Tandav Season 2: Release date, Cast, and all details that you need to know

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Tandav is a new thriller Indian political drama web series released on Amazon Prime Video. The famous web series release date is on 15 January 2021. The web series is a story about the dark and manipulating side of Indian politics. The web series has divided up its length of time between two sectors- one is National Level politics and another one is Student Level politics.


The entire drama revolves around Indian politics and the main characters are focused to grab the prime minister’s seat. Every character here wants to become prime minister. Apart from this, you will be able to watch what politics is going in between University students. After season 1, viewers are very excited to know about the Tandav season 2 release date in India.


The shooting for Tandav began in October 2019 and Pataudi Palace in Haryana and Delhi are the places where most of the shooting for this web series took place. The web series is directed, produced, and created by Ali Abbas Zafar and the scriptwriter is Gaurav Solanki. Tandav is edited by Steven H. Bernard and cinematography is operated by Karol Stadnik and Julius Packiam composed the background score.


Now let’s come to Tandav season 2-the season for which all fans are waiting and exciting to know about its release date, cast, and all other details. Don’t worry pal you’ve come to the right place. Here, I will tell you guys all details about Tandav 2 that you need to know.


Tandav Season 2


Tandav season 1 is now streaming on Amazon Prime video with a total episode of nine. The web series has created a lot of attention from the public due to all good and bad reasons, mostly the bad reasons. The series is on the news because of hurting the Hindu’s sentiments. So, there was confusion between viewers that will there be a Tandav season 2?


The answer is yes, as per the source the markers are producing season 2 yet not so sure about it but it is being hoped that there will be Tandav 2. Ali Abbas Khan, the creative director has apologized for hurting the feeling of viewers for teasing the Indian god of certain communities in the Indian society. 


The ninth episode of Tandav diverges into a palace of a plot where an influential politician and his son play a cat-and-mouse game with an old man who is struggling to hold his stability but he fails at the end. Kumud Mishra has played a very strong role of ally in the series before he completely vanishes until he reappears briefly at the end of the Tandav web series.


In Tandav season 2 we will be able to know about Sana Mir. In the final episode of Tandav Season 1, we saw the sudden and terrifying death or suicide of Sana Mir which arouses the question among us will Samar Singh secure the position at the top but how?


Samar Singh is seen as a cruel, violent, disobedient, and vicious person here and is the son of Prime Minister Devki Nanda. He is on the outlook to form his separate party to become strong and make his hold tight in Delhi. Tandav web series season 2 is expected to show us that he build up his power and extend further. This web series opens the eyes of viewers and shows them the disordered world of Indian politics.


It is expected that in Tandav 2 the main focus will be on Young lads, Samar Pratap Singh, Ayesha, Raghu, Gurpal, and Shiva will be the main spotlight of this season. Without a doubt, Shiva would know everything and he would fight against Samar Pratap Singh. It is expected that the creators may be introduced few more characters to us. The viewers would also get to see that caller in Tandav season 2. 


Tandav Season 2 release date


The scripting of this web series is not completed yet and due to some uncertain circumstances, the creators of the web series will make an official announcement of its release date and shooting. 

It is being expected that the Tandav season 2 release date in India will be at the end of 2022. Tandav web series season 2 will release on Amazon Prime Video.


 Tandav star Cast

  • Saif Ali Khan as Samar Pratap Singh- the son of Devki Nandan Singh (the three-term Prime Minister)
  •  Mohammad Zeeshan Ayyub as Shiva Shekhar, VNU student
  • Dimple Kapadia as Anuradha Kishore, a power-hunger and Old friend of Devki Nandan Singh (a power-hunger)
  • Niharika Kundu can also seen the the Tandav season 2
  • Sunil Grover as Gurpal Singh (Samar's ruthless toady)
  • Sarah Jane Dias as Ayesha Pratap Singh, wife of Samar Pratap Singh
  • Kritika Kamra as Sana Mir ,VNU student
  • Tasneem Khan – Tandav star cast played a great role as Disha Kapoor
  • Dino Morea as Professor Jigar Sampath
  • Paresh Pahuja as Raghu Kishor Singh, son of Anuradha Kishore
  • Neha Hinge as garima Deswal
  • Anup Soni as Kailash Kumar (lower caste leader knows the value of holding on the anger)
  • Jatin Shara
  • Latin Ghai


Tandav review


Tandav web series is based upon Indian politics, the action is divided up into two groups. One is a strong political party that devotes its resources to the person who has more ability to acquire the throne but they choose to stay behind the position because they have the ultimate power.

Another one is student politics, which takes place in a University which somewhere looks like Jawaharlal Nehru University called here the University is Vivekanand National University with its alliance of ‘left and ‘right’, a charismatic youth leader who is a Muslim is scooped into jail without any recourse.


The viewers may think that all this sounds family and if you think so then you are right. That is the entire point of the web series. Tandav series insistence on grasp usual telling along with its disorder cutting back and forth from ‘Satta ke galiyaare’ to the ‘Chahal pahal’ of the student forum which let down all Tandav star cast and weaken its impact.


If we see the Tandav review, it shows that the beginning of the series is well, people liked it a lot. It gives us a very refreshing father-son equation. When we first come along the Devki Nanda Singh (the character played by Tigmanshu Dhulia,), she views Samar Pratap Singh (the character played by Saif Ali Khan, another) only as a deep-rooted ‘neta’, but Samar is also the strongest competitor. In the series, we all can see if though both of them are related by blood but have different ambitions. So when the blood is spilled in the series we are not surprised. Through all these events that occurred in season 1, we all can predict that what is going to happen in the Tandav season 2.

 Given this bunch of Tandav star cast, it was expected that Tandav should have been a much interesting and smarter series than the one released. But in the series we see only a deep distrust between the family members of politicians hover up in the top, as to carry out the curse of ambition. Always a kind of worry stays about someone stabbing you in the back, there is no peace in anyone’s life.

Most of the punches from the series come from ‘netas’ and their schemes. All other scenes of students, their fights- campaigns-speeches never really raise the screen. The most surprising part is that the Tandav star cast Zeeshan Ayyuub, usually a good actor neither does lift off the screen. 



Tandav has created a lot of controversies. The Bharatiya Janata Party has called for its ban and at some point, it was assumed Tandav 2 might not release. The party also accused the series creators and actors of hurting the sentiments of Hindu and mocking Hindu god Shiva in one of the episodes. FIRs were filed against Tandaav series in Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Karnataka and Maharashtra under the section 295 and 153A of Indian Penal Code. But don’t worry guys Tandav Season 2 release date is being expected by the end of 2022. I know you all are excited about season 2 and the Tandav review shows us that the second season needs to become sharper and come out as an Actual Tandav. 

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