Shrikant Bashir review : A crime thrill web series

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Shrikant Bashir is an Indian Hindi language Crime Thriller web series directed by Santosh Shetty. The series is written by Shiraz Ahmed and produced by Salman Khan Television and Banijay Asia. Season 1 of this series has 26 episodes and first premiered on Sony LIV on 11th December 2020. The Shrikant Bashir season 2 release date has not been declared yet. The cast of the web series is Mantra, Ashmita Jaggi, Imran Javed, Pooja Gor, Kunal Pant, Tareeq Ahmed Khan, Rohit Chaudhury, Kunal Pandey, and others.

Here, I have listed all necessary details from Shrikant Bashir review, release date, cast, and all that you need to know.


Shrikant Bashir Plot 

The series story revolves around a special force team named SOT (Surgical Operations Team) with Anthony D’Costa character played by Major Bikramjeet Singh- he is an ex-CBI intelligence officer & now he is the chief of SOT. Bashir Khan, the character played by Yudhistir Singh, is the senior officer of SOT. The team has to catch Abrar character played by Ajit Shidhaye and Samarullah Khan character played by Saher Singh- he is the left hand of the head of the Lashkar-e-Badr, a terrorist organization located in POK and now they have come to Mumbai, India for making a deal that is Chandipur Missile installation codes.

During the mission, Abrar dies but the chief Anthony D’Costa is also shot dead. Now in the story Shrikant character played by Gashmeer Mahajani, a suspended SOT officer joins the mission and temporarily takes responsibility as the new chief. Because of this, Bashir and Shrikant have a wistful bond between them. Then in the story, they have to deal with many other cases like a bank scam and stopping a Pharmaceutical company CEO from spreading the Ebola virus in Mumbai, and many more. If you guys want to know the further story of this web series then you guys have to watch the Shrikant Bashir web series on Sony LIV. Here, I'm giving Shrikant Bashir review so that you guys can know more about the cast performance, the dialogue, cinematography, editing, and other necessary details. To know more about the Shrikant Bashir web series keep on reading.


Shrikant Bashir cast

  • Gashmeer Mahajani as Shrikant Mhatre
  • Yudhisthir Singh as Bashir Ahmed Khan
  • Pooja Gor as Raveena Sahni
  • Ashmita Jaggi as Cahndrika
  • Kunal Pant as Madan Singh
  • Imran Javed as Ajit Verma
  • Bikramjeet Kanwarpal as Anthony D’Costa
  • Tareeq Ahmed Khan as Hafizullah
  • Mantra as Parker
  • Priya Cahuhan as Carla Rodrigues
  • Rohit Chaudhary
  • Mukul Dev
  • Paras Randhawa
  • Kewal Dasani
  • Bhanujeet Sudan


Shrikant Bashir release date 

Shrikant Bashir premiered on Sony LIV on 11 December 2020. The web series has a total of 26 episodes and the per-episode running time is 35-40min,777 minutes in total. The maker of the web series has not revealed anything related to Shrikant Bashir season 2. 

Shrikant Bashir trailer

The web series has released the trailer on YouTube. Below I’m mentioning the link for you, by clicking on it you guys will be able to watch the trailer of Shrikant Bashir:



Shrikant Bashir episodes

The web series has a total of 26 episodes. Shrikant Bashir season 2 has not been released yet but here, I am mentioning the name of the episodes for you.

  1. The stolen Codes
  2. A Tragic Twist
  3. The Scam
  4. Welcome To The Lion’s Den
  5. Cheers
  6. The Trojan Horse
  7. Evil: The Genesis
  8. A Sting Operation
  9. Hunt The Hunter
  10.  First Victim
  11.  Catch Me If You Can
  12.  The Karma
  13.  ROF - Ring Of Fire
  14.  The Ultimate Chase
  15.  The Apocalypse
  16.  The Mastermind
  17. Tryst With Destiny
  18.  Lockdown
  19. Checkmate
  20.  A Quantum Leap
  21.  Ray Of Hope
  22.  Under Arrest
  23.  Plan Of Action 
  24.  Dead End
  25.  The Mission Unfolds
  26.  Surgical Strike



Shrikant Bashir review

The story, dialogues, and screenplay are done by Shiraz Ahmed. The plot of the web series is nowadays trending. Whenever the special training team realizes that something major and bad incident is going to happen they get themselves involved and start investigating the case as soon as they can and search for criminals. All the members of the team face a lot of movement in their life and the beginning they also don't trust each other but when we move to the end of the series they start trusting each other & everything gets better.

If you guys have watched the Indian serial CID then you will very well understand the Shrikant Bashir web series has a strong resemblance to the CID serial as the same concept is being used here- solving cases every week. In the show, the team deals with huge threats at the country and world level. The series could have become a better one and easily worked if they made the series only of 10 episodes rather than throwing 26 episodes and all at once which practically tests viewers' patience.

The characters don’t have any depth of detailing. In the show you will also not be able to identify who they’re as human beings and about their true nature as nothing is shown here, their emotional angles remorselessly follow the same unexciting route of solving the threats which seems like a punishment for the viewers. 

Giving Shrikant Bashir review on episodes, the makers seem very serious and he continuously serves the same order and the same scene. The series is full of drama & melodrama & the series is exactly like CID on Indian Television.

Now coming to the Shrikant Bashir review on the cast's performances. Gashmeer Mahajani as Shrikant Mhatre is quite positive & he fits perfectly for the character. Yushistir Singh as Bashir Khan gave a decent performance. Other cast members have also done a great job. Except for the storyline which was not good as expected, the actors' performances are okay as none of the characters comes out as effective. 

Shrikant Bashir review on cinematography which is done by Srinivas Ramiah and the production design is done by Kunal Bardhan, both of them did a good job. The background is done by Sandeep Batraa and he failed to make perfect delivery of some of the action scenes though it’s not his mistake. 


Shrikant Bashir episodes are 13 hours long and tiring web series. The storyline lacks variety which makes it dull. The viewers start losing their interest in the first episode with the same storyline and no uniqueness. Different people have different tastes and preferences about a film and series. Shrikant Bashir is only for those who love watching suspense, thrilling, crime, action, drama, and national security-related content. The creator of the web series has not released anything about Shrikant Bashir season 2. But if you guys love to watch the mentioned type of content then go for it and watch it on Sony LIV.

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