Super Machi Movie: A Must Watch Telugu Romantic Drama

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In the series of the South-Indian movies, let us talk about another one. Today we will talk about a Telugu movie, Super Machi. Like many other films, this movie also had its beginning in the year 2019 when we got to see the COVID outbreak. But the makers did not opt for the OTT release. While the Super Machi movie has a theatrical release in January of this year. Super Machi is a romantic drama with comedy. The film features Kalyaan Dhev and Rachita Ram in the lead roles. Rizwan has produced the film under the banner of Rizwan Entertainment. Super Machi director Puli Vasu has also given the storyline of the film. The mesmerizing music for the film comes from S. Thaman. Super Machi movie release date was the 14th of January 2022.

The makers have taken the inspiration for the title of the movie from the song of the film Son of Satyamurthy.

Super Machi cast:

The members of the Super Machi cast have been appreciated in the Super Machi movie review. Rachitha Ram is a Kannada actress. However, she has done a commendable job as an engineer in the movie. Super Machi is her debut film in the Tollywood industry, and she has made a unique place in the hearts of the audience. Here are the names of all the lead and supporting actors in the movie:

  • Kalyaan Dhev as Raju
  • Rajendra Prasad
  • Rachita Ram as Meenakshi
  • Nares
  • Posani Krishna Murali
  • Pragathi
  • Ajay
  • Jabardasth Mahesh
  • Bhadram
  • Prudhvi Raj

Super Machi movie storyline:

Super Machi movie review analyzes the film to be a love story with comedy and lots of drama sequences. Meenakshi, played by Rachitha Ram, and Raju, played by Kalyaan Dhev, are the main leads in the movie. Meenakshi is a Software Engineer and earns millions. On the other hand, Raju is a singer. He is unable to make Rs 20,000 per month. Both of them have opposite natures. But the testing has some other plans for Raju and Meenakshi.

It is difficult o believe, but Meenakshi develops feelings for Raju without even having sight of him. But, Raju does not share the same thoughts as Meenakshi on love. He does not have an ample amount of faith in love. He wants to stay away from love.

Meenakshi tries her best to get noticed and loved by Raju. But Raju keeps ignoring him. You must have questioned why Meenakshi has feelings for Raju. Why does Raju keep ignoring Meenakshi, her feelings, and her efforts?

Has something happened in Raju's past that refrains him from falling n love once again?

You can only get the answers to these questions after watching the film.

Super Machi Movie Review: Positive points:

Although the concept of the film is common the dialogues, acting, cinematography, and dialogue delivery are commendable. However, there are no feelings from Raju's side as per the story. But the scenes of ignorance have made a special place in the heart of the audience. This is because the emotional scenes have a unique effect on the viewers. How the love story has been portrayed by the director is being appreciated by the audience. The love scenes shot in the film are entertaining and interesting as well.

Super Machi Movie Review: Negative Points:

Although the plot, dialogues, acting, and dialogue delivery are good some suggestions could have made the filming better. As per the review reports, the audience has a complaint about the first half of the Super Machi movie being slow which makes things quite boring.

While on one hand, the first half is slow, the climax of the show is a rush. Although the cast has done a great job, somewhere the critics do not like the acting skills.

Super Machi Movie Review: Technicality

The critics report that the music by the Super Movie Music director, S. Thaman is catchy and good. The report states that the dialogues and the cinematography were appealing but the makers did not pay much attention to the editing of the Super Machi. But the critics say that the narration for the second half of the film is not as good as expected. The narration could have more grip. It would have resulted in a more interesting and appealing movie. However, the film has got love on the big screen.

Super Machi Movie Review: Performances

The Super Machi movie sequence featuring Rajendra Prasad as a father is appreciable. And talking about comedy, then comedy always has an impact on the audience, so is here. The scenes of the Super Machi movie featuring Bhadram, Posani, and Zabardast Mahesh have successfully made the fans laugh out loud.

Being a singer, Kalyaan Dhev has a good grip over emotions, comedy, and drama. He marks to be the biggest highlight of the film as he has portrayed a character that is opposite to his personality. Undoubtedly, he is one of the biggest stars in the Tollywood industry, and the audience loves him. He has done a great job with his chemistry with the actress Rachita Ram, who has made her Tollywood debut with this film.

The film has received 2.5 out of 5 stars from 123telugu Team.

Super Machi Movie Review: Production and Release:

Kalyaan Dhev is the son-in-law of Chiranjeevi, one of the best South-Indian actors. Super Machi is Kalyaan Dhev's second film in the Tollywood industry. At the initial stage, the makers signed Rhea Chakraborty for the role of Meenakshi. But later on, Kannada actress Rachitha Ram replaced her. Super Machi movie is the debut film of Rachita Ram in the Telugu language film. the production of the film has begun in 2019, but the shooting came to halt due to the Corona outbreak in the country. After that, the filming got started in June 2021 at Ramanaidu studios, Hyderabad.

The makers had a plan to release the film in the Kannada version simultaneously but dropped the idea. Later, the Super Machi Release date was announced to be the 14th of January, 2022. The Super Machi movie hit the big screen on the auspicious day of Makar Sankranti.

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