The Baker And The Beauty Telugu Review: A Romantic Comedy-Drama Web Series

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Aha is streaming "The Baker and The Beauty." There are ten episodes in this romantic comedy web series. Funding for The Baker and The Beauty came from Annapurna Studios.

The online series is directed by Jonathan Vesapogu. The baker and beauty Telugu cast Santosh Shoban, Tina, Venkat, and Vishnu Priya as the key characters. You will get an overview of the baker and the beauty cast in this following article. 

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About The Series

The storyline of supermodel Aira and extremely struggling baker Viju is called "Baker and the Beauty." Both are continuously looking for genuine love. Their stark contrasts in class, caste, religion, economics, and social standing make maintaining their connection difficult at any given time. Additionally, Viju's obsessive girlfriend and Aira's overprotective boss frequently keep Aira and Viju apart. In the end, the core of the story's major plot is how Aira and Viju overcome these challenges to find their real love. The next section will talk about the baker and the beauty aha cast. 

The Baker And The Beauty Telugu Cast 


  • Jonathan Edwards


  • Santosh Sobhan as Vijay 
  • Tina Shilparaj as Aira 
  • Venkat as Lakshmi
  • Rajiv Kumar Aneja as Gogo Katyal
  • Vishnu Priya as Maheswari
  • Jhansi as the mother of Vijay
  • Sai Swetha as Meera Dasaripalle
  • Sangeeth Shobhan as Vikram Krishna Dasaripalle
  • Srikanth Iyyengar as father of Vijay
  • Tarusha Saxena as Suseela Aunty
  • Kamakshi as Smrithi
  • Pavani as Melissa D'Souza
  • Sonakshi as Soumya
  • Sai Kiran as Madhu
  • Zainil as Kabir
  • Avinash as Gourav
  • Abhishek Maharshi as Govardhan
  • Priyansha as Priya
  • Siri Raasi as Divya
  • Rakesh as Chanti


  • Supriya Yarlagadda 

The Baker And The Beauty Telugu Review

In the previous section, you got an overview of the baker and beauty aha cast. This section wil talk about the baker and the beauty review in brief. In the first few episodes of the baker and the beauty aha, viewers showed a keen interest due to the plot's simplicity and interest. But as the show goes on, the script merely becomes more and more twisted and perplexing. Vijay is supposedly a baker, however, he only really does it in the first episode. It's difficult to suspend disbelief because of the way the story is written, even if it's supposed to be a fairytale romance. Mahi and Vijay's sporadic relationship scarcely has any effect because of Vijay's fascination with Aira, who entirely overlooks Mahi. Although the way he alternates between two girls can be sympathetic, the way it all ends just makes you sigh. Furthermore, he doesn't have a compelling reason to favour one over the other at the end of the day. Another narrative point that makes me groan is the one where Aira brings Vijay to Dubai. The series spends far too much time on other characters when considering that the entire plot depends on just three of them. A same-sex plot is investigated, but it's rushed and doesn't work well with the story. Even Sangeeth Shobhan, who plays Vicky, occasionally overacts in some instances. Most episodes of the baker and the beauty aha lack momentum, and the editing table could have tightened it up. The ending seems to be rushed in the final episodes, which causes everything to fall flat at the end. Santhosh performs admirably; he is a natural and does a wonderful job. As an actor going through a difficult time, Tina also performs a commendable job. Although Vishnupriya does a good job in her role, her character's writing should have been stronger. Sangeeth gives a superb performance, and his chemistry with Shobhan is natural. Jhansi and Srikanth Iyengar continue to be trustworthy. The score by Prashanth R Vihari and the music are both excellent. The latter notably creates the ideal atmosphere for the events. Suresh Ragutu's cinematography is respectable. Nageswara Reddy Bonthala's editing is subpar. Momentum is occasionally lost due to the slow pace and sudden cuts. Fundamental writing is acceptable.


The Israeli television series Beauty and the Baker has an official Telugu version called The Baker & The Beauty. Jonathan Edwards, the director, succeeds in trying to personalize it. He struggles to control the overabundance of people and subplots that enter and exit the story. Although the series gets off to a strong start, it finishes up with more losses than victories. Overall, The Baker and the Beauty cast has promise and even features some strong performances, but the execution is lacking. Unfortunately, there will be no The Beauty and the Baker Season 2. The entire family can watch The Baker And The Beauty, although some of the components could be a little unsettling. It can be categorized as a one-time viewing given the characters and a warm vibe throughout. As mention in the beginning this blog will cover baker and beauty cast Telugu, and its review. We hope that you have got all the insights on the baker and the beauty aha by the end. 

The baker And The Beauty Aha Rating

IMDb users (173) have rated it 6.9 out of 10 with a weighted average for the baker and the beauty. 

The Baker And The Beauty Aha Trailer link

Image Credits: IMDb

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