Shaktimaan Upcoming Movie: A Film That Will Make Us Nostalgic

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All of us will get nostalgic after reading the title of this blog. Most of us have spent our childhood watching Mukesh Khanna's Shaktimaan. Shaktimaan used to get aired on DD National from 1997 to 2005. Shaktimaan became a sensation among the children during those days. It was a superhero TV show. So, now the filmmakers have come up with an idea to give us a chance to relive our childhood memories in the form of a Shaktimaan movie 2022. The Shaktimaan film will be an action drama.

Let's get deeper into the details of the film.

Shaktimaan movie 2022 will be a film trilogy that will get released in three parts. The SONY pictures are very excited to bring back one of the most loved superhero shows on Television.

Actor Mukesh Khanna who portrayed the role of Shaktimaan in DD National's Television series is also one of the producers of the Shaktimaan upcoming movie 2022. Mukesh Khane has admitted that he is very much excited about the upcoming project since the character of Shaktimaan is very close to his heart.

After the success of most of the superhero films, SONY is excited about a Desi Superhero movie.

The news of the remake of Shaktimaan has made the fans delighted but they would have been happier if they would have come to know about other details of the Shaktimaan upcoming movie.

However, the makers are all set to bring back the Desi Superher but, they have not revealed much about the lead actors, release date, or any other details of the film. But, the first part of the Shaktimaan 2022 trilogy will get released in the current year.

SONY Pictures have released the teaser of the Superhero film with a great caption that says, "Recreate the magic of iconic superhero."

DD National's Shaktimaan:

Shaktimaan was a superhero Television show on DD National starring Mukesh Khanna as Shaktimaan in the show. There was an alter ego to Shaktimaan, Pandit Gangadhar Vidyadhar Mayadhar Omkarnath Shastri. Shaktimaan was a human being who succeeded in his meditation and achieved the powers of five elements, Air, Space, Earth, Water, and Fire. Shaktimaan used these powers t help the needy ones and save the country from the evil motives of the villain.

The makers also included a love sequence in the show. There was a reporter Geeta Vishwas. She loves Shaktimaan. She is a very important part of this superhero show on DD National.

Along with playing the role of Shaktimaan in the show, Mukesh Khanna was also the producer of the show. He has his production house titled Bheeshm International.

Later, the show was followed by an animated Shaktimaan film, Shaktimaan: The Animated Series in the year 2011. Further, came Hamara Hero Shaktimaan, a Television Film in the year 2013.

And now, the Shaktimaan fans will get to watch the Shaktimaan upcoming movie 2022 after such a long wait.

Shaktimaan movie cast 2022:

Though it is confirmed that SONY Pictures are going to bring back our childhood memories, they have not made any official announcement that could tell us about the star cast of the film. However, the rumors say that the makers are planning to cast Vidyut Jamwal or Vicky Kaushal as the superhero Shaktimaan in the film. The makers are trying to finalize some new actors to play the roles in the Shaktimaan upcoming movie. As per the media reports, the makers have triggered the auditions for the same. Let us hope, the makers will soon find a suitable hero for the role who could make to the hearts of the fans as done by Mukesh Khanna in those days.

However, the makers might consider Ranveer Singh, Vidyut Jammval, Jisshu Sengupta, Pratik Gandhi, and Varun Tej. Ranveer Singh's name was there in the rumors when the makers had announced the Shaktimaan film as a trilogy. Let us see who will be a part of this iconic superhero film.

Shaktimaan movie cast might include the actress Alia Bhatt or Deepika Padukone to portray the role of Geeta Vishwas in the film. She was a reporter in the show who had feelings for Shaktimaan. So, Geeta's character is a very important part of the show.

However, all of these are assumptions. We can hope that we get to see the best star cast ib the Shaktimaan movie.

Shaktimaan Movie release date:

Shaktimaan movie is believed to get released in the current year. The makers have started the auditions for the star cast of the film. But they have not revealed anything in the detail. Shaktimaan was the most loved superhero show in those days. SONY Pictures have made it official that they will come up with a Shaktimaan movie in the year 2022. They have made it clear with a video and a beautiful caption. They are all set to bring a film on the Desi Superhero. There is still no information about the star cast of the Shaktimaan upcoming movie. There is no information about the release date of the Shaktimaan movie. The film is believed to get released in late 2022 or might be in early 2023.

Shaktimaan film will get released in the different languages, Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, English, Kannada, and Malayalam.

Shaktimaan film making:

Shaktimaan TV show was produced by Mukesh Khanna, who has his own production company, Bheeshm International. Hence, The Shaktimaan movie will be produced under the banner of two production companies in collaboration. One will be Brewing Thoughts Private Limited, and the other will be Bheeshm International.

Since Mukesh Khanna has been an inseparable part of this superhero television series, he is very excited about the Shaktimaan upcoming movie. He has made a very special place in the hearts of the children as Sjaktimaan. Let us hope, we will get to see the same energy in the actor who will play the role of Shaktimaan and his alter ego Pandit Gangadhar Vidyadhar, Mayadhar Omkarnath Shastri in the film.

There is much more to films, TV shows, and web series. Stay tuned to get more information.

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