Put your head on my shoulder season 2 release & season 1 review: A cute, colorful and happy story

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The Asian dominance in the field of entertainment is increasing day by day, especially in South-Eastern Asia from countries like South Korea, Japan, Thailand & China as well. A big reason for such success is the age of OTT and the people's shift from traditional cable television to entertainment on demand. And in that very spirit, we have for you today a Chinese drama that is as cute as its title, put your head on my shoulder. Now without wasting any more of your precious time let's get into the review.

About the show/Synopsis

PYHOMS is a fun and happy story of an average girl and a prodigal genius. Who at first look like complete opposites but end up being the other half of each other's lives. A classic story of a college romance and also a coming of age story. It completely justifies its claim of being a rom-com. You'll not find a single dull moment in the show. 

This show is the adaptation of a novel of the same name by Zhao Quianquain. And is made by the writer of a love so beautiful drama. Which is also quite highly acclaimed. There are a total of 25 episodes to stream in season one, out of which 24 are regular episodes and 1 of them is a short special episode. PYHOMS aired from 10/0419 - 16/05/19.

You can watch put your head on my shoulder in Hindi, mandarin & in English in India. 

The show became an instant hit and as soon as it concluded the fans, as well as experts, were rooting for Put your head on my shoulder season 2 to come.

We'll tell you all about it too but first, how about we take you along a journey which describes all the important stuff about the first season and tell you all about the cast & their characters, the release dates, where to watch it and finally what's the deal with its season 2.

Put your head on my shoulder cast & characters

Main cast

  • Xing Fei as Situ Mo. An accounting student who wants to make a career in the advertising industry.
  • Lin Yi as Gu Wei Yi, A Physics genius and the love interest of Situ Mo.

Supporting cast

  • Tang Xiaotian plays Fu Pei, ex-crush of Situ Mo'sand Gu Weiyi's dormmate.
  • Zheng Ying Chen in as Wang Shan
  • Zhou Jun Wei plays Lin Zhicun
  • Jie Bing is Professor Jiang
  • Zhou Zi Xin plays Xie Yuyin
  • Gao Yu Fei plays Meng Lu
  • Zhang Hao Lun is Zhou Lei
  • Zhu Kang Li is Ah Ke
  • Chen Jing Jing plays Hu Niu
  • Yi Sha plays Xu Jie'er

Plot analysis of season 1

Put your head on my shoulder ep 1

Like a good pilot episode of any series, it opens up the world that the story wants to show us and introduces us to our main leads and their supporting characters. The leads meet for the first time and despite being a tad different from each other they strike up a cultured conversation and eventually find themselves as friends. The episode goes on to show that both of them tackle their affairs separately as well as find themselves in situations that bind them together. It is a perfect start to a beautiful love story that unfolds thereafter.

Put your head on my shoulder ep 5

Up to this episode both our leads have built up charming chemistry between them and are on their way to deepening their relationship in the coming days. But right now they try to invest themselves into their work as well as get to know and cherish each other.

Put your head on my shoulder episode 6

Episode six brings in a very important supporting character in Mo Mo’s story. It is her mother who comes to visit her. Our lead is showered with a lot of truths about herself and also gets the knowledge about her household and the things developing back there.

Rating and Reviews

The show successfully stole the hearts of its viewers and was a commercial hit, that too in every region or country that it was aired in and not just in China. It has a current IMDb rating of 8.2/10 and a Rakuten Viki rating of 9.6/10 which is more than amazing in every way.

Put your head on my shoulder season 2 release date

After the tremendous success of the first season of PYHOMS fans have been anxious and ardent for the second season of the show. But we're sorry to inform you that there isn't any official announcement of a second season of the show from the makers. So there is no telling about the arrival of the next season of PYHOMS. But it is highly unlikely that the makers would want to let go of an opportunity to bank on the popularity of the previous season and make even more profit than before. So if we keep this thing in mind, we viewers may just be in luck of seeing this lovely show make another appearance on our tv screens.

Put your head on my shoulder season 2 cast & characters

The main highlight or say the life of any show or movie is its characters and the people who bring them to life. And this show’s success can also be heavily attributed to its talented and super good-looking cast. The two main leads put up a stellar exhibition of acting and their chemistry together is impeccable. Not only that, but the supporting cast also does not disappoint when it comes to entertaining performances. Thus you can expect to see the same cast in season 2 of the show as well.

Where can you watch it?

In India, you can watch it on Netflix in Mandarin and English. But if you are not a fan of either of the languages or do not have access to Netflix you can watch put your head on my shoulder in Hindi on MX player for free. But the experience may be marred with an unhealthy amount of ads on the platform which can ruin your watching experience. So our suggestion would be to not stream but rather download the episodes and watch them offline to get rid of intervening ads.


Our final word about this Chinese rom-com drama is very positive and once you watch it yourself you'll see why it is so too. We hope you found this article helpful and that it made you realize if you should watch this show or not. 

See you guys in a new one very soon. Keep chillin’ till then.

Related queries

Is Put Your Head on My Shoulder nice?

Yes, it is a really enjoyable show especially if you are a romantic or even if you're not.

Is Put your head on my shoulder season 2 happening?

There is still no official news about season 2 of PYHOMS.

Is Put your head on my shoulder complete now?

Yes, season one of the show is now complete with 25 episodes to watch.

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