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Yashasvi SaxenaFeb 24 . 8 min read

Howdy fella bingers!

Today, we’re here to unfold yet another ‘Bollywood-ish Cliche’ (calling it so to help you get a clearer picture). We’re talking about a so-called mythological masterpiece, well at least the director Kunal Kohli thought so, the MXPlayer release- ‘Ramyug’. No wonder you didn’t hear about it until yet, neither did I until 12 hours ago. And just to calm y’all down, you didn’t miss anything at all. That’s too much reviewing done right in the beginning, Jeez, I need to calm my ti*s a bit. So today, as always, I will give you a brutally honest review (you just got insights into the brutality) along with some insights on the Ramyug Web series cast and Ramyug release date.

After giving my six precious hours of a good for nothing life, there are certain key points that I realized about Ramyug. I’ll walk you through them in brief one by one. Here comes the Ramyug web series review.

Number One

What were the series makers thinking when they chose the story? I mean, what can you possibly add to this years-old tale of Ramayana. And, what possible version of it is not already available for the Mytho-geeks to already explore. What made you think that the viewers are going to be enchanted by this so-called trying to be extravagant version of yours. For once, it seemed to me like a cheap mimicry of Baahubali that mimicked everything but its impact and grand gesture, thus left the viewers with… what, you thought it gave me something?

Number Two

Didn’t they have a mirror for the Ramyug Web Series cast members? I mean, everything was going well for the first half an hour, and then, Hanuman entered. Call me nit-picky but he was hilarious. Starting with his beard that looked more evil than Godly, to his straw-like puffed hair. It looked like he just had a bad day at the saloon but what could he possibly say to the barber, never mind if he’s a God. Guys, I’m not lying when I say that my jaw dropped with humor. Neither Ram nor Sita made the impact that the lead often makes on the screen. There was no charm in the overall screen setup that would keep your eyes constantly glued to the screen.

 I’m pretty sure the cast had enough days before the Ramyug Release date to realize that they’re looking no better than a clown and they should consider re-shooting their parts.

Number Three

Okay, I get that you were a bit too inspired by Baahubali and voiceovers, but if you’re doing it then do it right at least. The moment I saw Sita speaking, I realized that I wasted my last batch of Popcorn. I mean, at least choose a voice that suits the character and person playing on the screen. The same goes with almost all the cast members. At times, it also felt like the actors were overemphasizing their words and body language to suit the characters and the supremacy& elegance of Satyuga. But alas, their efforts went in vain due to the shitty screenplay and representation. Rather than making it look luxurious, they made it look simple overdramatic which was just too much to digest at once.

Number Four

Talking of the overall vibe of the show, though they attempted to make it look extravagant, they rather ended up making it look like a melodramatic, na na na, hyper-dramatic Indian daily soap with a dash of overacting and vanity failures.

Number Five

What were these guys thinking while naming their episodes? Just take a look a the episode name ones.

Episode 1- Prem

Episode 2- Karm

Episode 3- Dhokha

Episode 4- Dharma

Episode 5- Vachan

Episode 6- Sangharsh

Episode 7- Yudh

Episode 8- Saaransh

I know, I know, I’m being a little too judgy here, but bro, where’s the effort? Some of them were even a bit irrelevant with the instances that were being captured in the episodes. Well, nothing seemed relevant in Ramyug, so never mind. 

Number Six

After the deadly costumes and deafening voice-overs, the thing that caught my eye and showed the efforts of the series makers was the sequence of storytelling. Instead of the monotonous sequential tale-telling, they incorporated flashbacks. The flashbacks were punched in at the time where they would explain the reason that lead to the current scenario. It was not all useless after all! 

Ramyug Web Series Cast

So now that you have had the Ramyug web series review, it's time we talk about the Ramyug Web series Cast and then move on to the Ramyug Release date as well. Talking of the Ramyug web series cast, the Ramyug cast was not new to the eyes. The Ramyug web series cast consisted of almost all the faces that we know through television. Here’s a list of Ramyug cast or the Ramyug web series cast (you know, just to make it look grand;))

Diganth Manchale As Ram

Akshay Dogra As Laksman

Aishwarya Ojha As Sita

Kabir Duhan Singh As Ravan

Vivan Bhathena As Hanuman

Tisca Chopra As Kaikeyi 

Navdeep Pallapolu As Vibhishan Anish 

John Kokken As Indrajeet

Shishir Sharma As Dashrath

Jatin Sial As Janak

Sweta Gulati As Manthra

Mamta Verma As Mandodri

Suparna Marwah As Kaushalya

Dalit Tahil As Vishvamitra

Anup Soni As Parshuram

Vikram Singh Chauhan As Bharat

Hemant Kumar Pandey As Vali

Arun Singh Rana As Sharbhang

Ravi Jhankal As Agastya Rishi

Shaan Grover As Angad

Amit Madan Gaur As Sugriv

Danish Akhtar As Kumbhakarn

Teena Singh As Shrupnakha

Ramyug Release Date And Ramyug IMDb Rating

Finally, the moment has arrived, we’re at the last part- this is what I felt when I reached the last episode. And I think you’re feeling the same too, after reading this review full of brutality thinking of just getting to Ramyug Release Date and fleeing away, aren’t you?

So, without any further delays and melodrama, let me reveal to you the Ramyug Release Date.

Ramyug was released on the 6th of May in 2021 on MXPlayer. It comes under the genres of mythology, drama, action, and fantasy. The IMDb rating of Ramyug is 6.0/10.

Ramyug Trailer, have a sneak peek here:

So, guys, I hope I was able to quench your binge thirst for today. Until next time. Toodles! 

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