Tera kya hoga Alia, story of a hardworking Hindi teacher who has her ups and downs

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SAB who has given us so many incredible shows like Taarak Mehta ka oolta chashma, F.I.R, and so on has brought another show known as Tera kya hoga Alia which aired on 27 August 2019.

Hey everyone, I have brought yet another amazing show to your attention known as Tera kya hoga Alia SAB TV, funny and beautiful story of a girl named Alia and how her life has so many twists for her to handle on her own.

Tera kya hoga alia cast (main)

  • Anusha Mishra as Alia
  • Priyanka Purohit as Tara which replaced by Chhavi Pandey
  • Harshad Arora as Alok

Tera kya hoga Alia all episodes Review

Sony Sab's Tera Kya Hoga Alia (Optimystix) is doing something never before done on Desi TV. (Alia, Anusha Mishra,) is insecure about her PT husband, Alok (Harshad Arora), and the appearance of her Tara (tera kya hoga Alia Tara real name, Priyanka Purohit), these three are in the main role as given in tera kya hoga Alia cast, a very beautiful and hardworking English teacher, causes her to tire of her bike. I began to do such naughty and childish things. 

Her fears are exacerbated by Guruji's prophecy that the star of Alok predicts her second marriage. Anusha (working with her team on Sab TV's Digital) does a great job of playing goofy but adorable Aria. But how does Alia, a former Miss Agra, become a complete baby? (Create, this is her 21st century India. Today, even women in small towns pay much attention to personal hygiene). 

On the other hand, it's equally good that she's becoming more accepting of her main character beyond the perfect Hourglass character. Hopefully, other shows will follow suit and have regular leads. Not everyone has the time or inclination to hit the gym. We are fine with our bodies. Aria's jokes put a smile on our faces. Especially her jokes with her teacher friend Raviya (Namrata Pathak), who is always busy chatting with her husband in Dubai. 

The writers have taken care that Alia isn't too bad so far, but she'll have a hard time following that fine line without getting monotonous. If you're tired of drama and constant intrigue, SAB's TV shows are the cure-all. However, the makers put less emphasis on subtle humor. Rather, they rely on a tried and tested caricature format. Every other teacher at school has their own quirks. The painting gentleman is entirely in love with another teacher. 

Hindi Guru represents the old-school idea that the Indian lingua franca dominates the world's lingua franca. The English lesson track that everyone trips over while speaking English in this medium-sized Hindi public school is already dead. But this enthusiasm for the Queen's language also applies to honest India. 

The principal is stingy (electrician scene) and disciplinary. He cannot get the multifaceted Peong (Kya Haal Mr. Panchal's Rahul Singh). Tara represents South Delhi's hot and sexy crowd. Priyanka was lucky enough to wear a chic saree and blouse but how will the tera kya hoga Alia episode 59 will turn you never know. Every morning, I wonder what kind of teacher can afford to dress up and work in the thundering traffic. 

Harshad's Good Man character hasn't been opened yet, so we'll have to see what happens next. I wonder if Guruji's prediction above will come true (the second women's topic is happily covered!).

Neither Priyanka (last seen in a negative role in Aap Ke Aa Jane Se) doesn't do much other than look pretty. To be fair to her, her Alias ​​character is the only one that's ever truly secured a place in the sun. 

Every story needs a strong supporting character. Here the creators focus on the genre's past masters, namely Sumita Singh (Bhagyavidata and Hitler Didi) and Jumma Mitra (Genie Aul Juju) as Alias' mother-in-law (Durga) and mother (Abha) respectively. I guess. As a very vocal birth, you find fault with everything the buff does, and yes, the latter spoils big time (milk boils). I love the scene where Alok asks Alia for a kiss and Durga hears the noise and asks what's going on and the scene where poor Alia jokes where her husband asks about what Kismis did. 

 Kudos to her Smita who doesn't mind aging on screen. 

Abha, who lives next door, is disturbed because Alia's husband has left her. Also funny was her mother-daughter scene where Arya tries to burn Alok's shirt because Tara touched it. Durga and Abha run a catering business together and make mistakes here, but Alok doesn't let them get the scoop. Smita and her Jhumma's solo joke scene adds to the fun. Her Alia's young son, who constantly witnesses her mother's stunts, has a talent for drawing the future. How does this play out You need to make sure that Optimystix took over the slot from his Bavale Utavale who was just 0.2 clocks away, so this task was cut, will tera kya Hoga Alia episode 88 will come with a twist or will there be good news for Alia. They also have KBC as a competitor. In such a situation, it can be said that it is good to work if even 1 or fewer tera kya hoga alia can be opened. stay updated to find out what happened in tera kya hoga Alia today episode. Like above, if you need a laugh and can overlook the drawbacks mentioned above, give it a try. Tera kya hoga Alia Mx player is also in news? No, there is not enough information that it will appear on the Mx player but we will keep you updated.

Tera kya hoga Alia trailer


Ques1: when will kya hoga tera Alia serial starting

Ans1: tera kya hoga Alia aired on 27 august 2019 on Sony TV.

Ques2: Who is the producer of Tera Kya Hoga Aliya?

Ans2: tera kya hoga Alia is produced by Vipul D Shah by optimystix entertainment.

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