Ramarao On Duty : Movie Review, Plot and Positive and Negative points

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Ramarao on Duty is a 2022 Indian Telugu mystery action movie written and directed by Sarath Mandava. Produced by SLV Cinemas and RT Team Works, Ravi Teja plays the lead role alongside Divyansha Kaushik, Rajsha Vijayan, and Venu Totempudi.

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Ramarao On duty Review

Ramarao On Duty has some unexpected scenes in the first act. Famous characters set fire to the screen by actively attacking land-stealing elements. He is a deputy collector whose violent behavior is described by the judiciary as a controversial move. A courtroom scene in which Rama Rao is acquitted by a seemingly goofy judge sets the tone for the rest of the film.

 Rama Rao (Ravi Teja) is shunned by his ex-girlfriend's girlfriend Malini (Rajisha Vijayan). is in trouble and faces difficulties. She was not the only shipwreck in the Chittoor district in 1995. Many families are traumatized by the sudden disappearance of their caregiver. The main character is angry and fascinated at the same time. What are riddles? That question prompts multiple rounds of inquiry into the biggest story unfolding in the district. 

 The film had to avoid heroic lines. Even flashbacks with Malini begin with the characters toasting Rama Rao's guidance and bravery. At least his wife (played by Divyansha Kaushik) was lucky enough to get the song, unlike the rest of the family. Tanikela Bharani plays a fanboy and boss of Rama Rao, who praises him as a revolutionary. 

  Rama Rao's profession is the lifeblood of the film, so the dialogue and actions should have been specific/realistic. Watch the scene where Rama Rao takes Malini to Murali (Venu Totempdi), a corrupt cop. The dialogue lacks detail and Rama Rao speaks like a commoner who knows nothing about the system. It would have been great if he had attacked him with the Division Truth Bomb to make Murali nervous.

That's not to say the film doesn't emphasize Rama Rao's professional background at all. Backgrounds are used to ensure that either scene is enriched. If the second half doesn't flow into action scenes of chaos and chaos, it's because the script is pretty faithful to Rama Rao's place in his Sarkari system. 

 But Rama Rao's investigation lacks excitement. Even if you can't see the goal here and there, there is no tension. In a scene that makes you laugh, the child conveniently helps out with clues about the main character. 

 The melodrama takes over in some sections, leaving you feeling choppy and emotional. Nasser's reaction to the protagonist talking about Rahul Ramakrishna is a good example. These are old-fashioned tropes that shouldn't exist in today's movies. There are many scenes where it rains. And rain doesn't make drama look atmospheric—there's nothing about John Vijay that's forgettable. 

 Kollywood's Sam CS has a particular style of background music that this movie just can't quite redeem. The songs 'Bulbul Tarang' and 'Sottala Buggallo' lift the mood a bit. 

 Overall, Ravi Teja's photos needed smarter writing. Whether or not Ramarao On Duty: Part 2 is coming (a climax that alludes to it), Ramarao On Steroids isn't real right now, and that's sad!

Ramarao on duty release date is 29 July 2022, rama rao on duty collection approx. is 9 cr., on a budget of 50 to 60 cr.

Ramarao on Duty Plot

The story is set in the 1990s and Rama Rao relies on field research without the aid of technology. The investigation itself is pretty standard, but that's another point. He's also shown to be ambidextrous. This is a trait that adds nothing to his characterization or story.

 The stunt sequence is corny, no matter how many men are thrown into the air and kept spinning in slow motion, you just can't catch it. A storyline about woodlands and rosewood smuggling might remind you of Pushpa the Rise, but this movie doesn't have that chatter. It's also not as content-driven as the creators would like you to believe. , who would have thought that a setting could have so much potential? Think of the reviewers who had to watch this drab movie outside of work.

Ramarao On Duty Plus Points

Ravi Teja's candid acting is the film's only consolation. As treasurer, he plays the role conscientiously. His performance in the second half was pretty good. 

 Compared to the first half, the second half has more investigative scenes, so I'm satisfied. Like Tanikela Bharani, Nasser excels in his role. 

 Tottempudi Venu made a good comeback and is loved for the role. His personality is negative, but he gives it a twist with Endira Swamy's lines and it wins your heart. However, his role has not been well carved into the film.

Ramarao On Duty Minus Points

One of the film's fundamental flaws is it's terrible directing. Director Sarath Mandava has a decent storyline, but he narrated it in a dull and faint way because the events didn't interest the audience. There are no real villains, and the points of conflict are not well established. The two heroines act like artists in her TV series, giving the film a darker feel. 

 Since there is no real villain, it is easier for the protagonist to solve the case. You can't get your emotions right and whatever you see looks wrong. The so-called main villains never exaggerate and frustrate the audience.

Ramarao On Duty Cast

Ravi Teja as B.Ramarao

Divyanka Kaushik as Nandini

Rajisha Vijayan as Makini

Venu Thottempudi as C.I Jammi Murali

Pavitra Lokesh as Mahalakshmi

John Vijay as SP Devanand

Ramarao On Duty Teaser

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