Saamanyudu movie review- The Telugu Dub of Veeramae Vaagai Soodum

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Samanyudu movie review-

Hello readers! Welcome to another blog! This blog is about the latest 2022 movie Saamanyudu. After reading this blog you will get to know about samanyudu movie review, Plot, Cast, and other things! So, keep reading.

Saamanyudu is an Indian Telugu Language Movie. It is the official dubbed version of the Tamil film Veeramae Vaagai Soodum. The direction and production of the movie remain the same. It is directed by Thu Pa Saravanan and produced by Vishal- The Lead Male in the movie.

 Also, Yuvan Shankar Raja and N.B Shrikant have done the music and editing respectively for both the films.

Genre- The film is an Action-Thriller!  

Saamanyudu release date- The film was released on 4th February 2022 in the theatres. However, the film did not do very well at the box office.  

About the Movie- 

Porus hails from a middle-class family who aspires to entire the IPS and become a policeman like his father, who is a Head Constable. However, his sister is murdered which involves some big names in the country. Porus then decides to solve the case in his own way! Will Porus be able to find the Culprits? And will his aspiration of joining the IPS be ever fulfilled. 


Porus wishes to join the IPS and is trying his best for it. His father is a Head Constable in the police but he blindly follows his seniors out of fear and always “serves the RICH”. Porus comes from a very middle-class family consisting of parents and a sister. However, Dwarka (his sister) is murdered by Nedunchezhiyan, an industrialist, as she witnesses him killing a social activist named Parishuddam. Parishuddam is against the factory of Nedunchezhiyan as it is harmful to the health of the people living in the vicinity. Porus then decides to solve the case on his own. While doing so, he comes to know that another girl is also a witness to the murder. He tries his level best to save the girl from the goons but unfortunately, he could not. With the help of his friend, who is a hacker he obtains audio of Dwarka’s confession of the murder. 

When Nedunchizhiyan comes to know about this, he kidnaps Porus’s father and tells him to hand over the recording or else see his father die. When Porus reaches the site, he is thrashed by the goons, however, he fights them back fiercely and kills Nedunchizhiyan’s brother. He then brings Neduchizhiyan’s former rival who kills Neduchizhiyan. In this way, he frees his father and leaves the factory. Later he succeeds in becoming an IPS.

Samanyudu Cast- 

  • Vishal as Porus 
  • Babu raj as Nedunchezhiyan
  • Dimple Hayathi as Mythilli 
  • Yogi Babu as Thalapathy 
  • Raveena Ravi as Dwarka 
  • G. Marimuthu as Porus’s and Dwarka’s Father
  • K.S.G Ventakesh as Mythilli’s Father
  • Tulasi as Poras’s and Dwarka’s Mother. 
  • Navin Krubhakar as A U Nallan
  • Akilan S. Pushparaj as Faizal 

Samanyudu movie rating

samanyudu 2022 imdb rating- 6.8/10

89% of Google users have liked the film

Mirchi 9 - 2.5/10

Samanyudu 2022 Review - 

Saamanyudu is a great movie however there are a lot of drawbacks to it and the audience has been saying it all over the internet. Samanyudu movie review suggests that the movie does not have anything extraordinary as such. It is a very typical revenge kind of film where the hero is set to take revenge for one of his family member’s loss. The reviews say that some audiences have felt the movie laggy and very slow and the movie highly emotional. 

Critics suggest Vishal has done a great job playing his role and gives full justice to it. There was not much comedy delivered from Yogi Babu and also Raju’s role could’ve been given a bit more importance. 

The Cinematography and editing of the movie are good but the concern arises when it comes to direction. It feels that the story could’ve been narrated in a better way. 

Saamanyudu Songs-

  1. Rise of a Common man (Theme Music)
  2. Matthikinche Kalley

Common queries

What is Samanyudu 2022 IMMDb rating?

The rating for the movie is 6.8/10 on IMDb.

What is Samanyudu movie review?

The movie narration is a bit slow and feels laggy at times. But the actors and other crew have done a great job. 

Where to watch Saamanyudu 2022?

All dubs of Saamanyudu including Tamil, Telugu, and Hindi could be watched on Zee5.

Is Saamanyudu 2022 a remake? 

No, Saamanyudu is not a remake of any movie but a dubbed version of Veeramae Vaagai Soodum.

Saamanyudu trailer-

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