Pawan and Pooja: Different Stories Of Three Couples With Same Name

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Ajay Bhuyan, as well as Shaad Ali, are the creators of the web series Pawan & Pooja, which is a romantic drama. Deepti Naval, Mahesh Manjrekar, Gul Panag, and Sharman Joshi all appear on the program. The television program Pawan and Pooja concentrates on the less romantic aspects of relationships, including challenges, conflicts, disputes, compromises, and numerous other issues.

Bonjour guys! Here we are today to inform you all about the Pawan and pooja web series who is in it, who directed it, how is it does it suit your taste should you invest your time in watching it all of it is going to be discussed in this article.

Pawan and Pooja Cast:


  • Ajay Bhuyan
  • Shaad Ali


  • Siddharth P Malhotra
  •  Shaad Ali


  • Deepti Naval as Pooja Kalra
  • Mahesh Manjrekar as Pawan Kalra
  • Gul Panag as Pooja Mehra
  • Sharman Joshi as Pawan Mehra
  • Mrinal Dutt as Raj
  • Natasha Bharadwaj as Pooja Maheshwari
  • Geetika Vidya Ohlyan as Mehak
  • Taaruk Raina as Pawan Srivastav


  • Siddharth Malhotra
  • Sapna Malhotra

Pawan and Pooja Plot:

The best buddy of Pawan Kalra invites Pawan along with his wife Pooja to a party. As it is a filmi celebration, numerous visitors associated with Bollywood in India are indeed invited, notably Pawan Mehra as well as his wife Pooja Mehra. The fashionista as well as social media influencer Pooja Maheshwari is sought after by Pawan Shrivastav, who is also on the guest list. The three couples meet at the filmi party, and via coincidence or fate, their lives become entwined. 

Just after the party, Pawan as well as Pooja Mehra are compelled to reflect on their marriage and the challenges it presents. They begin contrasting their marital situation with that of their peers, and although Pawan chooses to accept it as regular, Pooja chooses to add some excitement to their lives by suggesting they go swinging with other couples. In the meantime, Vishal Saxena, a renowned talent manager, contracts Pawan Shrivastav plus Pooja Maheshwari to participate as part of a reality program that is streamed live, forcing the awkward couple to reside together.

After being summoned to the school for a PTA meeting, Pawan Mehra as well as his wife Pooja experience embarrassment, as well as Pooja Mehra snaps at her husband. After encountering Pooja's wrath and considering the aforementioned notion of swinging, Pawan Mehra decides to cheat on his wife. In the meantime, Pooja Maheshwari as well as Pawan Shrivastav move in together and start sharing personal information about their lives. Pooja becomes bothered by Pawan's connection to his family because she has never experienced that level of familial intimacy and ultimately experiences a conflict with them as a result.

Pawan as well as Pooja Mehra decided to proactively swing with other individuals and couples to find the element of their marriage they believe is lacking. Pawan Mehra chooses to keep the specifics of his first unsuccessful swinging attempt a secret to maintain his composure and avoid feeling like a loser. After moving in together and becoming more intimate, Pawan Shrivastav as well as Pooja Maheshwari indulge in sexual intercourse, when Pawan gives his virginity to Pooja. However, Pawan subsequently learns a startling revelation.

Pooja Mehra returns to her partner Pawan Mehra and apologizes to him for promoting a foolish idea like swinging to salvage their marriage after recognizing her error. On the other hand, Pawan Shrivastav as well as Pooja Maheshwari choose to retaliate against Vishal Saxena after feeling mistreated by him. They both intend to organize a sophisticated deception to try and get Vishal into trouble to exact just punishment on him.

Pawan Srivastav defends Pooja Maheshwari and approaches her family when she is having issues with them. He anticipates Pooja to praise him in return and commend his bravery and concern, but when he learns that Pooja in her life center all around the online community, he becomes angry. Pawan understands that as long as a gesture is not made online, Pooja will not recognize or accept it.

At the house, the Mehras engage in a heated disagreement. As a result of a series of events, Pooja, as well as Pawan, are forced to face their problematic marriage and reveal their genuine affections for one another. Are the Mehras' days numbered after the findings? Pawan Srivastav must handle a challenging position as part of their performance as they discuss their views. Raoul, Pooja's ex-boyfriend, moves in with her and Pawan on Vishal's recommendation.

Mehak's appearance in Pooja Kalra's home makes her uneasy, but Pawan's treatment of Mehak provokes her more. When Pawan invites Mehak to stay the night at their house, things become even more complicated. After discovering their true feelings for one another, Pawan Mehra begs his wife Pooja to reconsider their marriage. Pawan begs her to help, but when the couple visits Kamini's residence, things go worse just as Pawan believes luck is on his side.

Raoul resides with Pawan Srivastav as well as Pooja Maheshwari. Raoul & Pooja were once lovers, therefore Pawan finds Pooja's proximity to Raool unsettling. Asking Pooja directly if she still has feelings for her ex-boyfriend, Pawan approaches her.

After giving Pooja Maheshwari all, Pawan Srivastav finally understands that their connection isn't genuine. He learns that Pooja does not appreciate or appreciate any of his efforts, and to deal with this realization, he resolves to stop. Mehak as well as Raj set off to search for the missing Pawan. They learn that a man named Pawan attempted suicide during their hunt. What happens after that to learn watch Pawan and Pooja MX player website.

Pawan and Pooja Reviews:

Even if Pawan & Pooja's view on gender interactions tends to rely excessively on mishaps and evident props, it does present quite a deal of warmth and sunshine. Additionally, not all of the scenarios conjured up in the exuberant series are entirely credible. However, this expanded version of the type does not come without its advantages given the imaginative license provided to the classic rom-com.

Pawan and Pooja cast favorite one was Deepti Naval with Mahesh Manjrekar as a couple in their 60s. The two co-actors work nicely together, bringing the proper amount of warmth as well as nostalgia to their connection.

Just when Deepti's Pooja checks off "pick-pocketing" on her bucket list since she had fallen in love with the 1974 movie Haath Ki Safai we look at them with amazement. What happens afterward is a little bit far-fetched, but it's still cute. And an honor should go to the actor who portrays the expert thief who leads Deepti through her fantasy.

We squirmed for all the right purposes thanks to Sharman Joshi as well as Gul Panag, two excellent actresses. Because, well, he is unable to stand it anymore and she just can't stop making fun of his sagging manhood in a voice loud enough even for their son, housekeeper, and neighbors to listen, their marriage has lost its spark.

The Sharman-Gul tale develops into a passably entertaining sex comedy. The story of the lovely couple, played by Taaruk Raina as well as Natasha Bhardwaj with a surprising amount of charisma and overconfidence in the self-seeking, predatory realm of social media and its never-ending appetite for sensationalism, appears to be playing out with an undercurrent of sadness kudos to the two actors, particularly Raina who convincingly captures the media exposure fears and concerns of a small towner.

All three couples find plenty of plot material to chew on, and they each do their best. Never overstepping its bounds in the pursuit of viewers, the series retains an emotional balance. The remaining three actors are divided into three pairs.


Most love stories center on a single couple, including their challenges and happy resolution. 3 distinct love stories in "Pawan and Pooja" add much more to the mix. All three of the couples on the show use the name "Pawan and Pooja," which is unusual. Nevertheless, their experiences are in sharp contrast to one another — whether in terms of their age groups, difficulties, or perspectives. We can declare with certainty that the concert has something to offer admirers of all ages and skill levels. Therefore, remember to watch it.

Pawan and Pooja IMDb Rating:

6.8 out of 10 with 185 votes on IMDb.

Pawan and Pooja Trailer:

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