Power Play Movie Review- Get ready to see Raj Tarun in an action movie

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About the movie

Power play about a man who lands a good job and is about to get married when he finds out that he has been trapped in a Fake Notes scam when he is not involved in it in any way. The entire movie is all about how he sets to find evidence, solve the case, and comes to know about a lot of underworld secrets in between. Will he be able to prove his innocence when he has no idea who and why has done it with him? 

Power Play Movie review-  

Hello readers! Welcome to yet another new blog! In today’s blog, we will be reviewing the movie Power Play. Keep reading to know everything about the movie, its Plot, Cast, and ratings!!

Power Play 2021 is an Indian Telugu Language movie. Vijay Kumar Konda directs the movie- a famous Indian Telugu Film director, who has worked predominantly in the industry. 

The story is written by Nandyala Ravi and the director himself has done the screenplay. 

Mahidhar and Devesh are the producers of the movie. This is the 2nd movie of this director-actor combination. 

Genre- Power Play is a Crime and Thriller movie. 

Power Play release date- The movie was released on 5th March 2021 on the screens. Although there is a lack of evidence of its Budget and Box office collection, the film has become much more popular and a blockbuster since its release! 


Vijay, a simple happy-go-lucky man gets a good government good. He has his wedding in about a week with his girlfriend. One evening, when he and his go with her girlfriend to a pub and are later going to join his friends, the staff of the Pub calls him alleging that he has just paid the counter with fake notes! Vijay is shattered.. How could even the notes be fake if he had just withdrawn them from the ATM? The very moment he is proving his innocence, the Police walk into the scene and take both of them to the Police Station. There, Vijay is unable to prove his innocence, however, his girlfriend with the help of her father gets out of jail. 

How does Vijay get involved in the scam?

An accident in the city reveals various scandals and murders done by big names of the city such as Actors, Politicians, and even the C.M of the state. To cover this up, they had to forward a fake case and divert the media’s attention and thus they set up a fake Notes case.  

Things again take a turn when the C.M’s daughter comes up in the scenario. She is a ruthless politician and an aspiring cm as well. 

Powerplay Movie cast- 

  • Raj Tarun as Vijay
  • Heman Ingle as Vijay’s Girlfriend
  • Shamna Kasm as Chief Minister’s daughter
  • Ajay 
  • Ravi verma 
  • Kota Srinivs Rao
  • Raja Ravindra 
  • Dhanraj 
  • Sandhya Janak
  • Kedar Shankar 
  • Appaji Ambarisha Darbha 
  • Madhunandan

Power play Movie rating- 

Power play IMDb rating is 6.9/10

While 71% of Google users have liked this film. 

123Telugu ratings- 2.75/5.0

Thus it could be seen that the power play rating is decent and is liked by the audience. 

Power play songs-

  1. Power play title song

Power Play Movie review- 

Powerplay movie review suggests that the movie has created a separate space in the hearts of Viewers. The story of the movie is set slightly differently from other movies generally. Actor Raj Tarun who has played the lead role of Vijay has the first time doing a movie out of his genre. Earlier, the audience has seen in romantic and comedy movies or as a boy next to door kind of movies. However, the audience is very much impressed with him doing an action role for he has given justice to the role. Power Play by power play movie review has indeed described the movie as an entertaining and involving thriller.

The film is described as a bit slow and dramatic in the first half while more action and crime in the second one. 

Common Queries- 

 Where should I watch Power play 2021 Hindi dubbed?

The Hindi dubbed version of the film is available on amazon prime

What is power play telugu movie review?

The power play is a really good movie although there are some loopholes overall the audience have liked it. 

Who has played Power play main role?

The lead role in the movie is played by Raj Tarun.

Where to watch?

The film could be watched on Amazon Prime Video.

What is power play rating?

The movie has got a 7 rating on imdb. 

Conclusion- power play movie review suggests that apart from acting and direction the editing and cinematography of the movie are good too. There has been a good set selection and it can be seen that the entire cast and crew have put in great efforts for the making of the film.


Watch here the trailer of Power Play Movie:

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