Pandya Store written update: Rishita and Dhara get against each other

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Pandya Store is an Indian Hindi-language television show that originally aired on Star Plus on January 25, 2021. This show is based on the Tamil series Pandian Store. It is also accessible online on Disney+ Hotstar. Kinshuk Mahajan, Shiny Doshi, Kanwar Dhillon, Alice Kaushik, Akshay Kharodia, Simran Budharup, and Mohit Parmar are the Pandya store cast, which is produced by Sphere Origins. The tv serial revolves around the story of a special bond between a sister-in-law and her three small brothers-in-law. 

Pandya Store Plot

The Pandyas are a middle-class family from Somnath. Pandya Store, their cherished store and sole means of income are central to their everyday lives. Dhara is married to Gautam who is the eldest brother of the Pandya family. Her young in-laws' brothers regard her as their mother. After several hardships, Dhara is accepted by her mother-in-law.

After 10 years Dev, Pandya store Shiva, and Krish have grown. They still adore Dhara and take excellent care of her. Shiva and Raavi are forced to marry against their will due to reasons, but they soon fall in love. Prafulla, Raavi's motherly aunt, and Anita (Prafulla's brother's daughter), as well as Janardan and her family (Rishita's family), continue to cause chaos in their daily lives. What will be the serial Pandya store upcoming twist? Can they continue to be a family in the face of these difficulties? Don’t miss out on today’s written update guys. 

Pandya Store Cast(Main)

  • Kinshuk Mahajan as Gautam "Gomby" Pandya
  • Shiny Doshi as Dhara Pandya
  • Kanwar Dhillon as Shiva Pandya
  • Harminder Singh as Child Pandya store Shiva Pandya
  • Alice Kaushik as Raavi Pandya
  • Akshay Karodia as Dev Pandya
  • Jovian Fernandes as Child Dev Pandya 
  • Simran Budharup as Rishita Pandya 
  • Mohit Parmaras Krish Pandya
  • Swarnim Neema as Child Krish Pandya 

Pandya Store Written Update Today(1st April 2022)

Dhara tells Kalyani that she wants to take Rishita home since Dhara can spell an evil eye on Rishita's baby because she can't become a mother. Everyone looks stunned when they hear this. Rishita claims she overheard her mother complaining about the lack of privacy in this house.

Pandya Store Written Update, Dhara says that everyone scolds her when they want, and Rishita does it all of the time, which she tolerates, but now she will speak, and Rishita will hear. Dhara is stopped by Suman, who tells her to enter. Then Gautam and Dev together make some effort to take Dhara in. Dhara, on the other hand, yells at Gautam to leave her alone. Then in the Pandya store written update today Dhara advises Rishita's parents to stop interfering with Rishita's in-law's affairs. She goes on to say that she doesn't trust them because they're liars. She claims that Rishita will only stay here and questions her about it. Rishita responds that she is questioning her after disrespecting her family.

Dev tries to persuade Rishita in the Pandya Store written update. He claims that while Dhara may be incorrect, her parents are also incorrect. Rishita inquires whether he is defending Dhara. Dev tells Rishita that now is not the time to argue and asks her to look at Dhara's circumstances. He apologizes at Dhara's behest to her. Rishita sobs and begs her family to leave so that she and her family will not be subjected to any further insults. Janardan tells Rishita that he will not give up and will continue to pursue her. He takes his family with him.

In the Pandya store written update, Krish, on the other hand, gives Kriti a pair of earrings. Dhara displays two pairs of earrings to Rishita and asks her to choose one. Rishita follows suit. Rishita follows suit. Dhara then asks that Krish place the earrings in the cupboard. Krish considers giving Kriti the extra pair of earrings. Shiva and Raavi return home. Raavi walks into the room and closes the door. Krish is smoking a cigarette. Krish and Kriti are taken aback when they see Dhara. Krish extinguishes the cigarette as Kriti walks away.

Rishita apologizes to Kalyaani on behalf of Dhara. Dhara, according to Kalyani, is envious of Rishita's pregnancy and will reveal her true colors eventually. She tells her to take care of herself and departs with Rishita. Shiva is lathering soap on his face. When he sees Raavi, he pretends to be irritated and starts asking for her help.

Rishita gives Suman a present that her family has brought her. Krish claims that the first time Rishita's family came here, there was a chance for them to reunite, but Dhara ruined it. Shiva inquires as to what transpired. Dhara, according to Rishita, became heavily intoxicated and disrespected her parents. Suman claims that Rishita is pregnant and that the baby is the most crucial thing to them. Gautam tells Rishita to show her the gifts her parents gave to all of them. They are all pleased with their gifts. Krish then tries on his shirt, and it tears. Dev remarks. Rishita becomes enraged and departs. Following the written update I've also given the Pandya store written update so keep on reading guys, don’t miss it out. 

Pandyas sit down to eat. Dhara approaches them. Krish is terrified and hopes that Dhara will not remember anything. Dhara apologizes to Suman for her misbehavior. Suman chastises Dhara but forgives her. Suman, according to Rishita, would have been forgiven easily if they had made the same mistake. Dhara observes and the episode ends.

Pandya store Upcoming Story

Kalyani tells Rishita that she is afraid to leave her alone with Dhara. Rishita claims she will be safe in a few days.

The elderly lady hears their discussion and decides to complete her work while no one is in residence, so she waits until the evening. According to the Pandya store upcoming story, Pandyas come to the hall in the middle of the night after hearing someone scream.


It's a simple family serial with a strong focus on family values.

People also ask

Is Akshay Kharodia Leaving Pandya Store?

Akshay Kharodia, who left Pandya Store in recent times, has decided to join the show again in the show.

Who is Dev in Pandya Store? 

Pandya Store's Dev Pandya, played by Akshay Kharodia, is quitting the show.

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