Shree Krishna Bhakto Meera: A mythical love story between Krishna and Meera

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Shree Krishna Bhakto Meera is a 2021 mythological Bengali language television series that premiered on Star Jalsha on July 26 at a 9 pm time slot. The show time was pushed back to 11 p.m. resulting in poor TRP.

The show came to an end on December 5th. Before airing, the series is also available on Disney+ Hotstar. Joey Debroy, Debadrita Basu, Arshiya Mukherjee, Ankit Mazumder, and Prarabdhi Singha star in Meera Serial cast in the drama, which is produced by Nispal Singh and Surinder Singh under the brand of Surinder Films.

The TV series Star Jalsha has over 120 episodes and only one season, with each episode lasting between 20 and 22 minutes. The story was written by Moumita Kargupta, the screenplay was written by Writam Ghosal, the director was Amit Sengupta, the creative director was Nairwita Dutta, and the cinematography was done by Pintu Shee. Reshmi, Lagna, and Shaoni are executive producers, with producers Nispal Singh and Surinder Singh. Kolkata is where the series was made.

This Meera series is about Mirabai, Sri Krishna's devoted disciple, and how she regarded him as her husband because he always saved her from her problems. The Mira series' TRP rating in week 32 was 3.8, putting it in 12th place.

Shree Krishna Bhakto Meera's Story

The plot revolves around Princess Meera, her marriage to Raja Bhojraj, and her devotion to Lord Krishna. Aside from Meera's love and devotion for Lord Krishna, the story illustrates how her marriage life worked with Raja Bhojraj and how he shielded her until her death. The Krish-story Meera's is well-known in the culture. Previously, the Mirabai Wikipedia in Hindi story was used in several series. Rajkumari (Princess) Meera marries Bhojraj Singh Sisodia. Her husband dies on a battle filed when she is only 20 years old, and she joins Robida's spiritual discernment and journeys to Brindaban. She has been a Lord Krishna devout follower since she was a child. She offers Srikrishna over 1,300 Bhojon Geet.

The cast of Shee Krishna Bhakto Meera


  • Debadrita Basu as Princess Meera Bai, Veer Kumari and Ratan Singh's daughter, Rajkumar Bhoj's love interest turned wife, Veer Kumari and Ratan Singh's daughter is a devout Krishna devotee (later widow).
  • Arshiya Mukherjee (Shree Krishna Cast) as Young Meera
  • Joey Debroy as Bhoj Raj, Rajkumari Meera's husband, Maharana Sangram Singh's eldest son, and Rani Dhona Bai's biological son. (Later Died)
  • Ankit Mazumder as Young Bhojraj.
  • Krishna actor name Prarabdhi Singha as Lord Krishna.


Meera's family

  • Atri Bhattacharya as Prince Jaimal.
  • Tamagno Manna as "Young Jaimal"
  • Poonam Basak as Mrinal Kumari.
  • Rayati Bhattacharya as Veer Kumari/Chhoto Bourani
  • Sutirtha Saha plays Ratan Singh in the Mira series.
  • Somjita Bhattacharya as "Kokila"
  • Kuyasha Biswas as Princess Madhuraa
  • Tanishka Tiwari as "Young Madhuraa"
  • Riyanka Dasgupta (Krishna cast) as Gourja, aka Mejo Bourani
  • Subhajit Banerjee as Viram Singh.
  • Hridlekha Banerjee as Boro Bourani.
  • Subhrajit as Raimal Singh.
  • Sumanta Mukherjee as Maharaja Rao Dudaji
  • Kheyali Ghosh Dastidar as Maharani Champak Bai.
  • Madhuraa and Jaimal's grandmother.

Bhoj's family

  • Sudip Sarkar as Prince Vikram.
  • Sarbik Pal as "Young Vikram"
  • Sujata Dawn as Rani Karma Bai
  • Mukta is played by Chaitali Chakraborty.
  • Avery Singha Roy in Krishna serial cast as Rani Dhona Bai
  • Arijit Chowdhury as Maharana Sangram SinghIshani Sengupta as Princess Udaa Bai.
  • Debmalya Gupta as Prince Uday Pratap Singh.
  • Adwitiya Basu Roy as Princess Darpona.

Review of Shree Krishna Bhakto Meera

Debadria Basu, Prarabdhi Singha, and Joey Deb Roy play the lead roles in the show. In July, 'Shree Krishna Bhakto Meera' was released. With its first promo, Debadrita as Meera Bai and Prarabdhi(Krishna real name) as Lord Krishna was featured in the Shree Krishna Bhakto Meera serial and was managed to capture the audience's attention. The mythological show has a strong cast that includes Bhaswar Chatterjee, Rayati Bhattacharya, Debdut Ghosh, Avery Singha Roy, and many others, so expectations were high. Despite this, 'Shree Krishna Bhakto Meera' failed to impress on the TRP charts. According to industry reports, the producers also wanted to replace one of the show's lead actors. In a desperate attempt to boost the TRPs, they contacted some the popular male actors as potential substitutes.

However, due to the low TRP, the star Jalsha serial timetable 2021 was changed, with Shree Krisha Bhakto Meera initially airing at 6 pm and then shifting to 11 pm. In the end, the show gets finished within a year. 

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