Show with a purpose: Balika Vadhu, inspiration to no more actual Balika Vadhu

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Balika Vadhu season 1 is a show based on child marriage. Child marriage is a marriage of a girl or boy under the age of 21 for boys and 18 for girls, which the government is trying to redraft for girls like the same as boys that are 21. It has two seasons: season 1 which was telecasted for the first time in July 2008.

Balika Vadhu season 1 was premiered on colors tv for almost 8 years. It had a high TRP and was loved by the public.

Its first episode was telecasted on 21 July 2008 whereas its finale episode was telecasted on 31 July 2016.

 Balika Vadhu season 2 is ongoing.


 The story is about an eight-year-old underage girl Anandi is married to a tender age boy Jagya aka Jagdish. She has to go through a lot to cope with the family traditions and customs. They are married at such an age that they are not even aware of the term marriage. After coming to her in-law’s house she finds her grandmother-in-law (Balika Vadhu dadi) extremely strict but she was given immense love by her mother and father-in-law. 

Her father-in-law was always in her support to fulfill her desire to study. After some time of their marriage, there were a lot of issues between Anandi and Jagya. Jagya was also married to Gauri, but the sarpanch of the village declared his marriage with Gauri as illegal because he was already married to Anandi.

Balika Vadhu season 2 telecasted now on colours. 

One fine day Anandi was injured and Jagya couldn’t find medical help for her, that was the day when he decided to become a doctor and for his further studies, he went to Mumbai. There he finds his love interest in Gauri, who he once married in his childhood and his senses gets married to her, considering his child marriage illegally. Balika Vadhu 2 written update.

While Jagya was in Mumbai, Anandi use to educate girls in her town Jaitsar and run awareness campaigns.

When Anandi got to know about his wedding with Gauri, she decided to legally get separated from him and he angrily signs the divorce papers. Balika Vadhu season 2

Later Anandi finds her love in Shivraj and gets married to him happily. The story didn't end here. Jagya took divorced Gauri because the latter was trying to keep him away from his family. Balika Vadhu all episodes.


• Avika Gor as a child Anandi

• Pratyusha Banerjee as an adult and grown-up Anandi later replaced by Toral Rasputra

• Shashank Vyas and Shakti Anand as Jagya aka Jagdish

• Siddharth Shukla Balika Vadhu as Shivraj Shekhar

• Anup Soni as Bhairav Singh

• Anita Bansal as Sumita Singh

• Gurkha Sikri as Kalyani Singh Balika Vadhu Dadi

• Shubham Jha played the role of Amol Shekhar: Shivraj and Anandi's adopted son

• Dishank Arora was Shivam Shekhar

• Mahhi Vij as Dr Nandini, Anandi and Shivraj's daughter

• Chet Anya Singh as Khajaan Singh

• Bhairavi Raichura as Bhagwati Singh


• Shivangi Joshi as Anandi Bhujaariya

• Randeep Rai as Anand Chaturvedi

• Samridh Bawa as Jigar Anjaariya Balika Vadhu season 2

• Anshul Trivedi as Khimjee Bhujaariya

These are Balika Vadhu cast name main leads and there are many more recurring characters.

Balika Vadhu season 2 story

There are two friends in a village named Devgarh. Khimjee and Premji, Khimjee's wife Ratan are pregnant and Premji has two sons named Gopal and Jigar. Balika vadhu 2 cast. They wish that Khimjee's pregnant wife gives birth to a baby girl so that they can get her married to his son Jigar.

Balika Vadhu season 2 Premji performs a pooja every day with the wish that a newborn is a baby girl. 

After some days Premji talks about the child marriage of Anandi and Jigar and Khimjee agrees and they marry them in the moving truck. Watch Balika Vadhu online.

At 13 years of age Jigar knows about the marriage but 8 years Anandi is still unaware. Balika Vadhu 2 story revolves around Anandi and her struggles in life.

Balika Vadhu episode 1000 is a special episode for Anandi as she is saved by a stranger, the stranger is none other than Collector Shivraj Shekhar, who later starts feeling for Anandi and they get happily married.

Balika Vadhu all episodes are available on colours tv official YouTube channel.

The character of Shivraj Shekhar appointed as Jaitsar's Collector is aptly played by Siddharth Shukla Balika Vadhu. While Siddharth Shukla, Pratyusha Banerjee and Surekha Sikri have left the world but their characters have been a remarkable part of their journey.

Balika Vadhu full episode does not promote child marriages, rather convey a deep message for not going against the laws. They show the consequences of child marriage and how a child's life get abruptly disturbed by child marriage. You can watch Balika Vadhu online anytime anywhere on their YouTube channel.

Balika Vadhu 2 conveys a strong message of not hampering the right to choose provided by the constitutions and not getting child marriages done as they affect the mental health of a child as well and burdens the child which they are not even capable of handling, without knowing what marriage is they are burdened with orthodox duties in the name of tradition, customs and even sometimes unknowingly become a part of their parent’s greed and ego. Balika Vadhu 2 written update.

The show was loved by the public and was telecasted for 8 years in a row which made it a great success to the people related to the show, who put their hearts out to entertain the public and also convey the message sensitively, which leaves an impact on them and also persuades them to not become a part of child marriage rather stand against it and stop such heinous crimes against a child. 

The success of season 1 forced the makers to come up with Balika Vadhu season 2.

The actors are putting in great effort to make the season 2 Balika Vadhu episode 1000 cross the benchmark of popularity set by season 1.

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