Sundari Kannada Serial : A Ride Through The Struggles Of A Dark Girl

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Heya Bingers!

How have you guys been? It's been a few days since we last met and I thought of making our reunion a bit spicy and dramatic. Thinking of the same, what could make our lives more spicy and dramatic than an Indian Daily Soap Opera, don't you agree?? And if the one under consideration is from South Indian Television, then it comes unsaid that endless entertainment is promised.

Today, we'll talk about the Krishna Sundari Kannada serial. The Sundari Kannada Serial is a Daily Soap Opera that has become the new haul of the viewers nowadays. This Soap Opera and Sundari Serial cast is the one that has necessarily kept your mothers and you glued to the screen if you've had a chance to have a look.

Don't yet know what we're talking about? Have a sneak peek!

Sundari Serial: About

Let us talk about the basics of Sundari Kannada serial. The Sundari serial has become the current hustle on Kannada Television. The Krishna Sundari Kannada serial is also known as Oru Sarasari Pennin Porattam and is directed by Ganesh Shastry. The Opening theme “Sundari” is sung by Rajesh Krishnan. The country of origin of this serial is India and the original language is Kannada. This serial has been dubbed in Tamil, Telugu, and Bengali as well. The Producer & Cinematographer of the serial in various languages is Ramesh Aravind, Karaikudi Balasubramaniam (KT.Balu _ Manonmani Stores ), Banumurugan, Vijayapaandi, and many more.

The normal airing time of this series is 22-24 minutes( like any other daily soap) on Udaya TV.

The Kannada serial has been produced by the production company Sling Shot Productions.

The series was released on 11 January 2021. The show timings are 9:00 PM- 9:30 PM from Monday to Saturday.

The Tamil Remake first aired on the 22nd of February 2021 on Sun TV. This was followed by the Bengali Remake which was released on the 19th of July 2021 on Sun Bangla. This was again followed by the Telugu remake which aired on the 23rd of August 2021 on Gemini TV. This Telugu remake is by now the last remake of the Soap Opera.

Sundari Serial Story

But what is it about the Sundari Kannada Serial that has made it the talk of the town? Yes guys, it's time we talk about the Sundari serial story!

This serial is about a girl who is discriminated against due to her looks. She's dark-skinned and this is the root cause of most of the problems in her life. But, Sundari, being the fearless soul that she is, fights against all the ridiculous stereotypes and aims to become an IAS officer. She is utterly kind-hearted, caring,and helping. She believes that beauty lies within people. The real definition of beauty is defined by what is inside us rather than what is on the outside.

The story revolves around Sundari, the lead, and her struggle to achieve her goal.

Another interesting and spicy turn in the story is that Sundari is married to a man named Karthik, played by the actor Jishnu Menon. The lead opposition to Sundari, is Karthik, who happens to have two wives. I know, I know. You might be thinking how extremely dramatic and seemingly impossible this is. But this all makes a bit of sense as the story captures the life of a village girl, Sundari, who is also dark-complexioned. So, though a bit bizarre, the overall scenario is involving and interesting, so it increases the curiosity and excitement of the viewers over time.

Sundari Serial Actress Name 

Ahmm, ahmm, but who is the Sundari in the Sundari Kannada serial?

Don't you want to know the Sundari serial actress's name? The Sundari actress is none other than Gabriella Sellus. This Sundari actress has been seen in various other ventures on Kannada TV before. She has worked in various web series, daily soap operas, and movies like Kabali, Pasamalar, Aaira, and Kanchana 3. She is extremely active on her social media. Other than being a tremendous actress, Gabrielle Sellus is also a scriptwriter and tiktoker. She started her career as a Child Actress in Tamil Movies. The Tamil movie Kabali marked the adult acting debut in the year 2016.

Sundari Serial Episode: Timeline & News

Due to its immense liking and TRP (Television Rating Point), the Sundari Kannada serial has completed huge milestones lately. There are a total of around 280 Sundari serial episodes that have aired to date and counting.

Where To Watch Sundari Serial Yesterday Episode?

Did you just get intrigued with the storyline or did you or any family member of yours missed an episode? No worries! Here I'm going to intimate you about where you can quench your drama cravings.

You can see the Sundari Serial Yesterday Episode or any Sundari episode on MXPlayer as well as YouTube. Thank me later!

Sundari Serial Cast

Hahh, enough talk. Tell us who these guys are from the Sundari Kannada serial and give us new crushes to stalk, isn't this what you were thinking just yet? Well, worry no more! As always, I'm on your rescue with the Sundari serial cast.

Here’s a list of Sundari serial casts:

Gabriella Sellus as Sundari Karthick

Jishnu Menon   as Karthick

Shreegopika Neelanath as Anu Karthick

Niharika / Premi Venkat as Malliga

Nazia as Sudha

P. R.Varalakshmi as Gandhimathi

Aravis as Krishna

Indumathy Manikandan as Valliamma

Arunkumar Padmanathan as Pazhani Sundari’s arch-rival (Antagonist)

Sangeetha Balan as House owner Janaki

Manohar Krishna as Murugan

Minnal Deepa   as Lakshmi

Deepthi Rajendra as Malini

L. Raja   as Shankar

Lakshmi Vasudevan as Selvi

Sandhya Jagarlamudi   as Radha

Tharani Sureshkumar   as Periyanayaki aka Berry

Krithika Annamalai as Geetha a Police officer

Mime Gopi as Sundari’s father (Guest Appearance)

So, guys, I hope that I have given you a new involvement for the evenings or maybe a new binge partner if you haven't seen the Sundari daily soap yet. Anyways, it will prove to be a good companion if you need some cliche drama or are feeling homesick. 

With this note, I take a leave. It was a nice ride! Toodles.

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