Smart Jodi Review: A refreshing take on unscripted reality TV, all you need to know

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When it comes to Indian Television Industry there has not been much in the name of a variety in content. We had the same kind of family dramas just in a brand new packaging & the same sort of reality shows on either of the 4 topics: singing, dancing, comedy and talent. Now don’t get the wrong idea from this remark, most of the shows and franchises are highly successful & have a strong fanbase but what they are not right now is refreshing.

But thankfully the thinktanks of our industry also realise this fact from time and they stir up a one-of-a-kind show from their magic cauldron or mostly borrow it from a fellow magician. And in that same fashion Star Plus saw the release of a new reality TV show Smart Jodi, where power couples from various spectrums of India battle it out to be the smartest Jodi that there can be.

So without exceeding the word count of this article unnecessarily let me quickly give you all the juicy details about the Smart Jodi Cast, the couples participating & most importantly what the show is about. 

About Smart Jodi Serial

The show is the offering of Star TV Networks and it was released on Star Plus on 26 February 2022 and was on air till 5 June 2022. It came as a weekly episode on Sundays at 8 PM & had a runtime of 1-1:30 Hours. The show is roughly inspired and based on a Telugu reality show named ‘Ishmart Jodi’ which translates as Smart Jodi. 

The show’s basic concept is very simple. Like any other reality show, there are contestants and there are various tasks and stages that they compete through. The 2 major differences however are the fact that Smart Jodi cast members here are celebrity couples from India, who are the participants in the show. And that there are no judges for this show whatsoever. Which makes it fairly distinct from its competitors. But like any other reality show, Smart Jodi had the awesome and entertaining Manish Paul as its host. 

The Jodis are supposed to indulge in a given task simultaneously, doing their best to outperform the others. And the Jodi that bags the most number of tasks successfully will be the ultimate winner of the show.

It certainly was a very entertaining concept and people enjoyed the show. It was partially because of the fresh concept & also because of the familiarity with the contestants.

Smart Jodi cast (Contestants)

The participants in Smart Jodi serial are all celebrity couples from different avenues of India namely entertainment, sports, music, business etc. And all of them are quite popular among their audiences. This was also a contributing factor to its success. 

The show started with 10 celebrity couples and below we are giving you all the details about them.

Smart Jodi star plus cast:

  • Krishnamachari Srikkanth and Vidya Srikkanth

Mr Srikkanth hardly needs an introduction but still for the sake of telling, he’s a World cup victor of 83’, an aggressive & explosive batsman and an overall a very celebrated Indian cricketing veteran. And he joined the show with his lovely wife Mrs Vidya.

  • Balraj Sayal & Deepti Tuli

This dynamic duo of an actor/comedian & a singer is an awesome addition to the show and puts 2 popular yet fresh faces in front of a large audience. Although Balraj has been a very common face amongst the youngsters and Deepti has been a popular singer for a while. They were very entertaining Smart Jodi contestants.

  • Ankita lokhande and Vicky Jain 

One of the absolute queens of the Indian television industry Ankita Lokahnde with her hubby Businessman Vicky Jain set the stage on fire with their chemistry and charm. They were one of the most liked couples on the show and were the favourites to win. They were the most popular couple in the Smart Jodi cast.

  • Monalisa Biswas & Vikrant Singh Rajput

The queen of hearts in the Bhojpuri film industry along with her husband Vikrant who is also an actor in the same industry. They both got hitched on Big Boss and have been together since then. Their duo certainly brought glamour to the show.

  • Gaurav Taneja & Ritu Rathee Taneja

Popularly known as the Flying Beast, Gaurav Taneja is an Indian commercial pilot as well as a well-recognised YouTuber of India. And his better half is Ritu Taneja, a fellow pilot, the mother to their daughters & his youtube companion too. They are a super cute couple and their onscreen chemistry is as good to watch as their Youtube videos.

Now I don’t know who had the task to select the Smart Jodi cast but I’ll tell them that they pleased me by including flying beast in the show.

  • Arjun Bijlani & Neha Bijlani

  • Aishwarya Sharma Bhatt & Neil Bhatt

  • Bhagyashree & Himalaya Dsaani

Bhagyashree in her very short career in Bollywood amassed a fan following like no other and her addition to the show with her husband Himalaya Dasaani made this show even more interesting.


  • Rahul Mahajan & Natalya Ilina 

  • Ankit Tiwari & Pallavi Shukla 

Now, what can you say about Ankit Tiwari? Besides the fact that he’s a master vocalist in Bollywood right now, with a soulful voice and a ton of successful songs to his name. Well, we can think of one more thing, a perfect husband. He and his wife Pallavi complemented each other so well in the show and were delightful to watch. 

Smart Jodi Elimination Process

Smart Jodi has a fairly simple system of advancement for the contestants. There are these fun tasks that are tailored to suit couples and in which their chemistry & romance can also be tested.

So the couples are needed to participate in these tasks together and outperform their competing couples to take a lead in the competition. The couple that successfully wins the most number of tasks in the show is deemed the winner. 

Although it sounds very plain and boring the actual tasks are quite fun to watch and give genuine moments of laughter & awe. Even the Smart Jodi elimination process is very different compared to other shows.

Smart Jodi winner couple?

The show went on for almost 5 months from February to June of 2022 and in the end, out of the 10 participating couples, only 1 came out on top. And that couple was Ankita Lokhande & Vicky Jain. 

They outplayed everyone in the competition and received the title of the Smartest Jodi along with the cash prize of 25lakh rupees and the Golden Gathbandhan. The couple of Deepti Tuli and Balraj Sayal came second place. 

The finale saw a guest celebrity couple on the show Riteish Deshmukh and Genelia Dsouza along with a sensational musical performance by the legendary Udit Narayan Ji. 


During the entire show, you’ll never complain about boredom, repetitiveness or lack of polish. As the show keeps you entertained and serves as a perfect weekend show to enjoy with your family on the idiot box that is quite smart these days. 

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  • How is the winner of Smart Jodi selected?

The winner is determined by the number of tasks completed. The one with the most number of tasks on their belt takes the crown.

  • What is the concept of Smart Jodi?

It is an unscripted reality show in which celebrity couples from across India participate to win the title of Smart Jodi and bag the special prize. 

  • Who is the winner of Smart Jodi 2022?

The Jodi of Ankita Lokhande & Vicky Jain were the winners of the maiden season of Smart Jodi.

  • Is Smart Jodi a dance show?

No, this is not a dance show per se, although some tasks involve dancing.

  • Is Gaurav Taneja in Smart Jodi?

Yes, he and his wife are contestants in Smart Jodi.

Image Credits: IMDb 

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