Runway 34: Ajay Devgan and Amitabh Bachchan Starrer Film Based On A True Incident

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Here we are with the story of the latest Bollywood release, Runway 34. Every weekend, we wait for a new release of a film and start searching for its storyline, whether in the written form or visual form. With no delay, we are here to put some stop to your curiosity. Although, during the promotion of any film, we get to know a lot about it. Like its star cast, director, producer, writer, etc. But still, we are here with complete information about the Runway 34 movie.

The film is a Hindi-language production that comes under the thriller genre.

Runway 34 features Ajay Devgan, Rakul Preet Singh, Amitabh Bachchan, and Boman Irani in lead roles. Along with acting in the film, Ajay Devgan is both the producer and director of the film. Ajay Devgan has produced the movie under the banner of his own production company, Ajay Devgan FFilms, and Panorama Studios. Sandeep Kewlani and Aamil Kenyan Khan have given the plot of the movie. Runway 34 is the latest release of Bollywood on the 29th of April 2022. The film has been distributed by Yash Raj Films and Panorama Studios, with a running time of 148 minutes, approx 2 hours, and 28 minutes.

Runway 34 movie cast:

Though the audience and the fans get to know about the star cast of the film from the time the making of that film is announced. But some things remain missed out. We usually get to know about the involvement of Big stars in the movie at that moment. Or the characters who are leaders in the films. But the minor roles and the characters are equally important. So, we are here about the actual and the character names of all the actors working in the film.

Here is the complete list of the cast of Runway 34:

  • Ajay Devgan as Captain Vikram Khanna
  • Amitabh Bachchan as Narayan Vedant
  • Rakul Preet Singh (First Officer Tanya Albuquerque)
  • Boman Irani as Nishant Suri, the owner of Skyline Airway Company
  • Angira Dhar (Rashika Roy, the lawyer of Captin Vikram Khanna)
  • Aakanksha Singh (Samaira Khanna, Captain Vikram Khanna'swife)
  • Ajey Nagar
  • Flora Jacob as Alma Asthana, the lady who passes away

After such a long time, we will witness such a combination of the stunning star casts. The film that features Amitabh Bachchan, Ajay Devgan, and Boman Irani is a hit already.

Runway 34 movie production:

Runway 34 was titled Mayday in the beginning when the making of the film got announced in November 2020. But later, the title was changed to Runway 34 in November 2021. The shoot for the film got wrapped up in December 2021.

Runway 34 movie plot:

Runway 34 is a film for which the writers, producer, and director have drawn inspiration from a real-time incident.

An unfortunate incident happened in the year 2015. The exact day was 18h August 2015, three days after we celebrated our independence day.

The incident was all about the risky landing of an airplane owned by Jet Airways. The flight was heading to Kochi from Doha. Suddenly, the weather became worse, and the pilots found it difficult to carry out the safe landing of the plane. After a long wait and a lot of effort, the pilots and the ATC (Air Traffic Control) decided to land the plane at Trivandrum International Airport.

In Runway 34 Ajay Devgan has portrayed the character of Captain Vikram Khanna, who was the pilot of the airplane. Rakul Preet Singh is the co-pilot.

The maker of the film decided to bring out it to light how the passengers, pilots, and the authorities feel when there are difficult conditions. Runway 34 movie explaining the emotions of all the people associated with a flight when it flies in the sky. The pilots are responsible for the life of themselves, the crew members, and the passengers. How do they cope with the situation shouldering the responsibility of so many people?

The story begins in a typical manner. All the passengers are settling down and arranging their stuff. The flight is boarded by different kinds of people like a Parsi mother-daughter, a Muslim woman whose kid is continuously crying, you tuber, Ajey Nagar, and others.

After the bad weather was reported at Kochi, Captain Vikram Khanna decides to divert the flight to Trivandrum International Airport. But the First Officer, Tanya, has a question in her mind. There is a great possibility that they might find the same weather conditions at the Trivandrum also. She asks why they can not head towards Bengaluru, a safer place for landing the plane.

In situations with a scarcity of fuel and rising winds, the plane goes into turbulence. This is the time when Vikram Khanna has to use all his experience and skills to have a safe landing amid such bad weather conditions. All the passengers, ATC, co-pilot, all cheer up Captain Vikram Khanna, who utilizes all his skills and succeeds in the safe landing.

Runway 34 movie review:

Runway 34 is a decent movie that one might watch with patience and is quite liked by the fans. But as per the reports, the film is not that good that it will make the bounce-back of the Bollywood movies amid the rising craze for South Films.

However, the film has made a good start at the box office with a collection of 7.75 crores. As per the evaluation by the experts, the film might reach an estimated collection of about 45 to 60 crores.

Runway 34 movie has been appreciated by critics. The film has received 4 stars out of 5 from the Times of India.

Along with positive, the film has experienced negative reviews also. Pinkvilla has awarded the movie 2.5/5 stars.

However, the film is based on a real incident. And such kinds of films are quite liked by the audience. So, we wish Good Luck to the Runway 34 team.

Here is a glimpse of the trailer.

Stay tuned for interesting blogs about the films and web series.

Image Credits: IMDb

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