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Sulthan was made by the same team that made Karthi's previous films, Khaakhee and Khaidi. Rashmika Mandanna makes her Kollywood debut in the film. After a successful promotional campaign, Sulthan finally opened in theaters today. Let's check out the movie.

Hello, What's up readers? Are you guys liking the 99chills.com content? To meet your expectations and to let you be aware of amazing ongoing entertainment we are back with an amazing movie review. This time the movie which we are going to do is the Karthi Sultan movie. Sultan Telugu movie was released on April 02, 2021 (Sultan movie release date). Sulthan movie in Tamil (Sulthan Tamil movie) means it is also available online in the Tamil language.

So now let's explore the details of the Sultan movie and dig deep into the details of the Sultan movie review in Telugu, Sultan movie rating, Sultan movie release date, Sultan Telugu movies plot, Karthi Telugu movies list, and other pertinent information regarding the Sultan movie.

Let's first see the cast and plot of the movie then we will dive into other stuff that is, the Sultan movie review and Sultan rating.

Sultan music director is Vivek Mervin.

Sulthan 2021 cast-


  • Bakkiyaraj Kannan


  • Bakkiyaraj Kannan


  • Karthi​
  • Rashmika Mandanna​
  • Napoleon
  • Lal
  • KGF Ram 
  • Nawab Shah
  • Yogi Babu


  • SR Prakash Babu 
  • SR Prabhu


Sulthan is a well-written, extremely satisfying masala film that brings to mind the Seven Samurai and the Mahabharata. The first scene of the myth-building, a prologue in which we witness Sulthan's birth, is compelling (Karthi). An Abhimanyu-like child is mentioned as imbibing its mother's desire to guide her husband Sethupathi (Napoleon, whose extended cameo added gravitas), a feared gangster, and his numerous henchmen, in the right direction. Everyone is spared from an attempted assassination by this unborn child. In the midst of a downpour, it is given to a foster father, Mansoor Bhai, played warmly by Lal. And when this child grows up to be a man, a dialogue provides the story's one-line pitch: what if Krishna had stood alongside the Kauravas in the Mahabharata and attempted to reform them?

Sultan movie review Telugu (Sulan movie review)-

In the Sulthan review, Hero Karthi returns in another intense role with a vengeance. One of the most important aspects of Sulthan is his riveting performance. In the role of a rescuer, he effortlessly exudes heroism. Rashmika does a good job playing a quiet village belle. Rashmika's character rises to prominence by inspiring Sulthan to fight for her village, despite her brief appearance. The actors who played Sulthan's loyal henchmen, Lal, Nepolean, and a few others, are quite good.

Another highlight of the film is the moving scenes with Sulthan, Mansoor, and all 100 henchmen. Sulthan's heroism elevation shots and the action-packed fight sequences, particularly the interval and climax, will captivate fans of Karthi and mass entertainment. There will be some belly laughs in the scenes in which Sulthan and his Kauravas play farmers.

Sulthan's biggest flaw is that it lacks powerful villains. Despite being cast as the main antagonists, the menacing-looking KGF Ram and the macho Bollywood baddie Nawab Shah have little effect on the plot. With only a fistfight, Sulthan easily defeats them. Sulthan's heroism and depth of character are diminished as a result.

A familiar tale of a hero rescuing a village from avaricious and powerful individuals is set against an intriguing background by director Bakkiyaraj Kannan. He narrates it, however, in a routine manner without introducing significant conflicts. Even though Vivek Mervin's songs are average, the background music that is played over and over during the fight scenes makes us think of the Pirates of the Caribbean theme song.

The action sequences shot with a night effect are brought to life by the film's excellent cinematography, which emphasizes the action's dynamism. The movie has a long running time, and the editor should have cut a few comedy scenes in the first half with Yogi Babu, a comedian. Despite the fact that the film was shot in very few locations, the production values are excellent.

Sultan movie rating Telugu-

During the Sulthan movie review Karthi it is found that Sulthan's fundamental plot is not novel. We've recently seen a lot of movies about wealthy industrialists, young software professionals, and even ordinary people becoming farmers to save agriculture. Sulthan is no exception. The idea of rowdies turning farmers is entertaining, but it has been handled in a simplistic manner.

As per Telugu movie review 123telugu platform, the rating of the movie is 2.75/5.

Sulthan movie Telugu conclusion-

After the Sulthan movie review and Sulthan rating, it can be concluded that Sulthan tells the story of a hero who transforms into a savior and defends a village against powerful, avaricious villains. Even though the idea of "rowdies turning farmers" is interesting, the story's strengths and the heroism of the protagonist are greatly diminished by the absence of a powerful antagonist. Having said that, Sulthan also contains plenty of scenes of hero elevation and action to please Karthi fans. Sulthan release date is April 02, 2021. The movie's well-executed action sequences and Karthi's explosive performance are reasons to see it.


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