Tamil Dubbed Malayalam Movies: Super Hit Malayalam Movies That Received The Remake or Dubbing

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Keeping the last few blogs in mind, we will continue with the content from the entertainment industry, but not Bollywood. Most of you must be fans of South Movies in various languages like Kannada, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, etc. Sometimes you might come across the story of some good movies in other languages. And, you must be wondering whether they have dubbed in more languages or not. So, today's blog is about Malayalam dubbed movies. Keeping it in a range, we will talk about the Tamil dubbed Malayalam movies. Various movies were originally produced in the Malayalam language, but later on, their Bollywood version got made. Some of the films are Drishyam, Premam, etc.

Over the last few decades, Malayalam and Tamil industries have seen immense growth. The criteria may be story, cinematography, acting, music, or others.

Dubbing for a film is done when that film is a hit in its original language. Most people remain in dilemma regarding the remaking and dubbing of a movie.

A film is called dubbed when the characters, story, and actors remain the same, but the language of the film gets changed. Like we can watch Ram Charan's Dhruva in the Hindi language.

A film is called a remake of the original one when the characters and actors are different, but the theme remains the same. Like Ajay Devgan's Singham is the remake of Hari's Tamil Singam.

But today, we will only focus on the Tamil dubbed Malayalam movies.

Here is Malayalam to Tamil dubbed movies list:

  1. Ithu Nammude Katha
  2. Kunjikoonan
  3. Classmates
  4. Chronic Bachelor
  5. Salt N Pepper
  6. Drishyam
  7. Kireedam
  8. Neram
  9. Charlie
  10. Aniyathipraavu

So this was the list of top Malayalam dubbed Tamil movies list.

Let's get into the details for the story, production, actors, and release date of the Tamil dubbed Malayalam movies.

Ithu Nammude Katha:

This film is a production of K.C. James. Ithu Nammude Katha features Vinod, Kochuman under the direction of Rajesh Kannankara. The film got a theatrical release in the year 2011. The story of the film gives a beautiful message that love is not bound by the cast barriers. The main attraction in the movie is Kochumon's character, who tries his best to make two lovers come together against the villager's wishes.


This Sasi Shankar's direction that got released in the year 2022. It depicts the story of two people who love each other beyond their partner's faults. The male lead, Kunjan, suffers from a complex issue and has doubts that nobody would love him. But then he comes across Priya, who loves him unconditionally.


The title is in the English language. So it must have been easier for you to understand the meaning, unlike in the above two movies. The film was such a blockbuster that along with dubbing, the Tamil industry makers decided to remake this film in Tamil. So, this is one of the best Tamil dubbed Malayalam movies. The story of the film revolves around some college friends who plan for a reunion. But they face some harsh truths from their past lives.

Chronic Bachelor:

The title reveals that the story is about the life of a bachelor. But, we have two bachelors in the film. They were living their lives happily in their flat. But the chaos occurs when they try to hit on their house owner's daughter.

Salt N Pepper:

It is a romantic film with modern thinking. The story revolves around a widower and a divorcee. They got to know each other via a missed call and later, fall for each other.


Drishyam is included in the Tamil Dubbed Malayalam movies. Drishyam movie was dubbed and remade in Tamil, Hindi, and other languages too. With its original release in the year 2013, the film features Mohanlal in the lead role. He has portrayed the role of a common man, Georgekutty.

He is a simple family man who has to struggle on the daily basis to earn a livelihood for himself and his family. One day, something outward happens in their lives, that turns their lives upside down. The story depicts how a family can protect themselves when the family members support each other.

Drishyam was also remade in Bollywood, starring Ajay Devgan in the lead role, that got released in the year 2015.


The title rhymes with 'Freedom.' It is a complete Policemen-centred production. The story takes a turn when the policeman kills a criminal in his attempt to save the city from the criminals.


Alphonso Putren's directed movie depicts a teenage love story. A young engineer boy falls for a girl. In an attempt to impress her, he starts borrowing money from the people and ends up taking a loan. And the rest of the film witnesses his struggles to repay that loan amount.


Charlie is a romantic-comedy film in the Malayalam language and has its name on the list of Tamil dubbed Malayalam movies. The film features Dulquer Salmaan and Parvathy in the lead characters. The film was produced under the direction of Martin Prakkat. The film received a theatrical release in December 2015.


Aniyathipraavu's name is there in Tamil dubbed Malayalam movies list. This film is one of those super-hit films that give a strong message on love. The film depicts how society and the parents turn against the happiness of a young couple because they belong to a different religion. Watch the film to witness how they fight with society and their families to get them on the same page.

Hence, these were some of the Best Malayalam dubbed movies.

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