Raja Raja Chora Review: An enjoyable storyline with great performances from the cast

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Welcome back lovelies. I hope you're all doing well. So, here I am with another movie review. As you might have guessed from the title, I'll be reviewing Raja Raja Chora, a Telugu language crime and comedy film, but first, let's go over the story, cast, release date & trailer, and other aspects of the Raja Raja Chora film.

Hasith Goli's debut film Raja Raja Chora is a 2021 Indian Tamil movie written and directed by him. Sree Vishnu, Megha Akash, Sunaina, and Ravi Babu are the star cast and the film is produced under Abhishek Agarwal Arts and People Media Factory. The movie was released on 19th August 2021. 

The story follows the main character, his family, and others who come into contact with him, covering themes such as urban survival, crime, punishment, and forgiveness. Raja Raja Chora received positive feedback from viewers for its narrative, soundtrack, and lead actors' performances. Raja Raja Chora budget and collection are 5 Crores and 9.11 Crores respectively and it was a box office hit. Before we get into the Raja Raja Chora movie review, let's have a look at the plot, cast, release date, and trailer.

Raja Raja Movie Story

Bhaskar (Sree Vishnu) works in a Xerox shop. He dresses up as a software developer and has feelings for Sanjana (Megha Akash). To meet his desires, he simultaneously transforms into a thief. Sanjana discovers that Bhaskar is already married and has a son in an unexpected turn of events. Is Bhaskar married or not? Is Vidya (Sunaina) connected to Bhaskar then in what way? Why did Bhaskar tell Sanjana a lie? What are the twists and turns in Bhaskar's life? What issues does he have to deal with? If you're curious about what happened in the Telugu film Raja Raja Chora, you may watch it online on Zee5.

Raja Raja Chora Cast

·    Sree Vishnu as Bhaskar

·    Sunaina as Vidya, Bhaskar's wife

·    Megha Akash as Sanjana

·    Ravi Babu as SI William Reddy

·    Tanikella Bharani as Ghanapati

·    Srikanth lyenger as Dr. Tirumala Rao

·    Ajay Ghosh as Xerox shop Owner Subrahmanyam

·    Gangavva as Anjamma

·    Vasu Inturi as Madhav, William's friend

·    Kadambari Kiran as Narayana, William's assistant

·    Karthikeya Krishna as Lingaraju, Bhaskar's son

·    Shruti Singampalli as DSP Kanakam

·    Rocket Raghava as Bhaskar's brother-in-law

·    Indu as Buela, Madhav's wife

·    Aruna Bikshu as William's mother

Raja Raja Chora Movie Release Date and Trailer

The movie was released on 19th August 2021. Sree Vishnu, Megha Akash, Sunaina, and Ravi Babu are the star casts. Raja Raja Chora IMDB rating is 8.4 out of 10 and on its first day of release, the film received good reviews from both moviegoers and critics. I've included the movie's trailer link below so that you can watch the trailer before watching the film.

Raja Raja Chora Movie Review

Now we've all reached the central topic of our topic. So, let's start with the film's favourable aspects. In Raja Raja Chora, Sree Vishnu's comic timing is far more spectacular than in his previous films. His portrayal tickled viewers' humorous senses, and he succeeded in making them laugh. His delicate and complicated performance, especially during the interval and many romantic and comic scenes in the first half, did honour to his role. Megha Akash gave a dazzled performance with her elegance and cinematic persona. Raja Raja Chora cast Sunaina did an excellent job in playing a serious role. Ravi Babu performed a key role in the movie and once again gave an excellent effort. It's fascinating to see how Tanikella Bharani's persona propels the tale ahead. Gangavva's performance is also pretty outstanding. The remainder of the ensemble did an excellent job acting within the parameters of their characters. Director Hasith Goli produces an entertaining first half and a good message in the second half in an attempt to generate an emotional connection.

Raja Raja Chora movie time duration is 2 hours and 20 Minutes and the way humour is integrated into the story is excellent. 

Coming to the negative elements of Raja Raja Chora movie even though the first half is enjoyable, the second half seems like the story is being dragged. The first several minutes are clumsy. Some of the scenes are overly theatrical. In addition, the director uses a cinematic tone to drive the tale and generate comedy. From the above Raja Raja Chora review, we can say that the film would have been improved if the emotional track in the second half had been depicted in greater detail. Despite the script's decent premise and the possibility for the scenes to build emotional drama, the director abruptly ends the film without maintaining those emotions.

Now the Raja Raja Chora review of technical aspects. Hasith Goli, the director, tells his narrative in a light-hearted manner. The movie would have been good if Hasith had given closer attention to the story in the closing stages. All of the scenes are brilliantly elevated by the cinematography. Music director Vivek Sagar's compositions are highly impressive. His background score, in particular, adds a lot to the film. The Raja Raja Chora review of editing is excellent, as is the creators' production quality.


So, if you're wondering if it has a good storyline or not then I'd say maybe not, but it does deliver on the enjoyable journey that it promises. If you enjoy humorous stories that don't take themselves too seriously, this one is for you

Frequently asked questions

Where can I watch Raja Raja Chora?

You can watch the Raja Raja Chora movie on Zee5.

Who is the heroine of Raja Raja Chora?

Sunaina as Vidaya and Megha Akash as Sanjana is the heroine of Raja Raja Chora movie.

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