The Chestnut Man: Review, Cast, Plot, Storyline and All Other Details That You Need to Know [2021]

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The Chestnut Man on Netflix is a psychological thriller series set in Denmark that has profound roots in the Nordic noir genre. The series is based on Søren Sveistrup's critically acclaimed first novel of the same title, The Chestnut Man. The novel has been released in over 50 countries and has been transcribed into 28 languages. The Chestnut Man web series features investigator Naia Thulin (Danica Curcic) and her companion Mark Hess (Mikkel Boe Flsgaard) as they investigate a brutally killed young woman in a playground with a missing hand. They also discover a little chestnut figure hanging over her, complicating the matter even further.


For long-time crime drama lovers, the bleak beauty and macabre appeal of Nordic Noir is nothing new, so the introduction of another new thriller is always somewhat of a huge deal among the correct audience. The Chestnut Man web series is a six-episode suspense drama with a dark plot. It's a strange story about missing arms, dead bodies, sinister figures, and other such things, but what makes the show much more compelling is the richness and depth of its characters.

The series is well placed and fascinating, keeping viewers on the edge of their seats. The Chestnut Man on Netflixmyster is a must-see for everyone who enjoys a solid serial killer story with the correct aesthetics. The series makes sure to keep it disturbing even in a gorgeous landscape with a chilly fall color scheme with your standard reds. Both the script and the direction exude the confidence of experience, leaving the audience wanting more.

Netflix contributes to the series by making the audio available in a variety of languages. Aside from the native Dutch, viewers can trace the killer's trail in English or Hindi. As a result, it has become one of the most beloved mystery web series in Hindi as well.

The shows from Denmark are usually entertaining to watch. The Equinox of last year was a perplexing little conundrum that sent shivers down our spine. Danica Curcic also starred in that film. The Chestnut Man establishes a gripping mood right from the outset. The murder scenes are graphic, and the suspense keeps you guessing. 

The Chestnut Man web series does an excellent job of setting up the mystery and keeping it going right from the very first episode. And so is customary, the episodes conclude on cliff-hangers, forcing you to continue to watch to figure out what the heck was going on. There isn't much opportunity for boredom or monotony because the cases and situations are rather nasty.

As the story unfolds and more bodies are discovered, The Chestnut Man becomes increasingly convoluted, but in the best possible way. It's tough to figure out who's doing the crimes or why they're happening. What does any of this have to do with Kristine, by the way? We have no idea. The grotesqueness and sophistication with which the offender selects their victims leave you with a lot of unanswered questions. But, particularly when it comes to children, how often do individuals drop the ball?

The Chestnut Man on Netflix is a slow-moving thriller that has you on the highest setting the entire time. The series' plot twists are unexpected and intriguing, and there's just enough blood and gore to keep things fascinating. Overall, this one is a pretty enjoyable and engaging mystery web series on Netflix.


Naia Thulin (Danica Curcic) is a single parent and a police detective who lives in Copenhagen with her daughter, Le (Liva Forsberg). Naia is unable to devote adequate time to her child due to her demanding profession. As a result, she applies for a desk job in the cybercrimes unit. Nylander, Naia's boss, agrees to write her a recommendation for the job. Nylander, on the other hand, offers her a case involving a dead lady and a new partner, Mark Hess (Mikkel Boe Flsgaard). Due to some personal tragedy, Mark is a Europol Liaison officer who has been sent to Denmark.

Meanwhile, the press in Copenhagen is focusing on Rosa Hartung (Iben Dorner), the ministry of social affairs, and her comeback to the legislature. Kristine, Rosa's 12-year-old daughter, mysteriously disappeared last year and was later reportedly killed by authorities. Her corpse was never found, but a convicted felon, Linus Bekker, admitted to her murder.

Detectives Hess and Thulin arrive in Husum and investigate the home of Laura Kjaer, a 37-year-old woman who was murdered. Laura shared a home with her 10-year-old kid and Hans Henrik Hauge, her new partner. Laura's body is discovered in the park with a mutilated hand, and a "chestnut man" image is seen near the crime site.

The matter is further muddled when forensic expert Simon Genz (David Dencik) discovers Kristine Hartung's fingerprints on the chestnut man figurine. Thulin asks Nylander to reopen the case of Kristine's disappearance, but Nylander refuses to play with a high-profile case that has already been sealed. The investigators scramble to investigate the inexplicable death of a mother and Kristine's fingerprints on the chestnut guy with little means and resources.


The Chesnut Man web series begins with Rosa Hartung (Iben Dorner), the Minister of Social Affairs, returning to her post. Her comeback has drawn the attention of the entire community, as the heartbroken mother prepares to come back to work after her child Kristine Hartung's alleged kidnapping and assassination (Celine Mortensen). Kristine's narrative is intertwined with the murders of many victims after a chestnut man figure bearing Kristine's fingerprint is discovered near some of the bodies. The killer is being hunted down by two detectives, Naia Thulin (Danica Curcic) and Mark Hess (Mikkel Boe Flsgaard). What ensues is a series of shocking revelations and the horrific unwinding of a child abuse case.


  • Danica Curcic as Naia Thulin
  • Mikkel Boe Følsgaard as Mark Hess
  • Iben Dorner as Rosa Hartung
  • Esben Dalgaard Andersen as Steen Hartung
  • David Dencik as Simon Genz
  • Lars Ranthe as Nylander
  • Anders Hove as Aksel
  • Besides the primary protagonists who will be onscreen, the focus will be shared by several other characters. Liva Forsberg (as Le Thulin), Ali Kazim (as Nehru), Louis Næss-Schmidt (as Gustav Hartung), Lars Ranthe (as Nylander), Morten Brovn (as Frederik Vogel), Andres Hove (as Aksel), Kristian High Jeppesen (as -Engells), Marie-Lydie Melono Nokouda (as Liv Christiansen), Anders Nyborg (as Abildgard), Olaf Hojgaard (as Tim Jansen), Arian Kashef (as Jacob Rasouli), Fadime Turan (as IT specialist) , and Christiane Gjellerup Koch (as Deputy Assistant Commissioner).


Simon summoned Rosa to the chestnut field to inform her of Kristine's tragedy. Meanwhile, Thulin noticed that the chestnuts recovered from the scene of the crime originated in an Møn island subspecies. Thulin, unknowing that he's the Chestnut Man, drove Simon to Møn.

Simon was astute in capturing both Rosa and Thulin. He planned to slit Rosa's throat in the cellar, but Hess interfered and rescued her. Simon set fire to the property and kidnapped Thulin to murder them. Hess rescued all Rosa and Thulin after a tense battle. Simon was murdered when a huge tree branch penetrated his chest in an automobile accident.

Rosa's daughter, Kristine, was known only to Simon, and following his death, the hunt for her came to a halt. Until Astrid, Simon's twin sister contacted to ask about Rosa. The call was traced by the authorities and discovered to be linked to a cellular tower near the Polish border. Officers invaded Astrid's cottage and took her into custody. Kristine was also caught confined in the room. Astrid told the cops that she did everything she could to help the child and that she may have attempted to shield Kristine from her psychotic sibling.

It's also possible that Simon killed the Orum family in 1987 as a form of vengeance. Simon's psychopathic traits may have been present since birth, but his tragic childhood exacerbated them. Kristine reunited with her family after The Chestnut Man. The matter was finally closed by the cops. Thulin transferred to the cybercrime section to devote more time to her growing baby. Hess opted not to sell his apartment and would most likely return to Copenhagen after the Budapest issue is resolved. When Thulin disclosed that her daughter, Le, had made Hess a part of her family tree, it hinted at the underlying relationship between Hess and Thulin. Le had previously requested that Thulin's casual lover Sebastian be included in the family tree, but Thulin had declined since she was unsure of her connection with Sebastian. She imagined she had a life with Hess, on the other hand.

Linus Bekker, who had been wrongfully accused of kidnapping and murdering Kristine, was liberated after the truth was revealed. Bekker, on the other hand, was a psychotic who reveled in Chestnut Man's misdeeds. He was pleased to be a part of Simon's ambitious plans, and he may strive to emulate his mistakes. The future course of events will be more clear.

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