Sathya Serial Cast: Gouthami Jadav makes a comeback in a Tomboy avatar after Nagapanchami Serial

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Sathya is a Kannada television serial in India. The sitcom was shown on Zee Kannada and is also available on the digital platform ZEE5. The show premiered on December 7, 2020, and it's a remake of the Odia serial Sindura Bindu. The show Sathya serial heroine name Gowthami Jadhav, and others cast Sagar Biligowda, Priyanka Shivann, and Girija Lokesh. The serial is directed by Swapna Krishna, who has previously directed serials such as Gurahalakhsmi, Subbalakshmi Samsara, and Ganga. The storyline shows a tomboy who takes on all of the obligations of a family leader. Later, after some major events, she marries Karthikeya, a business tycoon with a large family. The Satya Kannada serial is produced by RRR Creative Media Ltd, a subsidiary of ZEE Originals. Satya aired on ZEE Kannada from Monday through Saturday at 9:00 p.m., with a repeat at 11:00 a.m. Before we go into the plot and review of the serial, let's first take a look at the cast of this popular Kannada serial.

Sathya Serial Cast (Main)

  • Gouthami Jadav as Sathya
  • Sagar Gowda as Karthikeya
  • Priyanka Shivanna as Divya
  • Abhijit
  • Girija Lokesh
  • Malathi Sirdesh Pandey

Sathya Serial Cast (Supporting)

  • Keerthi
  • Anu Janardhan
  • Rupesh Kumar
  • Ashvin Vendor
  • Meghashree

 Sathya Serial Plot

Sathya is a fearless tomboy who embraces life as it comes and she lives with her mother, grandmother, and her money-obsessed elder sister Divya. She is the owner of her late father's mechanic shop. She is constantly willing to assist people at a second’s notice. Soon after, Satya(Gauthami Jadav, Sathya serial heroine name) meets Karthikeya (Sagar Gowda), a business tycoon, and the two become friends. Sathya soon discovers she has feelings for Karthikeya. But Karthikeya's marriage to Divya has been finalized and Satya is clueless about Karthikeya and Divya's marriage and becomes heartbroken when she discovered it.

Divya (Priyanka Shivanna, Sathya Kannada serial heroine name) is kidnapped by her ex-fiancé, Bala, on her wedding day and later killed in an accident. Then Sathya's grandmother informs Karthikeya and his family that Satya is Divya's sister. However, Karthikeya and Sathya marry against their will since their families urge them to do so to protect family honor. Janaki, Sathya's mother, apologizes to her after the marriage and advises her on how to interact with the new family. Despite Karthikeya's Sister and Uncle's treachery in removing Satya from Karthikeya's life because she opposed their wicked selfish desires. Satya (Gouthami Jadav, Sathya Kannada serial heroine name) outwits them with her intelligence. But later she generously forgives all of them and conceals many of their misdeeds from Karthikeya. However, their enemies see this as an advantage.

Karthikeya accepts Sathya about a year after their marriage, and they started living happily. Soon after, Divya (Priyanka Shivanna, Sathya Kannada serial heroine name) returns and joins with Satya and Karthikeya's enemies to create problems between them but failed. Soon, Sathya becomes pregnant, and Karthikeya becomes too concerned about her. However, when Karthikeya is in danger, as planned by all their enemies Sathya breaks free from her confinement and saves Karthikeya from being killed, losing her baby in the attempt.

Karthikeya, being succumbed to betrayal, isolates Satya (Gauthmai Jadav, Sathya Kannada serial heroine name) from the family, blaming her for the miscarriage, but the truth is that Kartikeya severely hit Satya with his car, resulting in the abortion though he is unaware of this, and Satya hide this truth from him. Nonetheless, Sathya feels bad for not following Karthikeya's advice. Because of Karthikeya's arrogance, Sathya and Karthikeya are separated.

Conclusion: Satya Serial Kannada review

Satya is a popular Kannada television show. This show is about dramatic family events. Satya Kannada serial fans claimed that it has a different storyline from the other serial. The background music throughout the serial is adequate, and the storyline is intriguing.

Regarding the Sathya serial cast performance, first and foremost, the serial's heroine Gauthami Jadav's performance is flawless. Gauthmai Jadav (Sathya Kannada serial heroine name) makes a reappearance as a Tomboy avatar after the last appearing onscreen in the renowned Kannada serial Nagapanchami in 2012. She gave a decent performance in this serial, and the pear shone brightly. The performances of the other lead Sathya serial cast and supporting cast were decent, and they combined to create this serial a comprehensive package of entertainment. 

So, what are you holding out for? Satya serial Kannada is perfect for you to watch if you enjoy serials that have a combination of comedy, action, romance, and emotion.

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