Ponnambili : Malayalam daily soap worth the hype

Fatma ShahidMar 11 . 7 min read

Serial Overview:

Malayalam TV Shows are a hub of entertainment and golden storylines. One such masterpiece is the soap opera named Ponnambili. The Ponnambili serial is produced under the Prime Focus Production which has given the Malayalam industry superhit serial like Balamani. Being a daily soap means a challenge to keep the audience hooked up and curious about ever upcoming episodes. Ponnambili serial has completed its mission in doing so. 

Faces behind the masterpiece:

Ponnambili serial is an outcome of an outstanding production and management team. Excellent writing is done by Sudhar Magalodayam, scripting by Rajesh Puthenpurayil, and direction by none other than Girish Konni has made Ponnambili one of the greatest hits along with the onscreen Ponnambili serial cast. Together they were able to please the audience for about a year airing Ponnambili from November 30 2015 to 21 October 2016. Ponnambili last episode is episode number 231.

The storyline of Ponnambili:

The story revolves around the family members living in a very old yet prodigious and alluring house called 'Pulakkarakavu Veedu'. However, there reside only seven family members. Appumansh, the father has four children and his niece living with him. He has a son who is the eldest named Abhayam. Abhayam has sought to clear an administrative exam to support his family. Ponnambili is the second child who is also the main lead of the Ponnambili serial as mentioned in the name itself. She is intelligent, charming, brave, ambitious and a girl full of conscience. She excels in her studies and has infinite love for musical instruments. After Ponnambili is Ashalatha who is a trainee nurse. Unfortunately the youngest sibling Ammu met a miserable fate and has a physical disability in her legs from birth. But with her family members' love and support, she was able to enjoy her life and follow her interest in music just like Ponnambili. Besides the father and his offspring, Malavika, who is Appumansh's niece, has been living with the family after the death of her mother. She is a very kind and helpful girl and takes care of all the members of the family. She was very much loved by Ponnambili who had sympathy towards her for facing the death of her poor mother at an early age and dealing with a criminal father who has no morals.  

Hurdles being a part of life:

Though it seems like a happy and perfect family, obstacles are always there to exist in every path of life. Apart from the luxurious looks of the house which was passed on to Appumansh as a hereditary estate, he was just a school teacher whose monthly salary wasn't enough to feed the family of seven. Ponnambili's mother used to be sick constantly and medical bills were paid for many years. However, she met a dead-end soon which led to further emotional and financial trauma. But the trouble doubled when his house became a pawn in the hands of the bank. The bank imposed a huge amount to be paid within the time limit to stop the house from being seized by the bank as collateral. Ponnambili being a family-loving person chose to work over her studies to support her family.

Time for Romance:

Ponnambili serial also covers the romantic genre and shows the love life of Ponnambili and his devoted lover. Their love sparked in the temple, where Ponnambili, being a passionate instrumentalist, was playing Cheda with full devotion to her tradition. Her alluring beauty and charisma were stuck in the heart and mind of Hari and he fell for her at first sight. The next day he waited for her at the bus stop and just confessed that he wanted to get married. Such straightforward confession left the audience in awe. Ponnambili initially played hard to get but Hari's kind-heartedness, loyalty, and devotion towards her made her fall in love with him soon. But this wasn't the happy ending of their love, it was just the starting. The Ponnambili serial showed the common hurdles, misunderstandings, and family problems faced in a relationship through the chemistry of Ponnambili and Hari. Apart from these two love birds was the desire of Appumansh to marry his eldest son Abhayam and his niece Malavika. Malavika loved Abhayam for a long time but he was in love with another girl. Thus the story also shows a heartbreaking side of one-sided love.

Climax episode of Ponnambili Serial:

Ponnambili serial caste has completely devoured themselves in their characters that the audience emotionally gets attached to them. Bringing a happy ending was the best decision for this. Ponnambili last episode said goodbye to its loving and supportive audience through a happy ending where Ponnambili with Hari and the other members of her family lived happily by overcoming all the twists and turns in life together.

The glory of Ponnambili serial:

  • It is a bumper package of slice of life, drama, light comedy, romance, and emotions. 
  • It serves as an enjoyable and engaging daily soap.
  • Ponnambili serial caste has done an excellent job in role-playing their respective characters. 
  • It glorifies the Malayalam traditions and culture. 
  • Outstanding visual display and background music to stimulate the storyline.

Long story short it fulfills all the criteria to be called "entertainment". And this statement is not written up in the air.

Ponnambili serial cast:

Ponnambili serial is based on the novel 'Kumkumapottu' written by Sudhakar Mangaladayam. You must have realized or heard that most of the stories picked up from novels don't justify their art. But it is not in the case of Ponnambili. The Ponnambili serial cast is one of the major reasons for the success of the show. Every character big or small has given their hundred percent. 

The names of some of the lead cast are given below:

Malavika Wales as Ponnambili

Rahul Ravi as Hari

Vikraman Nair as Appumansh

Giridhar Arikode as Abhayam

Meera Muralidharan as Malavika

Parvati as Ammu

Sneha Divakaran as Asha Latha

Here is a glimpse of Ponnabili:

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