Steven Grant? Mark Spector? Who is the Protagonist Moon Knight Full Series Review and Recap

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Is Moon Knight a villain or hero? This question arose at the beginning of the series as the new installment of the Marvel cinematic universe is now again introducing the new faces from the comics. Moon knight is the story about the low key life living guy name Steven Grant, who works in the gift shop in the museum is facing DID(Dissociative Identity Disorder) where when he sleeps he is somewhere else in the world which he has no clue, as we can see in the first episode of Moon Knight that Steven strap himself in bed and have sand around his bed so that he can make sure that the chaos he experiences was all just dream nothing was real.

Now the main thing that took place was being affected greatly by his DID Disorder his body is actually host for two people, yes you heard it right one body two people. The body of Steven Grant have also the control of Mark Spector who is an infamous mercenary. To make things more complicated these two identities live when Steven got unconscious or in Do or Die situation then Mark took control of his body who is actually the Avatar of Khonshu the Lunar good.

Khonshu is the God of the moon in Ancient Egypt which is depicted in the Series and Mark Spector is his Avatar of him, Moon Knight is the character name by Mark Spector so he can attain the power of Khonshu.

Moon Knight Cast is filled with recognized actors starting from our main Oscar Isaac, Oscar Isaac was last seen as Apocalypse for the Marvel in the X-Men franchise. May Calamawy is playing the character of Layla El-Fauoly who is the wife of Mark Spector and took part in many adventures with him. Now talking about the Antagonist Moon Knight Cast team did a very great job of selecting the role-perfect actors Ethan Hawke is playing the character Arthur Harrow, now you will ask who is he, he is the Avatar of Ammit the Devourer of dead. Arthur Harrow has created a Cult in which he is on a mission to bring back the Ammit and create pure justice.

Moon Knight's first episode was a roller coaster one where we first got to know about the Moon Knight Costumer which was full of old Egyptian Bandages and White hooded Bright Eye formed out of nowhere which comes as the Suit of Moon Knight. we can see that Steven met Harrow in his dream where they attack him for the Golden Scarab which will help him find the tomb of Ammit. Episode 1 ends when Steven meets the Khonshu and Mark took control to fight the demonic creature.

The second Episode is where new character introductions get started when Steven again wakes up from his dream that he thought was again just a nightmare but this time things are getting real, he encountered Layla who she thinks is Mark and the confusion arises. ThenSteven got captured by the Harrows men and he was forced to give the Scarab being not able to properly summon the Suit he summon a different kind of suit which is not of Bandages but it's a Three-piece suit as took reference from Moon Knight Marvel comics and the new Name is Mr.Knight. Then Steven gets to know about the Moon Knight Powers he witnesses some superhuman powers and can fight easily but being just a newbie again Mark has to take control and fight but during that he lost the Scarab and Harrow took it. the end of the episode took their journey to Egypt to get the before Harrow reaches.

Third Episode

Now things got some serious turns as in the previous episode we saw the tension between the Khonshu and Mark the he will take Layla as the new Avatar if marks get failed again, it is also noted that the Khonsu gave the Mark this new life. Now they are in Egypt in search but this time something strange happens, Steven is again against the men of Harrow but when the Identity changes nor Steven and Mark know who killed all of these men. The third identity confirmed to be in the body is revealed as Jack Lockley who is still unknown is good or bad. Mark suggests taking the help of other gods so that Khonshu create a solar eclipse by which all gods got summoned where Khonshu is on trial against the other god Osiris, Tefnut, Horus, and Isis

Where he was questioned back by Arthur Harrow about wrongfully using the avatar for the sole purpose. The trail goes against him and he was given a warning to not again disturb the sky. Mark got the lead to find Anton Morgat played by Moon Knight actor Gaspard Ulliel who recently passed away during Skiing has possession of the sarcophagus of Senfu. Mark and Layla reached there and start to examine the sarcophagus but before this could happen perfectly Harrow also got there as he already found the Tomb of Ammit. Morgat men capture Layla and Mark for tempering the Senfu and Harrow tells Layla that Mark always knew about the killing of her Father. Mark fights those men but still needed to find the location of the tomb to reach there where Steven took the place but they can know the location only if they know the location of the stars at that knight which was thousands of years ago. Now Khonshu uses his power to change the night sky and get back to that night when Ammit was imprisoned, but other gods imprison the Khonshu for tempering the sky again. Now the Moon Knight's power is gone and Steven is in command.

The fourth episode is all about the relationship-building between Steven and Layla where Steven and Layla reached the Ammit tomb and things get intense between them they kissed each other which made Mark very angry about that and warns him to stay away from his wife. In the episode, there is some reference that is linked to the Doctor Strange Multiverse of madness. We can see that goat again which is now two times one in episode second and this time also. Steven and Layla reached the inside of the Tomb where Steven found that the tomb is like the Eye of Horus but then encounters the Servants of Pharaoh who is killing the men of Harrow Layla had a brutal fight with him and throw him into the caves. Steven found the Mummy of Pharao but see that the writings are in the Macedonian which only means that it's the Tomb of Alexander the Great which was a one-time Pharhao of Egypt. Harrow tells Layla that Mark is the one who killed his father whereas Steven took the Statue of Ammit inside from the Throuath of Alexander's mummy. Layla confronts Mark to tell her everything that happened where Mark tells that Harrow was the one who killed his father then Harrow's men surround them and Shot Mark. Now the story has taken a total turn Mark is in a white Asylum type area where he is unconscious and saw all the people who encounter there, he was seen holding an Action figure of Moon Knight and was brought to a doctor which looks like Arthur Harrow. The doctor tells him it's all in his head but Mark makes a run from there and meets Steven there in a room having no idea of what's going on and then a Hippo as Goddes confronts them and the episode ends.

Now there is some fan theory that Asylum is taken from the reference of the Comic where Harrow captures all the identity of Steven in that other dimension so that he cannot interfere with him. The Hippo Goddess Taweret may be trying to help the Khonshu and Moon, knight. Moon Knight is the Limited series which means there is no season two but still Kevin Feige can declare that there is a need for another season or not. Fans are very excited for the remaining episode because the cliffhanger associated with the last episode is truly remarkable.

1.Is Moon Knight a villain or hero?

We still don't know yet but judging by the series yes Moon Knight is a hero.

2. What is Moon Knight’s powers?

Moon knight have superhuman power with strength and can glide easily, his power is at its top during the lunar cycle.

3.Is Moon Knight a symbiote?

No Moon Knight is not a symbiote because he is an avatar of God Khonshu.

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