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If you're looking for some romantic dramas to watch, you've come to the perfect spot. Here are some basic yet lovely romantic Taiwanese dramas to make your heart skip a beat.

Be with you

Can a young woman get the confidence to confront her high school crush? Xia Man Li was always popular in school and the most beautiful girl in her high school, but she had bad luck with love. When she attends a high school reunion, she runs across a kind boy she used to have feelings for. Man Li's younger sister, Xia Man An has a childhood crush on Zhen Ying Jie but regardless of her all attempts to get close to him, he always seems to have someone else by his side. Can the sisters get the guts to follow their hearts a decade later?


Be With You is a 2015 Taiwanese romantic and family drama television series created by Sanlih E-Television and starring Bobby Dou, Huang Pei Jia, Nylon Chen, and Vivi Lee. Be with you Taiwan drama filming began on March 18, 2015, and the first original broadcast aired on the SETTV channel on April 14, 2015. 

IMDB Rating: 7.3/10

Genres: Comedy, Romance, Life, Drama.

Main Cast

  • Bobby Dou as Zheng Ying Jie
  • Huang Pei-chia as Xia Man An
  • Nylon Chen as Zhao Li Qi
  • Vivi Lee as Xia Man Li
  • Edison Wang as Xia Man Wu 
  • Serena Fang as Yang Xin Ru

Taiwanese drama review: Be with you

If you're searching for a light romance that will leave you feeling cheerful and fluffy after viewing, this is one of the great Taiwan dramas for you to watch. Be with you Taiwan drama is a must-see for all those romantics at heart who would do anything to escape the real world and experience some sweet romantic moments that comfortably touch the heart. 


Coming to the Taiwanese drama review of the episodes, the beginning episodes (1-17) were a lot of fun, humorous, and lovely. The female lead was cute in a cheerful way. She was vocal, intelligent, and passionate. The male protagonist was the typical frigid tundra, but like all Domineering male leads, he had a sweet side, a wild yet sexy side, and flaws that are balanced out by the female lead of the drama. From episode 18 onwards, the plot can be quite a roller coaster ride with a lot of fluffy moments and resolving difficulties, and both leads wind up doing stupid, unpleasant things.



Overall, the leads have fantastic chemistry. The storyline is straightforward and the plot is simple. So, I recommend this drama “Be with you” to you guys if you love to watch simple romantic dramas. 

 Just you

Qi Yi is a horrible boss, worse than a dictator. He is the office romance destroyer. Cheng Liang Liang is charged by her employees with breaking down the boss's defenses and persuading him to relax the anti-office-romance rule. Will the two of them end up falling for each other along the way?


Just You is a Taiwanese idol romantic-comedy television series that premiered in 2013. Toei Productions Limited produced the television drama, which starred Aaron Yan and Puff Kuo as the main characters. The Just you Taiwanese drama was initially shown on Sanlih TV on June 21, 2013, after Big Red Riding Hood, and it was the last telecast on November 8, 2013. It is also the inspiration for the plot of the Turkish romantic comedy Her Yerde Sen, which premiered in 2019.

IMDB Rating: 7.4/10

Genres: Romance, Drama, Comedy.


Main cast

  • Aaron Yan as Qi Yi
  • Puff Kuo as Cheng Liang Liang
  • Dean Fujioka as Dean Kamiya
  • Lyla Lin as Ding Jia Yu
  • Katherine Wang as Kate Liang
  • Tang Zhen-Gang as Alex


Taiwanese drama review: Just you

The plot is straightforward, albeit a touch cheeky and exaggerated. The "Boss-employee" connection was thrown in by the writers of this narrative. And, of course, "The Dating Ban" to spice things up. Every significant plot development in the program takes far too long. For example, Qi Yi departed for a crucial meeting with the incorrect file. In the Just you tv series, Liang Liang pursues him to provide him with the correct paperwork. The pursuit itself consumes half of the program. Similarly, certain little issues consume more time than necessary. The program could have been shorter if the scenes had not been overly prolonged.


Coming to the Taiwanese drama review of Just you cast, they brought the storyline to life by lighting it up. Aaron Yan and Kou Puff's characters, as well as how beautifully they were represented, were very appealing. Lin Lyla, who played the role of Ding Jia Yu, overacted a little bit. The side characters were wonderful, with the strange exception that, in a narrative of "Forbidden Love in Office," everyone liked the other employee and ended up in a relationship. 

The villain in the Just you Taiwanese drama is Qi Yi's ex-girlfriend, who makes life difficult for Liang Liang. Ding Jia Yu, was a pain in the neck. Qi Yi is uninterested in her, but she refuses to give up. Jia Yu's character was not adequately defined, nor were her motivations for any of her acts. In the “Just you” Taiwanese drama, Ding Jia Yu's character is an ineffective opponent. She lacked the impact that third angles usually provide in a show.


Coming to the Taiwanese drama review of “Just you” romance/chemistry, the Taiwanese drama may not have as many romantic moments as other T dramas, but it does have numerous charming scenes. Aaron and Puff have natural chemistry, and they appear to be at ease with each other even behind the scenes. What the Just you tv series lacked in terms of the plot was more than compensated for by Aaron and Puff's fantastic chemistry.



Overall, A light narrative, and if you're seeking a Rom-Com drama then the “Just you” drama is perfect for you to watch. 


In between 

In between Taiwan drama: Meng Ke Huai is a well-known romance novelist who is experiencing writer's block since he no longer believes in love. He discovered the inspiration he needed to write his novel when a mad fan locked him overnight with an innocent bystander. Li Xiao Yang, a senior flight attendant who wanted her partner to propose, was a bystander. They became fast friends as a result of the encounter. Over time, he finds himself drawn to this lady he knows but is unfamiliar with.


In between is a 2012 Taiwanese romance television drama starring Johnny Lu and Janel Tsai as main leads. In between Taiwan drama is produced by Pan Yi Qun and directed by Hong Zhi Yu. The first episode aired on TTV on 6th April 2012. 

IMDB Rating: 7.3/10

Genre: Romance

Watch In between Taiwanese drama eng sub on Netflix.

Main Cast

  • Johnny Lu as Meng Ke Huai
  • Janel Tsai as Li Xiao Yang
  • Darren Chiu as Cheng Shao Yu
  • Vivi Lee as Yuan Jia Lin


Taiwanese drama review: In between

The beginning was good, the tale is smooth and uncomplicated, and the characters are genuine, straightforward, which is refreshing to watch. The In between Taiwan drama does not have the normal T-Drama stereotypes, which was refreshing. It's a slow-paced drama, but it was well-paced. 

Coming to the actors' performance, the plot concentrates mostly on Johnny Lu, the male protagonist, and he is a great actor. The male lead's character in the “In between” Taiwan drama was so nice and charming. In the Taiwanese drama review of the“In between” cast, Janel Tsai, the female lead, is a decent actor. The girl was naturally powerful and had her own opinions; she was neither foolish, obnoxious, or reckless. The second main lead's performance was also decent. 



If you guys are searching for a simple, light, easy-to-watch drama then In between Taiwan drama can be on your watch list.

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