Rajinikanth Movies: Eight Of Them That You Won't Ever Regret Watching Them

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In terms of South Indian movies and the Indian cinema world in general, Rajinikanth is without a doubt the largest living superstar. He has received numerous awards, and throughout the years, he has elevated his stature in Tamil Nadu to that of a god. Rajinikanth movies have a different shine to them.

Hii people, Today whom we are discussing doesn't need any type of introduction it is none other than rajinikanth so today we are going to tell you about some of Rajinikanth best movies so let's not waste and have a look at the article.

Rajinikanth Movies:

1. Mullum Malarum

This film, which is repeatedly referred to as Rajnikanth's breakout performance, centers on the orphan Kali, his sister Valli, and the appointment of a new engineer at the power plant that the former employs, Kumaran, with whom Kali has conflict. This is on the top of Rajinikanth best movies list.

2. Thalapathi

Thalapathi, a contemporary interpretation of the friendship among the two Mahabharata heroes, Karna and indeed the Duryodhana, was hailed as both a critical and financial triumph throughout its theatrical run. Surya, who was deserted by his mother while he was a toddler, develops into a good young man. He encounters Devaraja, a violent although morally honest don, after being cruelly tortured by the police for no apparent reason, and the two become close friends.

3. Padaiyappa

The protagonist of the film Padaiyappa, which won the Best Actor as well as Best Actress Filmfare Awards for its leads, is a young engineer whose family suffers financial ruin following the passing of his father. Whenever life has finally returned to normal after several years of struggle, Padaiyappa must confront the possibility of starting over from scratch.

4. Sivaji: The Boss

Perhaps one of Rajinikanth movies is among the best. Sivaji, which earned positive reviews from both audiences and critics, earned Rajnikanth the top actor in India thanks to its 26 crores in compensation. After finishing his employment there, software systems engineer Sivaji returns from the United States. He wants to give everyone access to free education as well as healthcare but Adiseshan, a notoriously dishonest and potent political figure, stands in the way of his social welfare initiatives.

5. 16 Vayathinile 

Early throughout his career, Rajinikanth played several negative characters; yet, his performance as "Parattai" in 16 Vayathinile is unquestionably one of the best. Rajinikanth, who portrayed a local thug with feelings for Sridevi's Mayilu, was indeed an ideal foil for the naive Chappani. Rajinikanth filmography is very good in this film. This movie is particularly noteworthy since neither of the actors had to deal with the pressure of popularity. Fans of Rajinikanth still like his hilarious line, "Ithu eppadi irukku?" (So how is this?).

6. Netrikann 

In movies like this, when he portrayed both roles, Netrikann Rajinikanth's propensity for portraying villains (despite switching to heroes) figured prominently. By playing the polar opposite parts of Santhosh (the sober son seeking to change his father's ways) and Chakravarthi (the father, a flashy businessman who lusts after women and even rapes one), respectively.

7.Aarilirunthu Arubathu Varai

A melodrama that depicts the life of Santhanam, portrayed by Rajinikanth, who was made to support the family as that of the sole provider when he was only six years old. He is portrayed in the movie working diligently for his family and hoping to offer his siblings the same life that his father had. Though Santhanam's siblings succeed in life, his wife was killed as a result of his ongoing struggles. Eventually, after Santhanam becomes a well-known novelist, the siblings turn to him again. He embraces them despite being fully aware of their actions.

8. Andha Kanoon

Andha Kanoon, Rajnikanth movies in Hindi debut, was a smash hit and set the stage for the Thalaiva to have a successful career in Hindi movies. Rajni portrayed a young man in Andha Kanoon who was enraged and on a mission of vengeance against those who had slaughtered his family. It's fascinating to note that Amitabh Bachchan, as an original irate young man, also had a unique role in the movie. However, Rajni's all-black attire and distinctive style were what made this Hema Malini film so enduring.

Rajinikanth Upcoming Movie:

The much-awaited Rajinikanth's next movie has been revealed. The movie, Jailer, will be Rajinikanth's 169th endeavor. The film's title was disclosed by the creators on Friday.

Fans have been speculating about Rajinikanth's 169th movie, Thalaivar169, for a time now. For fans anticipating the superstar's return to the big screen, this revelation is a significant update. Among Rajinikanth recent movies was the 2021 film Annaatthe.

He will portray a younger version of Rajinikanth's role, according to sources. The filmmakers have not yet verified the data. Action-thriller is how the movie is described. A bloody butcher knife is hanging in the background of the Sun Pictures-shared poster for the movie "Jailer," which also includes the title.


A person of impeccable character, a man of unwavering taste, and an actor possessing an unsettlingly alluring on-screen demeanor. Rajinikanth, a former bus conductor who became a superstar, has a unique place in the movie business. In addition to being a well-known celebrity, Rajinikanth had a 41-year acting career and has delivered some breathtaking performances.

Rajinikanth Upcoming Movie Trailer:

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Ques1.Which is Rajinikanth's best movie?

Ans. Mullum Malarum is said to be the best in Rajinikanth movies.

Ques2. How many movies did Rajinikanth act as a hero in?

Ans. In over 150 films he is said to act as a hero.

Ques3.Is Rajinikanth a megastar?

Ans. Yes, he is said to be one of the biggest movie stars in India, especially in Rajinikanth movies Tamil language is great to deal famous.

Ques4. Who gave the Superstar title to Rajini? 

Ans. Rajinikanth played a lone hero for the first time in a Tamil movie in M. Bhaskar's Bairavi. He gained the moniker "Superstar" for this movie.

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