is seen training in an unknown place where he ended up being in his muscular Thor with his Old Fur coat.

After the Avenger Endgame, it was stated that Thor will be the new Guardians of the Galaxy but after the temporary fire of James Gunn Director of the Movie, it was expected that the crossover is not going to be that which was expected, and in Thor Love and Thunder trailer, we saw that he left them. Taiki Waititi the Director and Writer of the movie already gave info that the movie will be based on the comic The Mighty Thor where Jane will be Thor.

Stormbreaker Thors New weapon after the destruction of Mjolnir in the Thor: Ragnarok by Hello daughter of All-father Odin. in the movie Avengers Infinity War Thor got his new Weapon Stormbreaker but in the Avengers Endgame, he got back his old Hammer Mjolnir who can be wielded by the Worthy one and Captain America Steven Rogers used it perfectly.

Now talking about the Thor Love and Thunder Cast all the Main members of Guardians of the Galaxy are set back to back again in this movie also the Characters from the Thor franchise like Valkyrie, Jane Foster our New Mighty Thor, and the new Thor Love and THunder Villain is Gorr the God Butcher played Christain Bale.

Thor Love and THunder News suggested by some fans and other sources that the new movie will have a fusion of other universes as seen in Spiderman No way home and Doctor Strange, fans are assuming that the Jane is the Thor of another universe where Asgard still exist also with his brother God of Mischeaves Loki which was shown in Disney+ series where they break the timeline and everything got chaotic.

The Villian is set on a mission for the Extinction of all Gods and his target is Thor, so the movie will be mainly about the Fight between Thor to the Butcher of Gods Gorr


Now talking about the most anticipated part of the movie is Natalia Portman back as Jane Foster but now also as Mighty Thor. In the trailer, we can see that she is wielding the Mjolnir and have the Dress of Thor with the same Cape and CHest armor with the Mighty Thor Mask. Thor is amazed to see this said in Thor Ragnarok that she got Cancer disease and maybe this thing will continue in this movie also.

Another scene is of the Valkyrie where she is shown sitting on the Throne and with other subordinates, it is being suggested she is now the keeper of the Asgardians Left after the Ragnarok or maybe there is some other twist.

Thor is back again with Korg played by the Director Taiki Waititi and shown on cold Ice place maybe they are in search of something.

Thor Love and Thunder Poster are full of detailed character styles with the new look of Janes’s Thor. the scene of the movie is taken directly from the comic the shot above is a direct reference from the Comic and the dead figure is a god killed by Gorr the Butcher of Gods.

Fans Top asked Question:

1. Will there be Thor: Love and Thunder?

  Yes, The movie is set to release earlier as previously it was to be related during Nimveber but now on July 8, 2022.

2. What is the story of Thor: Love and Thunder?

The Story is after the Endgame where Thor left with Huardina of the galaxy and after that, he finds his inner peace but the new villain is now against him Gorr the GOd butcher, and the new Thor Jane Foster The Mighty Thor is also there.

3. Who does Thor fall in love with in love and thunder?

In the Trailer, it is shown Thor kissing a Blue hair lady but still, her identity is unknown apart from her his first love Jane Foster is also in the movie.

4. Who will be the next villain in Thor: Love and Thunder?

The New villain in the movie is Gorr the Butcher of God played by Christain Bale is not yet shown in the trailer yet 

At last, fans are excited to watch the movie as Thor is one of the main Avengers from the Old league.

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