Pushpa Impossible: Illiterate woman faces challenges in completing studies

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Pushpa Impossible on SAB is telecasted from 9:30 PM, It was released on 06 June 2022, Starring Karuna Pandey as Pushpa mother of 4 children, and the show depicts how an illiterate woman, continues her studies with the responsibilities of being a Mother.

Hey guys, hope you are doing great, Today for this blog we will talk about Pushpa Impossible, the is loved by many housewives and women who feel like they could've done more in life, read the blog and know about its latest updates and Pushpa Review.

Pushpa Impossible cast

Karuna Pandey

Snigdha Suman

Naveen Pandit

Darshan Gurjar

Deshna Dugad

Pushpa Impossible Plot

A 45-year-old Woman, Pushpa Randeriya Patel lives in Bapodra Chawl in Mumbai with her children Ashwin, Deepti, Chirag, and Rashi. Pushpa has only studied till 9th grade, so she decides to continue her studies, everybody makes fun of her including her children, and she admits herself to a school as her youngest daughter’s classmate with the help of her mentor Radha Tai and Dipti. The rest are the problems she faces and how she struggles to come out of them, including her children going off track under the influence of the wrong friend circle.

Pushpa Impossible Review

Only SAB has always been at the forefront of innovative and experimental storytelling, and the newly launched show Pushpa Impossible is another example. Produced by Hats Off Production, Pushpa Impossible, one of the sony sab tv serials tells the story of Pushpa Patel, a feisty, fun-loving, determined, and self-made woman who treads unconventional paths to live a life of respect and dignity. 

 Pushpa hails from a small hamlet in Patan, Gujarat, and now resides in the sprawling metropolis of Mumbai, where she runs her Tiffin service from her home and takes care of her children. Her life was full of struggles and hardships, but they never overshadowed her zest for life. Her only wish is for her children to respect who she is, and she believes that can only be done through education.

 To do this, this Pushpa character embarks on an unusual path to fulfill her dreams and change the course of her life forever. There is none other than Karna Pandey, a fantastic actress, and performer. She has a great cast including Naveen Pandita, Darshan Gurjal, Deshna Dugard, Garima Parihar, Bhakti Rathod, and others 

 In her first episode of the series, the relationship between Pushpa and each of her characters is brilliantly established. There are nuances and situations that add so much to the story and Pushpa's character. She is smart and smart, not to mention extremely talented. As a single mother and sole proprietor, her views on what it means to be a woman are far more progressive than many of her peers. 

Pushpa is guided in her life by her belief that through hard work all things can be achieved. Pushpa doesn't sit in the corner and cry when things go wrong. Her weapon of choice when facing difficulties is her smile. After seeing Pushpa, her demeanor, looks, accent, and other traits, the first thing you notice is her resemblance to the iconic TV character Anupamaa. But Pushpa is nothing like her. And the actress gives the character a different approach, making Pushpa lovable and versatile. I have to say that Karna captured the character beautifully. 

The premise of the show is so relatable that it even throws it off balance in some scenes. That's his USP for the show. The canvas is filled with vibrant characters like Ashwin, Chirag, Dipti, and Rashi. Pushpa on tv is telecasted from Monday To Saturday at 9:30 PM on SAB TV.

Puspa Impossible Latest Update

According to the plot, Mahendra tells Pushpa not to give the contract to Bapodra. But Pushpa is not convinced. He doesn't want to get Sushila into trouble. Sonal also tells Susila to use the evidence he finds against Bapodra. Pushpa is in a dilemma. 

 Meanwhile, Pushpa brought a contract to Bapodola, saying that he would give it to Bapodola only if Bapodola apologized and respectfully took Sushila back home. 

 Now, in the next episode, Puapa tells Bapodra that this house belongs to him and that he will not leave it under any circumstances. Bapodra then tells her that he wouldn't be ashamed of it, even if he had to pull her out himself. Pushpa gathered all his belongings and sat at the entrance of the Chawl blocking it. increase. She then says that now no one can get out and no one can come in.

Pushpa Impossible Ratings

Pushpa Ratings as according to IMDb is 7.4 out of 10 with 868 votes.

Pushpa Impossible Latest Episode Teaser


Ques.1- Who is Deepti in Pushpa impossible?

Ans- Garima Parihar Plays Deepti in Pushpa Impossible .

Ques.2- What is the timing of Pushpa impossible?

Ans- Pushpa Impossible is telecasted on Sab Tv at 9:30 PM From Monday to Saturday.

Ques. 3- Who is the producer of Pushpa impossible?

Ans.- JD Majethia is the producer of the show Pushpa Impossible.

Ques.4 - Who is actress in Pushpa impossible?

Ans.- Karuna Pandey plays the Lead role in Pushpa Impossible.

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