Roohaniyat Web Series Review: Rooh Ko Zinda Rakhne Ke Liye Roohaniyat Ki Zarurat Nahi Hai

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The most recent version of the MX Player, Roohaniyat web series part 2 is on air. The first episode of season 1 of the show aired on 23 March 2022 and it ended with the scope of season 2. You won't be able to fully comprehend the story's plot until you have watched it all the way through. 

Hello.... folks and welcome to 99Chills.com we are back with an amazing web series review and this time you do not have to worry about the OTT platform as the show is available on MX player. Today, we're going to discuss the Mx Player web series, Roohaniyat. Other than that, we will also talk about Roohaniyat web series part 2, Roohaniyat cast, Review, Season 3, and many more so, buckle up your seats, and let's get started.

On July 25, 2022, Roohaniyat Chapter 2 was released. The show is directed by Glen Barretto and Ankush Mohla, and in season 2 Arjun Bijlani is back in his role as saddu Saveer, the khadoos. Roohaniyat meaning in English is "Inwardness" after watching the series you will finally understand why Roohaniyat is associated with the show. However, you must first watch season 1 then only you will be able to comprehend Roohaniyat Chapter 2's plot with ease. 

The Roohaniyat series is the Hindi language, a mystery-romance drama. If you have a subscription to the video streaming OTT service, you can watch the episode online on MX Player.

Roohaniyat web series cast-


Glen Barretto and Ankush Mohla


Sushil Choubay, Shilpa Choubey, and Shreyes Anil Lowlekar. 


  • Arjun Bijlani - Saveer Rathod 
  • Kanika - Priksha
  • Amala Paul - Amna Parvez 
  • Amrita Puri - Anju 
  • Zarina Wahab - Rukhsar 
  • Uday Chandra - Watchman 
  • Saurabh Sachdeva - Jagmohan Seth 
  • Paras Priyadarshan - Ganesh 
  • Madan Deodhar - Abdul 
  • Naina Sareen - Mary 
  • Aalekh Kapoor - Vinod Kumar

In addition to these, some other actors and actresses are playing supporting roles in this web series.


Gautam Talwar

Roohaniyat plot-

The protagonist of the play, Saveer Rathod, hates surprises and believes that forever is a lie. He asks his fiancée Ishanvi not to surprise him on his birthday. Instead, he experiences the biggest shock of his life, which leaves him inconsolable and in mourning. Prisha, on the other hand, disagrees with him even though her previous relationship left her heartbroken. 

Prisha is obsessed with the idea of a perfect romantic relationship and soulmates and Saveer has grown cold, disconnected, and uninterested in the idea of love. When opposites engage and cross paths, there is tension in the air that is weighty and pervasive. Two individuals with various views on love eventually start to feel something for one another. In addition, there is a murder mystery to solve and a 15-year age difference between the two people. The story revolves around the unexpected turns that Saver and Prisha's life and romance would take.

Season 2 of Roohaniyat picks up where season 1 left off. 

Roohaniyat season 2 plot-

Through Rooh Publication's podcast, Roohaniyat predicts the next development in the story. Prisha realizes and declares her love for Saveer. Prisha repeatedly confronts Saveer due to her belief in their relationship, forcing Saver to focus solely on Prisha. But in the worst way imaginable, this is the nicest thing that has ever happened to her. Prisha receives repeated warnings to back off, but because she's captivated, she pursues Saver with even greater sympathy. 

Roohaniyat web series season 3-

The popularity of this show has increased viewers' interest in the third season.

Actor Arjun Bijlani discussed the likelihood of a third season of the series in an interview he said, "I am frequently questioned about chapter 3. Observing how deeply involved everyone is in Saveer and Prisha's trip. I can't wait for them to watch the last episodes. Regarding chapter 3, I believe viewers will be in for a major shock."

Roohaniyat web series Review-

The second season of Roohaniyat is more enjoyable to watch than the first one because it is more laid-back and less absurd this time, you can even binge-watch the show. With the best Roohaniyat cast and a 9.1/10 Roohaniyat IMDb rating, the series surely improves its capacity to generate tension, but the romance more than makes up for it. You don't wonder why certain things happen this time around. 

Even while season 2 of Roohaniyat is a significant improvement over season 1, it still occasionally resorts to drama, cheesiness, and almost absurd scenes. Despite being fewer, these do exist. Roohaniyat would have been a very entertaining show to watch if they didn't exist.

Roohaniyat web series Trailer-

On July 14, 2022, the trailer was made available on the Mx Player OTT Platform and the Mx Player Official YouTube Channel. Its trailer has received a lot of positive feedback, and 130K people have watched it so far. 


Ques. 1 Is Roohaniyat worth watching? 

Ans. Season 2 of Roohaniyat is a significant improvement over season 1 but in order to understand the plotting of season 2 you have to watch season 1 first.

Ques. 2 Will there be Roohaniyat Season 2? 

Ans. Yes, Roohaniyat Chapter 2 was released on July 25, 2022, and is available on MX Player.

Ques. 3 How many episodes are there in Roohaniyat? 

Ans. There are 13 episodes in season 1 Roohaniyat web series and a total of 14 episodes are available in season 2 of the series.

Ques. 4 Is Roohaniyat a horror story?

Ans. No, Roohaniyat is a mystery-romance drama series in Hindi available on MX Player.

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