Pishachini : A story of beauty with evilness, bad luck and revenge

Saumya Sharma Aug 10 . 5 min read

Pishachni is an Indian supernatural drama television show. The producer of the show is Neelima Bajpai, Shyamahis Bhattacharya under the production company of Shakuntalam Telefilms, written by Mrinal Jha. The main leads are Nyrra M Banerjii as Rani, and Harsh Rajput as rocky, Jiya Shankar as Pavithra. You can enjoy the show on the Colors TV channel, the telecast time is Monday to Friday, 10:00 PM.

Hello Guys! We bought you a show that is a complete package of entertainment. From Fantasy, thriller, and horror to romance you will get everything in the show. This article is going to tell you everything about this new show.

Pishachini serial cast

  • Nyra Banerjee (Rani/Pishachini)
  • Jiya Shankar (Pavithra)
  • Arjit Taneja
  • Sachin Parikh
  • Jhumma Mitra
  • Sushil Parashar
  • Amit Mehra
  • Meghna Kukreja
  • Priyank Tatariya
  • Sagar Rambhia
  • Saumya Saraswat
  • Garima Dixit
  • Harsh Rajput

Pishachini Episode 1

The episode begins with pandits and a family performing a puja for their new house. Pandit holds a brick and added sindoor to it suddenly the brick turned into black color and they realized that the land of their new house is cursed by a witch. Later the scene is shown in which a guard was laying and suddenly he heard the crying of a woman he went looking for her. The girl was covered with a white cloth. The guard comforted her and said daughter today you can stay here and tomorrow we will search for your place. He was walking and the girl was following him. He started talking about how the villagers believe that this place is cursed by a witch. According to them the girl is very beautiful from the outside but has a very black and bad heart from the inside. She has big nails, weird veins on her face, and very long hair that can cover the lighting of the moon. The guard turned his face and saw that what the villagers told was not a story. The innocent girl he met was a witch in real. She held his neck with her long hair. He begged for his life but Pishachini killed him very badly. Pandit comes, surrounded her from all sides and threw sindoor on her and traps her in a trunk and told the family members very strictly that the trunk has to be kept closed because if by chance it gets open then she will come back and will destroy everyone whereas pishachini promised everyone that she will come back and will take the revenge. Everyone settles in the new house babu jii asks Subhakar and Babi have you bought what I asked you for? The three were busy talking when they suddenly heard crying of Rocky as his toy fell down. His mother went to check and screamed. The family members came and saw that the trunk was not there anymore. They realized that Parteek and Amrita did this. In the other scene, Prateek and Amrita are on their way. Prateek is really scared because Pandit said that opening the trunk would not be safe but Amrita assured him that Pishachini will change their lives and they would be really wealthy and live a better life with their upcoming baby. Babu ji calls pandit and asked to help them but pandit was really scared about his family he gave them a thing for protection and leave afterward. After a few years, a boy named Rocky was driving his motorcycle to the college and everyone gets shocked to see him. Two boys came and paid him 25k for getting his new bike they went to get the bike and saw that there was a toy bike they knew that Rocky fooled them. Rocky gave 25k to a man who wanted it for his grandmother's therapy. Rocky comes home and heard that babu ji is very angry as Prateek invited the family to the wedding of his daughter. In the last scene, Pishachini was seen sitting on the trees and waiting for the family to complete her revenge of 20 years ago. In the end, the third main character Pavithra was shown worshipping in front of god.

Want to know what will be Pishachini's next move and how will the family save them for her and what will happen next then watch Pishachini colors tv.

Pishachini Trailer :


Ques 1. Where can I see Pishachini serial?

ans. You can see Pishachini on colors tv or on Voot.

Ques 2. Who is Karna Pishachini?

ans. Karna Pishachini is an evil woman or evil energies.

Ques 3. What is the running time of the show?

ans. The running time of the show is 25 minutes.

Ques 4. What will happen next in Pischachini?

ans. It is a story of revenge, rani will try her level best to destroy the lives of the people who made her trapped in the trunk but here the story will become interesting and a real fight between good and evil will be seen.

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