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Today's article is about a very popular Indian TV serial that has created quite the buzz in the industry. We'll be looking at its particulars like Sirf tum actress name, the story, characters & other relevant information about the show in detail.

About Sirf tum

Sirf tum serial is an Indian Romantic Drama streaming on Voot and colors tv from Monday to Friday. It stars talented actors and actresses. It has been a very popular show since its release in India on 15 November 2021. It is the story of a wealthy businessman who finds himself in the love of a woman for whom he risks everything. It is a story of love, revenge & family.

The show is produced by Rashmi Sharma under her banner, Rashmi Sharma Telefilms. The writer of the serial is Sharad Tripathi and Abhijeet Sinha has given the story for the show and it is directed by Pankaj Kumar. The opening theme song of the serial titled Sirf Tum is composed by Rahul Jain.

Season 1 of Sirf Tum has 156 episodes up to now. All episodes streaming on Voot.

Sirf Tum Serial Cast

The main cast of sirf tum

  • Vivian Dsena plays Ranveer Oberoi: who is the only son of Vikrant Oberoi & Mamta. And the main lead of the show. Mamta and Vikrant's son; is also the half-brother of Ansh & Samaira's cousin; along with that, he is also Riya and Suhaani's love interest.
  • Eisha Singh as Suhaani Sharma: She is the daughter of Rakesh and Sudha; Ishaan's sister; Nikita's cousin; Ansh's former wife; Ranveer's love interest

Recurring roles in sirf tum cast

  • Puneet Chouksey as Anshul (Ansh) Oberoi: the son of Asha and Vikrant; half brother of Ranveer; Samaira's cousin & Suhaani's ex-husband.
  • Shalini Kapoor Sagar as Mamta Verma Oberoi: Second Wife of Vikrant; Ansh's step-mother; mother of Ranveer
  • Nimai Bali as Vikrant Oberoi: husband of Asha and Mamta & father of Ansh and Ranveer
  • Sanjay Batra as Rakesh Sharma: Son of Aarti; Kamini's brother; Vikrant's former employee.
  • Eva Ahuja is Sudha Sharma: who is Rakesh's wife and Suhaani & Ishaan's mother.
  • Anil Dhawan as Devendra Oberoi: Patriarch of Oberoi Mansion; father of Vikrant and Vikram; Ranveer, Ansh and Samaira's grandfather
  • Kajal Pisal as Asha Saxena Oberoi: she’s the first wife of Vikrant and Ansh's mother; Ranveer's step-mother.
  • Sonya Ayodhya as Riya Kapoor: Shashi's daughter; Suhaani, Samaira, Meeta and Karan's friend; Ranveer's obsessed lover
  • Amit Dhawan/Mani Rai as Vikram Oberoi: Devendra's son; Vikrant's brother; Roshni's husband; Samaira's father (2021–2022)/(2022–present)
  • Bindiya Kalra as Roshni Oberoi: Vikram's wife; Samaira's mother (2021–present

Special appearances sirf tum serial cast

  • They have had special appearances of characters from serials like Sasural simar ka 2, Balika vadhu 2 and other celebrity guests in special episodes.

Story of Sirf tum 

Vikrant Oberoi is a man with a successful business empire behind him but that success also translates into his arrogant and rude behavior. The story begins with him falling in love with Mamta even though being married and has a kid. He goes as far as disowning his kid Ansh and divorces his wife to marry Mamta instead. In the process throwing them out of their home as well. This does not go well with Asha at all and she swore revenge on the Oberoi dynasty and her ultimate plan is to destroy them in every way possible. She also doesn't hesitate to involve his son Ansh in this plan of hers. And raises him to see his stepbrother as his sworne enemy whom he has to defeat one day and reclaim what was rightfully his.

28 years later

Then the story takes a leap of 28 long years in which a lot has changed the kids have grown up, and the families have moved along but what is still persistent is the animosity between Asha's son and Mamta's son. Ranveer who is the son of Mamta is strong-headed and arrogant like his father too but he has grown up to hate his own father, particularly when he learns how he cheated on Mamta by still being in a relationship with another woman whilst still being married to Mamta. Vikrant has a manager Rakesh Sharma who lives with his family in the Oberoi mansion, including his kind-hearted & sweet daughter Suhaani, who is an aspiring doctor.

Now by the mother of coincidence, Ranveer and Ansh share the same college. And their rivalry takes a fierce shape cause of that as well. Although Ranveer only considers him as an enemy as he sees him as his competition but Ansh as we know hates Ranveer for being his stepbrother. The story takes another interesting turn when Rakesh enrolls Suhani in that very college as them too. And asks Ranveer to look after her. There Suhani and Ranveer's childhood friend Riya is also with them. And then beings a spark of love between Suhani & Ranveer with Riya also wanting Ranveer. 

Ansh sees this new development as the perfect opportunity to take revenge on the Oberoi family by trying to separate suhani and Ranveer through Riya as a pawn but he is not able to successfully pull it off. Meanwhile, suhani also develops feelings for Ranveer and their story progress further.

Their love is finally starting to come together as they decide to get engaged and then married as well. Ranveer’s father is not at all happy with this decision and the same is with Asha and her son Ansh. So on their wedding day, Ansh plots the perfect plan to disrupt their marriage and he is successful this time as well. Then all sorts of new drama ensue in the story that follows.

Sirf Tum Release date

Sirf Tum TV serial release date is 15 November 2021.


So that was all that you should know about the tv serial Sirf Tum. Now you all about who is in the cast of sirf tum, what is its story and where it is streaming We hope that we sufficed your curiosities regarding this serial and now you can make an educated decision about watching the serial yourself. See you soon with another one very soon.

Related queries

  • Sirf tum actress name?

Eisha singh.

  • Sirf tum a comedy serial?

No, it is a romantic drama serial.

  • Sirf tum actor name?

Vivian dsena.

  • where does sirf tum stream?

On colors TV & on Voot.

  • Sirf tum heroine name?

Eisha singh, kajal pisal etc.

  • Sirf tum serial which genre?

This serial is in the romance genre along with family drama and coming of age story

  • Sirf tum hero name?

Vivian dsena & Puneet chowksey.

  • How many seasons of sirf tum?

It only has one season as of now.

  • Sirf tum cast?

Shalini Kapoor, nimai bali, Sanjay Batra etc.

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